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10 Best U-Shaped Body Pillows in Canada 2024 | [Pregnancy Pillows]

    Finding the best U-shaped pillow in Canada for pregnancy, avid side sleepers, or those who just want more support, can feel like a struggle – there are literally thousands of options to sift through and it’s difficult to find the perfect one.

    While body pillows provide a great deal of pressure and pain relief for your back, neck and hips, many people also find them soothing and comforting to sleep with in an emotional sense. They can help you fall asleep faster, have a deeper sleep cycle, and lower your heart rate.

    Using a regular pillow to hug just won’t cut it, since they aren’t the full length of the body. U-shaped pillows, whether for maternity purposes or not, are specially designed to give you full support at all angles of the head, neck, back, and legs. They curve with the positions and movement of your body, giving maximum comfort all-around.

    In order to find Canada’s best U-shaped pillow, we’ve combed through tons of different models, designs, and user reviews. We’ve done the research, so you don’t have to.


    10 Best U-Shaped Body & Pregnancy Pillows in Canada

    1. Marine Moon U-Shaped Pillow

    Marine Moon U-Shaped Pillow

    Length: 69 inches

    This model from Marine Moon provides full-body support from the back, stomach, pelvis, hips, and down to the legs. You can achieve several different orientations, including an interesting twisted position where you cross each side over each other, lean your legs on the bottom part, and rest a book or laptop on the top. Another cool orientation is by flipping it around and using the U-section for your feet – this gives your arms some comfy resting space.

    At 69 inches it’s definitely one of the longest we’ve seen. This means you don’t have to bend your knees too much when hugging it, whilst still achieving total support and reducing any type of water retention at the ankles.

    Made from 7D hollow fiber material, it’s hard-wearing, yet soft, for comfort and longevity. The other cover is made using a natural jersey fabric that hasn’t been dyed for a more neutral look. A long-line zipper makes it easy to remove the filling and wash the cover.

    Key Features:

    • Durable 7D Hollow Fiber Fabric with Soft Jersey Cover
    • Long Length Suitable for Taller People
    • Machine-Washable Case


    2. QUEEN ROSE Full Body Pillow

    QUEEN ROSE Full Body Pillow

    Length: 65 inches

    Let’s start off with one of the best quality, premium models on the Canadian market. This comfy companion is 65” long, has a flexible body for multiple shape configurations, and comes with a machine-washable cover.

    At the head area, the shape is rounded instead of squared off, which is ideal for those who want a really snug fit around their neck and head. It’s actually been designed to follow the natural contours of the body, which means you’re getting full support from the tip of your head down to the ankles.

    Thanks to its flexible quality, you can configure the shape to suit your needs. You can use it as a fork-mounted headrest, or use it to rest your arms while sitting up and reading, working on your laptop, or watching TV. Made from 100% cotton, it has a soft feel, is dust and mite resistant, and will stay cool throughout the night.

    Key Features:

    • Breathable & Comfortable 100% 7D PP Cotton
    • Convenient Machine-Washable Cover with Zipper
    • Micropore Construction Resists Dust & Mites


    3. PharMeDoc U-Shaped Pillow

    PharMeDoc U-Shaped Pillow

    Length: 53 inches

    Next up we’ve got a massive best seller online with thousands of rave reviews. This is one of the first models we’ve seen that doesn’t have such a traditional design – they’ve certainly thought outside the box here. While it still has the regular U-design, one side is detachable. It’s basically an extension piece that gets attached with two zippers, so you can fully customize your positions.

    This means you could fold it over, move it upside down, or even completely remove it to use as additional belly and leg support. With a cover made from 100% cotton, it’s effortless to clean, and feels heavenly against the skin. Double-stitch seams are also a highlight, since they prevent ripping and tearing.

    One of our favourite parts about this model is the carry case it comes with (Note: It only comes with the grey colour, so keep that in mind if you’re looking at getting one of the other designs). It’s a gorgeous baby blue colour, has comfy cord handles, and is perfect for taking with you on picnics or other outdoor events when you need that extra comfort.

    Key Features:

    • Removable Side Piece for Personalized Positions
    • BPA Free, Zero Latex 100% Cotton Soft Cover
    • Convenient Carry Bag Included


    4. Bluestone Fully Body Contour U-Shaped Pillow

    Bluestone Fully Body Contour U-Shaped Pillow

    Length: 59 inches

    If you’re looking for something that has a little more head space, this model from Bluestone is a top pick. The U-shape top area is squared-off, rather than rounded, which acts as a more traditional pillow. You’ve got 37” of headroom to roll around on, so you’re covered from all angles.

    Another standout for us is that fact that you can twist it around and use the head area for your feet. This position basically elevates your whole body, taking a lot of pressure off your lower back area. Since the inner section has an hourglass shape, it contours your body for a snug fit – you won’t feel like you’re slipping around or struggling to get into a comfy position.

    The outer cover is made from cotton to keep you cool, and is completely machine washable. A longline zipper at the top makes it simple to take off when it’s time for a wash.

    Key Features:

    • Wide Head Area for Added Comfort
    • Inner Hourglass Shape Hugs Your Body
    • Machine Washable Cotton Cover with Durable Polyester Filling


    5. MOON PINE U-Shaped Full Body Pillow

    MOON PINE U-Shaped Full Body Pillow

    Length: 55 inches

    Double-sided for double the comfort – this MOON PINE model has a modern two-sided design to give you double the choice when trying to find the comfiest position. While there are four different options to choose from, this particular one comes with velvet on one side and jersey fabric on the other.

    The velvet side is made for cold weather, where you need something that retains heat and keeps you warm and snug. Flip it around and feel an instant cooling sensation thanks to the soft jersey fabric.

    Rather than being straight up-and-down, the inner design has curves built-in to fit securely and comfortably around the body. Since the side parts are quite flexible, you can fold them around your body while sitting up, or fold them back to act as arm rests while watching TV, reading, or breastfeeding.

    Key Features:

    • Luxurious Velvet Side for Cold Weather
    • Soft & Cooling Jersey Side for Warm Conditions
    • Ergonomic Interior Shape for a Secure Fit


    6. Meiz U-Shaped Pillow

    Meiz U-Shaped Pillow

    Length: 55 inches, 60 inches, 65 inches

    Perfect for a queen-sized bed, this model comes in 7 different colours and three different lengths. The stuffing is a little stiffer than some others we’ve seen, which makes it ideal for those who want an ultra-snug fit without much movement. Even though it is a little firmer, we like that you can still bend the arms around each other to create multiple positions.

    The zipper is one of the most promising features for us because it lines the entire top section and half of the arms. This means taking the cover on and off is significantly easier, making cleaning it a cinch. A 100% cotton construction makes it hard-wearing, yet it still feels delicate on the skin. The filling is an odourless polyester, so no nasty chemical smells when you take it out of the packet, or in your face while resting on it.

    Key Features:

    • Puffy Filling with Longline Zipper to Remove Cover with Ease
    • Hypoallergenic Jersey Fabric is Smooth & Cool Against Skin
    • Easily Transportable Using a Vacuum Seal


    7. AngQi Full U-Shaped Pillow

    AngQi Full U-Shaped Pillow

    Length: 55 inches, 60 inches, 65 inches, 70 inches

    This AngQi model comes in grey and grey-blue for those who love neutrals, but you’ve also got the options of soft pink and misty rose for anyone who wants a to make things pop in their bedroom or living room décor.

    An ergonomic interior shape blends with the curves and swerves of the body, providing a cozy fit for more relief around the neck and back areas. In order to prevent uncomfortable warm spots, the outer jersey fabric works with the inner polyester material to keep you relaxed and cool throughout the day and night.

    With a firmer filling, you can sit up in bed without straining your neck as you can fold it halfway and use the head area for support. A unique feature is definitely the addition of more openings, which let you fill certain areas with more stuffing where needed, rather than unzipping the whole thing.

    Key Features:

    • Multiple Openings Allow Customized Stuffing
    • Soothing Jersey Cover with Firm Polyester Filling
    • Curvy Interior Design Hugs the Body


    8. The Motherhood Collection U-Shaped Pillow

    The Motherhood Collection U-Shaped Pillow

    Length: 54 inches

    Available in jersey grey, mint green, and a fun arrow pattern, this pick comes with a rectangular head shape and rounded arms for customizable positions while sleeping or sitting up. 100% cotton is used for the cover, which is hypoallergenic and free from harsh dyes or colourings.

    Inside the cotton cover, you’ve got a 7D hollow-core fibre stuffing with a slight elastic quality to it. This means it bounces back after being compressed, so it stays fluffy after continuous use. Even though it keeps its shape, you can seamlessly fold the arms to get a seated position. A zipper makes washing the cover effortless, as it only takes seconds to take off and put on again.

    Key Features:

    • 100% Cotton Hypoallergenic Cover for Added Comfort
    • Wider Rectangular Head Area for Better Sleep
    • 7D Hollow-Core Fibre Filling Stays Puffy


    9. QUEEN ROSE Velvet U-Shaped Pillow

    QUEEN ROSE Velvet U-Shaped Pillow

    Length: 65 inches, 60 inches

    Our second pick from QUEEN ROSE has a deluxe velvet cover to add a little more luxury to your comfy-time. The filling consists of a high-density bionic-polyethylene, which keeps its thickness even after continuous use.

    It comes in two sizes, Queen and King, which coincide with mattress sizes. The King size is much longer than the Queen, so it’s perfect for taller people or for those who want more coverage and support at their legs. The arms are straight up-and-down rather than being curved in the inner section, so it’s a great option if you’re looking for more flexibility when it comes to fit – you can fully wrap it around your body and create heaps of different positions.

    We love how the zipper runs the entire length of one side, plus a huge highlight is the zipper locks. These prevent anything from unzipping mid-hug, so you’ll always have a secure fit.

    Key Features:

    • Durable & Plush Machine-Washable Velvet Cover
    • Full-Length Zipper with Locks for Added Security
    • Versatile Orientations with Straight & Flexible Arms


    10. COMHO U-Shaped Maternity Pillow

    COMHO U-Shaped Maternity Pillow

    Length: 55 inches

    Our last pick comes from COMHO and is also a plush velvet model. With extra wide arms, it offers no lack of leg coverage, so it’s an excellent choice for side-sleepers who need to keep their top leg elevated and completely flat. At the head, both corners are sharp to emulate a regular head pillow while sleeping.

    With a 7D hollow cotton filling, it stays cushiony and puffed for a longer period of time. Above that filling is a cotton liner, which is then covered by the outer jersey/velvet fabric that feels ultra-soft against the skin. We love the idea of double zippers, since it provides an added element of protection to the plumpness of the filling.

    Key Features:

    • Wide-Length Arms Provide More Coverage
    • Durable Double Zipper Keeps Filling Securely Inside
    • Breathable 100% Cotton Lining with Soft Jersey Cover


    5 Reasons You Should Use a U-Shaped Pillow or Body Pillow

    1. Pain Relief

    Neck, back, shoulder, joint, and leg pain are all too common in many of our lives, making getting to sleep near impossible. If you’re finding yourself constantly tossing and turning throughout the night, odds are your sleeping position is to blame. An incorrect sleeping position can lead to improper alignment in the spine, which puts excess pressure on certain areas of your body.

    Body pillows eliminate discomfort and aches through aligning your spine and giving your head and neck the support they need. You’ll take massive pressure off your spine, hips, and neck, which significantly reduces restlessness while sleeping.

    2. Improved Circulation

    Doctors often suggest that pregnant women should sleep on their left side, as this can help with getting the baby in an ideal position for birth. For those of you who aren’t pregnant, sleeping on your left side has a huge positive effect on your blood circulation.

    This leads to an overall improvement in not only your ability to get to sleep, but also your ability to get a deep sleep to feel well-rested in the morning. With a proper full-length pillow, you can sleep on your side without getting your arm squished or misaligning your spine.

    3. Say Goodbye to Snoring

    Snoring isn’t just a nuisance for those who sleep with their partners – even if you sleep on your own, snoring can be a sign of certain health problems, and can also cause moodiness, difficulty concentrating, fatigue, and heart problems.

    Long-length pillows can help some people stop snoring, as they stop you from falling onto your back. While these pillows can halt snoring for some, you should always check with your doctor if you’re worried about your health.

    4. No More Allergies or Sinus Pain

    Many people experience allergies or sinus pain at some point in their lives. Pregnant women can even experience an onset of allergies due to their hormones. These kinds of pillows can help reduce and eliminate sinus problems in two ways:

    The first is through the use of hypoallergenic materials, and the second is through the positioning. Basically, when your head is elevated (even slightly) it can take some pressure off your sinuses, thus reducing discomfort. Instead of stacking up a ton of regular pillows, having them collapse over each other and wobble around, a proper full-length model will give you the security and support you need.

    5. Comfortable = Relaxed

    Have trouble winding down? Some of us find it hard to take the time to turn off and recharge our batteries, which can lead to horrible sleeping patterns and daytime sleepiness.

    Hugs have been scientifically proven to improve our moods and decrease stress levels, which is why these pillows work so well for getting comfortable. They essentially have the same positive effects as hugging your loved ones or that favourite stuffed toy when you were young.

    Your mind will begin to associate comfort with the pillow, which means you’ll be able to truly rest and recuperate. They aren’t just reserved for sleeping, either – they can help you relax while reading, watching TV, working, or breastfeeding.



    How to Use a U-Shaped Pillow?

    Hug, hug, hug! The main way to use them is by literally hugging them while you’re lying down, with your legs and arms wrapped around one of the sides. Most of them allow you to create different orientations or positions with the side pieces. Here are some ideas:

    • Fold them back to act as armrests while breastfeeding, reading, or watching TV
    • Bend the top part slightly to act as a headrest while sitting up
    • Use it flipped-around with your feet resting in the U-shape area with the bottom of the arms acting as secure armrests
    • Lie in the middle on your back with your arms elevated on the sides and head resting directly in the middle

    How to Use a U-Shaped Pillow for Babies?

    These are obviously much smaller than adult-sized models, as they’re designed to support the baby’s neck, head, and torso with a snug fit. It depends on the model, as some are longer or have different attachments than others, but most of them are designed for the baby to lie in the centre on their back.

    That being said, it is recommended to avoid using pillows for babies that are under 12 months old. Use the pillow for short periods at a time, give them a firm mattress, and don’t breastfeed them while they’re on it (you can breastfeed while you’re using an adult-sized model for yourself).

    How is a U-Shaped Pillow Different to a Regular Pillow?

    Here are some major differences between the two types:

    • Body models are significantly longer than regular ones
    • They are specifically designed to relieve points of pressure and to help align your spine, compared to regular models which are only designed for head support
    • Body versions are usually more firm in order to provide maximum support across different areas of your body, not just the head
    • You can orient body models in different positions, while it’s difficult to get comfortable in different positions using standard pillows

    How Much do U-Shaped Pillows Cost?

    They can range anywhere from $50 to over $200, but it all depends on the brand, design, and materials used. For example, velvet and 100% cotton will typically cost more than jersey fabric.


    Conclusion on U Shaped Pillows

    Sleep is the foundation to good health, which is why U-shaped pillows are such a crucial part of so many of our sleep routines. They ease pain across multiple parts of the body through aligning the spine and hips – something you can’t achieve using standard pillows since they simply can’t offer the same amount of support. Whether you’re pregnant or not, body-length pillows will uncover a whole new level of comfort, so you can sleep, read, watch TV, and just kick back and relax without putting strain on your body.


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