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Product Researcher and Tester

Vanja Regoda is a full-time freelancing content writer that combined her passion for artistic writing with a professional carrier. She is a graduate of Faculty of Culture and Media, so journalism and advertisement is something she has an educational background in. In free time, she expresses her love of art by doing amateur modelling, painting, photographing, and jewellery-making. She even has her own jewellery brand! However, writing is something she always held a special passion for, so when she found out there is a way to get more creative with her hobby with us– she wholeheartedly embraced it! She is very observant and critical, which are great assets to have when reviewing products. Also her life experience gives her a the edge in the beauty, cosmetics, health and entertainment categories, although with her knowledge from university and ability to transition into new areas, she can cater to nearly all industries. She provides quality content and gives honest reviews, which are peer reviewed by the team, so she can help people save money and find the best products out there.

Posts by Vanja: