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10 Best Kids Garden Gloves in Canada

10 Best Kids Garden Gloves in Canada 2024

    It’s common knowledge that gardening with your children is a seriously beneficial activity for our little ones. As observed by this article from Michigan State University, children can learn a lot just from basic tasks such as planting some flowers to digging holes.

    They will subconsciously be learning science, geology and biology, without even realizing it. Go you! This is also supported by a government website on better health and living, however, it is important that we are aware of certain things involved.

    At the very top of this article in bold, it states “Make sure that your garden is a safe place, with suitable equipment, tools, fences, gates, and paths for children to use.” As we read further they go on to say “Make sure that where it’s appropriate, children wear a hat, sunscreen, suitable clothing, and gumboots.”

    With this in mind, it’s clear that our kids should have a decent, protective pair of gardening gloves on, while they are out in the yard with us.

    This will consist of. Durable material, yet soft to the skin and flexible, much like the material used in heated gloves for durable outdoor use, they have been adapted to suit a child’s hand with equal flexibility.

    Protected against sharp and abrasive objects. Also with the ability to resist any harmful chemicals. Mishaps occur and we need to be sure their little mitts are protected.

    We have been meticulous in our choices in this list and all have been selected for their protective properties and user rating from the parents themselves.


    10 Best Kids Garden Gloves for Child Safe Gardening

    1. Kids Gardening Glove and Tool Set

    Kids Gardening Glove and Tool Set

    196 Reviews | 4.6 Stars 

    What we think:

    If you’re after an all-in-one set this might be better suited for you. It includes a decent set of gardening tools for young hands and overall pretty sturdy. Capable of performing most basic gardening tasks, providing good value all round. It also includes a picture frame and coloring mask with crayons, to provide more activities for your yard day. The gloves are durable with a green cuff and yellow hand with a silver pattern.

    What you think:

    “My 4 year old is into playing in the mud so I got these for him. He’s crazy about them! They are good quality and perfect size for his little hands. He loves the little book of b insects that comes with it, its very beneficial. Now he’s on a lookout to find lace wings and I’m super happy with this purchase. It gets my little guy outside and playing in his own little garden.”
    -Source: high rated user comment from Amazon_verified purchase

    Key Features

    • Colored and Patterned Gloves
    • Well Priced Bundle
    • Additional Gardening Tools and Books


    2. Wells Lamont Kids Work and Garden Gloves

    Wells Lamont Kids Work and Garden Gloves

    100 Reviews | 4.3 Stars | Amazons Choice Award

    What we think:

    Perfect for children aged around 5-8, these gardening and work gloves are seriously durable. Fitted with a safety cuff that protects their wrists from any nightmare mishaps, a great choice for when there is hard work to be done. Utilizing cowhide in the finger tips and palm which helps to grip the tools properly, but also resist any chemicals and abrasions at the same time.

    What you think:

    “These are really well made and arrived quickly. They were a little large though, we bought them for our 6 year old with average sized hands and they were a bit big. I would guess the size could go up to 10 year old too.”
    -Source: high rated user comment from Amazon_verified purchase

    Key Features:

    • Suitable for heavy-duty work and gardening
    • Strong cowhide leather
    • Safety cuff to protect wrists 


    3. PROMEDIX Kids Garden Gloves

    PROMEDIX Kids Garden Gloves

    18 Reviews | 3.8 Stars | Amazon Choice Award

    What we think:

    These pretty gardening gloves come in a 2 pair set and are perfect for kids ages 3-6 years old. They do actually have an assortment of sizes and designs from Promedix. However, this pair won the amazon choice award and we feel they best represent the company. They do have some pairs for older kids you can check out on their product page. These are 100% cotton and are more suited for relaxed gardening. Breathable design, with pvc dots to provide a good drip on tools. This kind of flexibility is often found in ski gloves, which are great for cold weather.

    What you think:

    These were the smallest gloves I could find for my 3-year olds. They were pretty big for them. The 5-year olds are using their other gloves which have a larger size bracket. 3-6 is a big age range, not suitable when dealing with gardening gloves. But alas, thank you for prompt shipment.
    -Source: high rated user comment from Amazon_verified purchase

    Key Features:

    • Pretty Design
    • PVC Dotted Grip
    • Flexible and Breathable 


    4. Nickelodeon Paw Patrol Gardening Gloves

    Nickelodeon Paw Patrol Gardening Gloves

    12 Reviews | 4.2 Stars | Amazon Choice Award

    What we think:

    A familiar branding among all families, nickelodeon has produced a child-friendly version of gardening gloves. Supposedly suitable for younger children, although many have found them to be too big for 3-5 year olds across the board. We think they would be better suited to ages 5+, unless your child has large hands. Tactile palms ensure flexibility and a good drip on digging tools. Aesthetic design is sure to please most children of a young age.

    What we think

    I bought these little work gloves for my son. So far he loves them and enjoys helping out in the yard, and these are great for this.
    -Source: high rated user comment from Amazon_verified purchase

    Key Features:

    • Kids Cartoon Design (Alpha Pups and many others)
    • Flexible Palms
    • Strong Grip on Tools


    5. G & F JustForKids Garden Gloves

    G & F JustForKids Garden Gloves

    279 Reviews | 4.1 Stars | Amazon Choice Award

    What we think:

    The reason for this gloves’ popularity is mainly due to the fact they provide 3, yes 3 pairs of gloves in this price. This gives insane value, especially for larger families. With 3 cool color designs and breathable cotton which provides great flexibility in the garden. The cuff area is knitted so it fits tightly to the wrist, stopping dirt going up the wrong end and dirtying their hands.

    What you think:

    “We loved these too. I purchased several different pairs with varying color designs. 5 Grand kids all 5 yrs old and under, who all need different colors to keep it straight on whose are whose. The only thing that could be better is for them to be rubberized for sticker protection”
    -Source: high rated user comment from Amazon_verified purchase

    Key Features:

    • Excellent Value in 3 Pair Bundle
    • Various Color Designs
    • Knitted Cuff for Tight Fit


    6. Vgo Kids Gardening Gloves

    Vgo Kids Gardening Gloves

    146 Reviews | 4.7 Stars | Amazon Choice Award

    What we think:

    One of the best selling pairs from Vgo is a great choice. Coming in 2 different sizes for different age ranges, 5-7 and 7-9, so you can choose accordingly for your family. They are best suitable for light gardening jobs and tasks or any non-strenuous outdoor activity. Made from a foam latex coating, they are more breathable and flexible than their cotton counterparts. A polyester seam keeps them watertight and stops wet from creeping in. They also come with 3 pairs upon purchase, giving great value.

    What you think:

    “I purchased these for my 2.5-year-old, although I was unsure if they would fit. They are slightly big but they really do work better than any others I’ve found and she will be able to wear them for years to come. They are a nice stretchy material so they fit snugly around the wrists and don’t just fall off. I’m very happy with these. Plus, they’re cute too!”
    -Source: high rated user comment from Amazon_verified purchase

    Key Features:

    • 3 Pairs per Purchase
    • 3 Colors and 2 Sizes
    • Breathable Foam Latex


    7. Kinco Genuine Leather Kids Gloves

    Kinco Genuine Leather Kids Gloves

    663 Reviews | 4.4 Stars | Amazon Choice Award

    What we think:

    A real genuine leather pair that are perfect for tough jobs and heavy duty tasks. The palm is made of pure cowhide leather which is fully water resistant and flexible to boot. They are easy to put on by utilizing a slip on cuff, some leather models are pretty tough to get on, but not these. With an aesthetic suede finish they look the part and come in a few different sizes for older children.

    What you think:

    “We were getting my 6 year old a ‘real’ handyman set for Christmas, and these gloves completed it. They are like real leather work gloves. Thick with a little stiffness (as expected) but not too rough. I had to help my son get them on, but they really fit perfect with room for growth. Definitely what we were looking for.”

    -Source: high rated user comment from Amazon_verified purchase

    Key Features:

    • 100% Cowhide Leather
    • Durable
    • Various Sizes


    8. Magid Kids Leather Palm Glove

    Magid Kids Leather Palm Glove

    37 Reviews | 4.1 Stars

    What we think:

    These children’s leather palm gloves come with a knitted wrist, which provides a tighter and more comfortable fit. Due to the softer wrist area, we wouldn’t advise using these for any heavy duty tasks. But for basic gardening, they are great.  They also have leather tips to provide more grip on small tools and plant pots etc. Great for digging and planting their favorite little flowers.

    What you think:

    “We purchased these for my 3 year old son. He wears his dads over-sized gloves to help out in the yard and these were perfect. They are like real work gloves made of leather. The only slight drawback was that I felt they were a tad small. My son is on the tall side, while they fit him perfectly now, they may not in a few months.”

    -Source: high rated user comment from Amazon_verified purchase

    Key Features:

    • Comfortable Fit
    • Knitted Cuff Area
    • Tactile Leather Palms


    9. Zoohands Youth Gardening Gloves

    Zoohands Youth Gardening Gloves

    61 Reviews | 3.9 Stars

    What we think:

    An awesome set here that comes with 4 pairs of gloves in total. Some excellent designs for children such as zebras, alligators and a variety of colors. Perfect to get them interested and excited about an afternoon in the yard. Suitable for boys and girls and a comfortable fit with the cotton knitting. The cuff is also knitted so it will stay on tightly and the glove is breathable to reduce moisture inside.

    What you think:

    “So cute and functional. These are bigger than the dollar store kids gloves and are perfect for my little 6 year old. Although a touch too small for my 9 year old. The colors are bright and the stitching is still holding together after several uses.”

    -Source: high rated user comment from Amazon_verified purchase

    Key Features:

    • 4 Pairs of Gloves
    • Animal Style Designs
    • Breathable


    10. Midwest Gardening Glove (Mickey Mouse + Disney)

    Midwest Gardening Glove

    159 Reviews | 3.9 Stars

    What we think:

    These are probably the most enticing for children. I mean who doesn’t love Disney, they come with 16 choices of characters, ranging from Donald to Mickey and the whole gang. Well priced too and performed well on the market, racking up a respectable score for its numerous sales. The only thing you must note with these is that they are not designed for any intensive gardening tasks. You should probably avoid any thorns and heavy tools with these though and use them primarily as a primer to get them interested and out in the garden.

    What you think:

    “These are super cute, fit my 3 year old amazingly with a little room to grow. Though they aren’t very protective just being made of cloth with no harder barrier on the palms. The harder ones annoy her and she doesn’t keep them on very long so I guess these work perfect for pretend working! We love them so far though and I would give 5 stars just to get kiddo in the garden. But be aware that these do not have a protective layer to help with thorns and such. Well priced too.”
    -Source: high rated user comment from Amazon_verified purchase

    Key Features:

    • 16 Disney Character Options
    • Excellent Motivation to get Kids in the garden
    • Well Priced



    At the end of the day, anything is better than letting our little offspring run riot with bare hands, which will only end in tears. They are surprisingly well priced as well for such good quality, definitely worth a few dollars to save yourself an upset on a Sunday afternoon.

    We want to hear from you!

    Let us know your experiences down below.


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