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10 Best Beach Bags That Are Fully Waterproofed

10 Best Waterproof Beach Bags & Tote Bags in Canada (2024)

    Whether it’s summertime, or you enjoy a good old winter picnic on the beach, a waterproof beach bag is essential for keeping your valuables safe and dry. This style of bag comes in so many forms with different features. No matter if you like small or oversized beach bags, there are plenty of designs that accommodate to everyone.

    Beach bag coolers are also a huge hit, where you can take all your drinks and snacks for a full day of fun. Being at the beach or going to the pool is all about relaxation, so a protective bag is a must for ensuring a hassle-free and smooth experience.

    With all your belongings safely stashed away at easy reach, it makes everything so much simpler, we don’t always need to use a robust travel backpack for our trips, keep things simple we say.

    Straw, mesh, canvas, or plastic, there is such a myriad of beach bags and beach totes for sale on the market today, it can be difficult to choose the right one based on your needs.

    Our list of the best beach bags is here to help. We’ve narrowed down our top choices that cover a range of designs and features.

    10 Recommended Waterproof Beach Bags to Buy in Canada

    What is the Difference Between a Beach Bag and Tote?

    There is no real difference between the two, as most of these kinds of bags are designed as totes, but there are a few of main comparisons:

    • Classic totes are constructed with a wide top that slopes inward as it gets down to the bottom. They are usually carried with the hands, at the elbow, or over the shoulder, with 2 handles.
    • Totes can come in different styles. Modern ones are becoming more rectangular or square to fit more things inside.
    • Traditional totes don’t offer many storage options, like extra pockets.


    10 Best Beach Bags that are Fully Waterproofed

    1. Keho Fashion Waterproof Beach Bag

    Keho Fashion Waterproof Beach Bag

    This trendy tote from Keho comes in heaps of colors, including different shades of blue, coral, blue and white stripes, and more. Shorter handles let you carry it with your hand or at your elbow, giving it a versatile and chic look. These handles can hold up to 80 lbs.

    You’re given so many storage options here other than the main section, which can fit up to 4 standard towels. 2 side drink holders, 1 huge back pocket, and 2 inner pockets for concealing expensive items.

    We love the wet-proof interior lining. It lets you store wet towels, bathing suits, and other wet items, without the whole bag getting soaked. Made from high-grade canvas, it’s naturally waterproof and super easy to spot clean. It’s also a breeze to store, as it folds completely flat.


    • Interior Waterproof Lining to Store Wet Fabrics
    • 3 Exterior Pockets & 1 Interior Pocket
    • Bonus Waterproof Phone Protector Included


    2. Shylero XXL Waterproof Beach Bag

    Shylero Xxl Waterproof Beach Bag

    Our next pick is another oversized bag with long and sturdy rope handles that are soft to the touch. Designed to throw over your shoulder, it’s available in 7 different fun patterns. With a 15” depth, it can fit 4 standard towels like the previous bag.

    Also, 3 internal pockets fit smaller items at easy reach, as only one of them is zippered. Speaking of zippers, you’ll find one at the top that closes the entire bag. This keeps things much safer and more secure inside.

    Made of a breathable canvas-like material, both the inner and outer parts are waterproof. This provides double protection. The fabric also has a ripstop construction with high-quality stitching for further damage control.

    We love the addition of the built-in keyholder and bottle opener – they add convenience where most brands won’t even think of. It’s machine washable and highly portable as it folds evenly.


    • Durable & Washable Canvas-Like Waterproof Material
    • 3 Large Inner Protection Pockets & 2 Outer Bottle Holders
    • Free PVC Waterproof Case with Watertight Closure


    3. CGear Tote II

    Cgear Tote Ii

    Our next tote is from CGear that uses military-grade technology for a true sand-free experience. If any sand gets inside from dirty items, it will simply sift right out the premium nylon fabric. With this patented double layer weave technology, sand can’t get through from the outside.

    The nylon is also water resistant, with reinforced seams for extra protection. It’s effortless to clean, as you can hose it down with water after each use.

    Even though there is only 1 interior pocket for the blue and black versions, there is no lack of space for keeping towels, clothes, toys, and snacks inside. The green and red editions have extra pockets on the outside, but they are slightly smaller in capacity when compared to the blue and black options.


    • Water-Resistant Nylon & Reinforced Stitching
    • Innovative Sand-Free Technology Rids Sand Effortlessly
    • Complete Mesh-Style Bottom for Breathability


    4. Esvan Waterproof Tote Bag

    Esvan Waterproof Tote Bag

    Next up is this giant tote from Esvan, which comes in an incredible 28 different colors and designs. 11” double handles are extra soft and comfortable enough to wear by the elbow or over the shoulder.

    It has a very roomy interior, with 2 open pockets that let you keep you phone, wallet, and keys at easy view. An external zippered pocket stretches across the whole bag, letting you fit additional items. Plus, you’ve got double mesh bottle holders.

    The outside is made from polyester, which is water resistant. It won’t withstand a large amount of moisture exposure, but the lining makes up for that. It looks to be made from a nylon taffeta fabric, as it has a smooth weave with a sheen. This lining is completely waterproof, so you can store your wet towels and swimsuits with ease.


    • Water-Resistant Exterior & Waterproof Lining
    • Ultra Lightweight 13 ounces
    • Zippered Top Provides Tight Seal


    5. Leisureland Canvas Tote Beach Bag

    Leisureland Canvas Tote Beach Bag

    This quintessential tote from Leisureland has a super classic feel with the canvas body, rope detailing, and 100% linen bottom. With the full top zipper, you can keep everything locked inside, so nothing can fall out. It also stops water or sand from easily getting through with its constricted seal. Although you’ve only got 1 pocket inside, there is a bunch of space to fit plenty of belongings.

    This is made from a combination of polyester, cotton, and canvas, with a linen contrast at the bottom. The interior lining not only creates double protection from water and debris, but it also ensures that nothing can stain the outer shell. If any dirtiness does occur on the outside, it’s effortless to clean with a light water spray and mild detergent.


    • Water-Resistant Poly-Cotton Canvas Blend
    • Full-Length Upper Zipper Ensures Tight Closure
    • 9” Beefy Rope Handles are Easy to Carry


    6. Thirne & Co. Canvas Beach Tote

    Thirne Co. Canvas Beach Tote

    Thirne & Co’s take on a classic tote comes in 3 patterns that suit the boho-chic style perfectly. The rope straps are extremely thick, fastened with hefty knots. This design makes it sit comfortably on the shoulders, helping to balance the weight so you can carry it over a longer period. The overall shape is squarer, as opposed to sloping in at the bottom, so it creates an oversized capacity.

    Since it’s rated as water resistant, it looks like the canvas is rather a polycotton blend. It’s still durable, as it’s tear resistant as well. 2 internal pockets, one zippered and one open, let you store smaller items so that they don’t get lost in the depths of the bag. We love that they’ve included a bonus wet bag. It has a completely waterproof interior, is eco-friendly, and machine washable.


    • Water-Resistant Canvas Exterior with Free Wet Bag Included
    • Full-Length Upper Zipper Closure
    • Oversized 15” Depth & 19” Length


    7. Cieovo Large Waterproof Beach Bag

    Cieovo Large Waterproof Beach Bag

    Make a fashion statement with this minimalist Ceiovo bag that features a sleek black and white design. Completely waterproof, it’s made from ripstop Oxford cloth with a nylon lining to protect all your possessions. The top zip goes across the whole bag, creating a tight seal to prevent sand and moisture from entering. A leather handle is another nice touch, as it’s highly resilient.

    The spacious interior comes with 3 inner pockets – 2 open ones and 1 zippered to keep valuable items well hidden. It could easily fit 4 average-sized towels, plus you’ve got a big outer integrated pouch for leftover items. It can hold up to 22 lbs, allowing room for heavier items like shoes, wet towels, sunscreen, and food and drinks.


    • High-Quality Oxford Fabric with 9” Leather Handle
    • 4 Additional Storage Options
    • Reinforced Stitching & Nylon Lining Increase Protection


    8. RTIC Large Waterproof Beach Bag

    Rtic Large Waterproof Beach Bag

    RTIC aren’t just known for their top selling bags. Making outdoor camping gear, like coolers, they use high-quality material that is designed with longevity in mind. The entire bag is made from heavy-duty vinyl, which is completely waterproof and puncture resistant.

    In addition to this material, welded seams provide more defense against moisture and sand from getting inside.

    Inside, there is a zippered pocket, that is water resistant, to store smaller valuables like a mobile phone and keys. There is plenty of space for multiple towels, some sunscreen, books, and toys. With 2 straps, they interlock at the top with a padded handle to carry it comfortably.

    Instead of fully closing, there is a buckled strap at the top that lets you secure anything down that’s hanging out. StayDry material makes cleaning a cinch – just hose it down at the end of the day.


    • 100% Waterproof Tough Vinyl Material
    • Water Resistant Interior Zippered Pocket
    • Large 15” Depth & 18.25” Length Provides Plenty of Room


    9. Robyn & Co. Waterproof Canvas Beach Tote

    Robyn Co. Waterproof Canvas Beach Tote

    Our first traditional tote on the list, this keeps it classic with gorgeous nautical blue and white stripes. We love the free pineapple name-tag that adds a vibrant pop of color. Another XXL oversized version, it has a huge amount of space, able to hold up to 22 lbs. 2 soft and extra-thick rope handles let you swing it over your shoulder. With 5 pockets overall, including an outer zippered pocket and mesh pouch, there are stacks of storage options.

    The water-resistant nylon lining means you can store damp items inside, but we recommend doing this over short periods as it won’t hold up against soaking towels or clothes. It’s fast drying and color safe, which ensures there won’t be any nasty smells. The outer material is canvas, which is naturally waterproof.


    • Top Zipper Keeps Items Secure
    • Waterproof & Robust Canvas Materials
    • 2 Exterior Pockets, 3 Inner Pockets Offer Tons of Storage


    10. Lightspeed Outdoors Beach Bag

    Lightspeed Outdoors Beach Bag

    This is a popular choice for men due to its immense size and excellent heavy-duty construction. It has versatile strap options, allowing you to carry it with one hand as a tote, or wear it hands-free over your back. We see this as the perfect family outing bag – it has massive interior space measuring 15” L x 7” W x 16”H with a 24L capacity.

    A water-resistant shell sheds moisture easily and counteracts stains. It’s highly durable and prevents scratches or holes, making it long-lasting. The highlight for us is the amount of storage. Other than the standard outer and inner pockets, there are unique compression straps on either side for storing towels, creating more space inside. Then, you have the bottom zippered compartment for shoes or wet gear.


    • Water-Resistant Outer Fabric
    • Breathable Inner Mesh Lining Lets Sand Escape
    • Hidden Bottom Compartment & Side Compression Belts


    How to Choose a Waterproof Beach Bag


    There are several materials you should take note of when looking for this waterproof style of bag:

    • Nylon – this can be used for either the entire bag, or just the lining. It’s known for its durability, flexibility, and of course, waterproof abilities. Nylon taffeta is commonly used for a lining, as it has a close weave and protects from moisture and other debris, like sand. You’ll typically see it as the lining for canvas bags.
    • Vinyl – super heavy-duty and durable, this is a little more expensive as it provides some of the highest levels of water protection out there. It’s also very easy to clean.
    • 100% Canvas – this is naturally waterproof, but we suggest finding one with some sort of additional lining for further protection.
    • Oxford Cloth – another heavy-duty material, it’s somewhat similar to canvas. It’s breathable, robust, and resists tears.
    • Cotton-Canvas Blend – cotton is a popular choice because it’s wonderfully soft, washable, and when combined with canvas and polyester, long-lasting. Typically, this combination is just water resistant, so look for a lining and reinforced stitching.

    In terms of the handles of the bag, we suggest thick rope or nylon as the best choices. They’ll hold up heavy items, without putting pressure on your shoulders or arms.

    Remember: if the bag is labelled as water resistant, look for a waterproof lining or base, like nylon or vinyl. These will add double the protection, so you can ensure that none of your objects will become damaged. On the flip side, it also ensures that nothing kept in the bag can seep through and damage the outer material.


    It can be easy to overlook the handles, but this is arguably one of the most important elements for this style of bag. If the straps break, you’ve basically lost all the functionality of your bag. You want something that is easy to carry across long distances if need be – think about how often you’ve walked along the beach looking for the best spot, or if you’ve parked far away, there are so many instances where you need the comfort of high-quality straps.

    Rope style handles are one of the best, due to their robust nature and ability to hold a lot of weight. Nylon with reinforced stitching is also a great option, as it’s strong and certainly won’t easily tear. If this is the case, though, try and choose one with padding for comfort.

    Storage Compartments

    Ever been looking for your keys or phone in your bag, only to feel like your arm is reaching into the depths of nowhere? I’m sure many of us know this frustration all too well, especially if you’re using a massive bag. Pockets and pouches are going to be a lifesaver.

    Look out for interior and exterior pockets. Inner zippered pockets are perfect for stashing your valuables, like your phone, keys, wallet, camera, money, and so on. Open pouches are great for also putting valued items, like your phone that you need to reach easily and quickly. Plus, zippered store sections help to keep electronics away from everything else, so that they can’t be ruined from wet or dirty belongings.

    Bottle holders aren’t necessary, but they’re handy for drink bottles and sunscreen.

    Closing Mechanism

    A top zipper is very useful for these bags, as you can keep all your gear secure. Most of them are sealed tightly, so this adds protection when it comes to water and sand.

    An open upper section is certainly not a disadvantage. Lacking a zipper means you can overfill your bag, stuffing towels and clothes without worrying about the bag breaking from being overstuffed. It also lets you access things easier.

    Some of them will simply have a buckle strap, which will keep things safe but without a full closure.


    Checking the weight capacity is very important, as well as the dimensions of the bag. You want to make sure that you can fit all your essential items, as well as any extras that you may need last minute – think frisbees, snacks, games, books, and so on.

    Oversized bags are a great decision, because they let you add heaps of belongings without overstretching the bag.

    Added Features

    In the desire to stand-out from competition, manufacturers may include some extra features that add more convenience to the bag. Bonus things like a bottle opener, key ring, name tag, hidden storage compartment, wet bag, or waterproof phone pouch.


    Frequently Asked Questions

    How do I Clean a Beach Bag?

    You should ideally clean it after each use. If there is sand, moisture, or salt residue left on the bag, it can cause the materials to break down. This can lead to your bag breaking, which can be dangerous as your items could fall out onto the ground and become damaged.

    Here are some steps you can follow:

    1. Empty all contents and shake it out.
    2. Canvas materials should ideally be spot cleaned, instead of completely soaked, but this depends on the manufacturer.
    3. Nylon, vinyl, polyester, Oxford, or polycotton blends should be hosed down with some warm water to remove salt and sand residue.
    4. Use very mild soap if it’s particularly dirty.
    5. Rinse and leave to completely dry before using again or storing away.

    Can Saltwater, Sand, and Chlorine Damage My Bag?

    All three of these elements can severely compromise the integrity of your bag if you don’t clean it properly. If not washed, it could lead to mold growth, a bad smell, and the materials to split. Don’t allow anything to build-up overtime and practice good maintenance of your bag.


    Conclusion on Beach Bags

    With our list of the best waterproof beach bags, you’ll always feel organized and ready to go for every next beach trip. Even with a ton of options out there, being waterproof or water resistant is a massive advantage.

    You’ll protect your beloved items from getting wet or damaged – we’ve all experienced a rogue wave or unexpected sand attack from a group of kids at least a few times in our lives.

    As a basic necessity, beach bags are made for storing your towel, drinks, clothes, sunscreen, all your snacks, plus anything else you need for a relaxed beach day, picnic, or bonfire night.


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