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Best Noise Cancelling Headphones under $200 CAD

10 Best Noise Cancelling Headphones under $200 CAD in 2024

    When thinking about “noise cancelling headphones” the thought of high prices and high-tech designs used to come to mind, but with newer advanced technologies, it’s now ridiculously easy to get your hands on an affordable pair. That’s why we’ve narrowed things down and picked out the best noise cancelling headphones under $200, with stylish designs and premium tech to boot.

    To put it simply, you don’t to be an audiophile anymore to understand or be able to use noise cancelling models, let alone any of the best headphones under $200 in Canada. Frequent travellers or work commuters can rejoice with a set of these headphones, as they block out all unwanted noises no matter if you’re on a plane, train, bus, or tram.

    If you’re not into on-ear or over-ear sets, or just want to narrow down your search for earbuds, we’ve also researched and found the best earbuds under $100 CAD.


    3 Main Factors for Using Noise Cancelling Headphones

    Ever caught yourself questioning, “Do I really even need noise cancelling headphones?” We don’t doubt you have, but we’re here to tell you that it truly is worth it. It’s also such a common feature you can find in pretty much every brand out there, plus you can choose when you want to turn it on and off, no matter what you’re listening to. Let’s look at some of the main reasons why you need this feature:

    Ear & Hearing Fatigue

    How many times have you cranked up the volume to try drown out all the background noises that are interrupting what you’re listening to? We’ve all done it. But it’s certainly not the safest thing to do, and can have some nasty long-term effects in the future if done consistently.

    Noise cancelling headphones are designed to block out all those annoying background sounds without damaging your eardrums, so you can listen to your music or other media the way it was intended, with the same detail, richness and quality you’d hear if there weren’t those exterior noises coming through.

    Music Doesn’t Sound the Same

    You’d think that turning up the music extra loud to make sure you can hear it wouldn’t affect it in any way, but the interesting thing is that making it too loud can actually take away from its original quality.

    This is because certain frequencies will dominate others, essentially erasing them completely. Then you won’t be getting the full effect of how the music was intended to be heard. And if there are exterior noises as well as music that’s turned up too loud, some instruments or notes in the music sound like they’re missing.

    Noise cancellation technology ensures that you can listen to each detail in every pitch, note and tone of the music, film, TV show, and so on. Noise cancelling headphones let you keep the audio at a reasonable level, so you don’t have to crank it up as much.

    Bass, Mid-Range & Treble

    When looking at how well a certain pair of headphones works to isolate noises, it’s important to take note of all three ranges – bass, mid and treble.

    • Bass sounds are low and rumbling. Examples include plane, train or bus engines.
    • Mid sounds are things like general chatter, like in the office.
    • Treble sounds are quite high-pitched and include things like AC units or a fan humming.

    An overall decibel rating combining all three frequencies should be around 18-20dB, with bass and mid reductions of around 15dB and treble at 30dB or so.


    Reviews – Best Noise Cancelling Headphones Under $200 CAD

    1. Anker Soundcore Life Q30 Wireless

    Anker Soundcore Life Q30

    • Wireless – Yes
    • Type – Over-Ear
    • Microphone – Yes

    BEST FOR: Wired Gaming, Commuting, Office Environments

    The Anker Soundcore Life Q30 Wireless headphones offer ANC with three levels of noise isolation, meaning you can switch through and choose the right setting based on your environment at any point in time.

    These are the Transport mode, Indoor more and Outdoor mode, and they are all designed specifically to give you the best noise cancellation depending on your surroundings. For example, the Transport mode did an excellent job at blocking out rumbling bass noises like the bus engine, but also eliminated high-pitched sounds like office talk. They’re a clear step up from the Q20 with 4 more hours of battery life topping at 44-hours, a sleeker design, and more powerful ANC all-round.

    Comfort is one of our personal favourite points with a lightweight fit on the head and nicely cushioned earcups. You can connect up to two devices at a time using Bluetooth 5.0, and we found it switched without any hiccups. A hard case is included and we particularly like its compact, rounded shape as it fit comfortably into our bag.

    Key Features:

    • Sturdy Plastic & Flexible Silicone Build with Faux-Leather Padding on Headbands & Cups for Added Comfort
    • Three Noise Cancellation Settings to Customise Your Experience
    • 44-Hour Playback with Speedy 1.7-Hour Charge Time & Multi-Point Bluetooth Connection


    2. Sony WH-CH700N Wireless

    Sony WH-CH700N

    • Wireless – Yes
    • Type – Over-Ear
    • Microphone – Yes

    BEST FOR: Commuting, Exercise, Wired Gaming, Office Environments

    The WH-CH700N Wireless headphones from Sony are a great all-rounder as they are versatile enough for everything from gaming to workouts. They’re also ever-so-slightly lighter than the Anker Soundcore Life Q30’s at 0.23kgs compared to the Q30’s 0.26kgs.

    ANC adapted well to our surroundings and cut down high-pitched frequencies particularly well. A standout for us was the layout of the controls, which were efficient and user-friendly. You get separate buttons for calls and music, volume, and noise cancellation, and they all physically click rather than soft-touch, which we prefer.

    Battery lasts a solid 34-hours but they do take up to 6-hours to charge, so keep that in mind if you’d rather a fast-charging option. Bluetooth 4.0 and NFC make pairing with devices more seamless.

    Key Features:

    • One-Push Active Noise Cancellation Technology with Sealing Cushioned Earcups for Added Noise Cancellation
    • Long 34-Hour Battery Life with 10-Minute Charge 1-Hour Playback Option
    • Compact Hard Case for Easy Portability & 1.25m Cable Included


    3. Razer Opus Wireless

    Razer Opus Wireless

    • Wireless – Yes
    • Type – Over-Ear
    • Microphone – Yes

    BEST FOR: Wired Gaming, Commuting, Exercise, Office Environments

    The Razer Opus Wireless over-ear headphones are a high-value model with rave reviews all over the Canadian market. Noise isolation is outstanding with ANC technology that blocks out a wide soundstage, from low bass-range to high frequencies like a humming AC.

    It uses something called “destructive interference” which essentially means that opposing sound waves are produced to combat audio coming in from your surroundings. The over-ear design is also so well-made that it helps block out exterior noises further.

    Plus, they rate high on our comfort scale with oval memory foam cushioned earcups and a padded leatherette band. Controls felt effortless to locate and use with a mic button, multi-function button, volume, and of course the ANC/Ambient button.

    Key Features:

    • Premium Design with Padded Leatherette Headband & Plush Memory Foam Ear Cushions for Long-Term Wear
    • Reliable Connectivity with iOS & Android App with Customisable EQ Presets
    • Advanced ANC Technology & Integrated Mic Can Be Used for Gaming


    4. Beats Solo Pro Wireless

    Beats Solo Pro Wireless

    • Wireless – Yes
    • Type – On-Ear
    • Microphone – Yes

    BEST FOR: Commuting, Exercise, Office Environments

    The Beats Solo Pro Wireless headphones are impressive in many ways, but their ANC capabilities definitely shine as one of their best qualities. There are actually three modes that make up the ANC feature in these headphones.

    These include the Noise Cancelling mode that blocks out all exterior sounds, Transparency mode that lets in some ambient noises, and Extended Power mode which saves the most battery. Without ANC activated you get almost double the battery life at 40-hours, but you still get around 22-hours when it is on.

    Comfort level is great with thicker padded earcups than the Solo3 2019 Wireless model, plus an ergonomic headband for a snug fit. We enjoyed the addition of the Class 1 Bluetooth and the Apple H1 Headphone Chip. Listening range was greatly extended and we didn’t experience dropouts at any time. The built-in mic worked well during calls and didn’t lag when we activated “Hey Siri”.

    Key Features:

    • Excellent 22-Hour Battery Life (40-Hours Without ANC)
    • Stylish Design with Comfortable Cushioned Earpads & Padded Adjustable Headband
    • Zippered Hard Case Included to Protect Against Scratches


    5. Earfun Free Pro

    EarFun Free Pro

    • Wireless – Yes
    • Type – In-Ear
    • Microphone – Yes

    BEST FOR: Exercise, Commuting, Office Environments

    The Earfun Free Pro earbuds get a lot of hype online, so we were interested to try them out for ourselves. Safe to say we were more than impressed. Starting with the design, we loved how lightweight they felt, weighing just 4.25g, making them comfortable to wear all day. We appreciated that you get four ear tip sizes in addition to three ear wing sizes, so we were able to get the comfiest fit for our ears.

    Connectivity was a dream with Bluetooth 5.2 and a range of up to 14.94m. As well as the integrated ANC with user-friendly touch control, these earbuds have ENC technology within the 4-mic design. This means that 80% of background noises are blocked out, resulting in crystal-clear audio when you talk.

    A well-rounded sound profile was a nice surprise, with dual-composite dynamic drivers that delivered punchy bass notes. While these aren’t made for gaming, we did find that they worked well for mobile gaming on the Low Latency Mode feature for a more synchronised experience.

    Key Features:

    • Durable & Lightweight 4.25g Design with IPX5 Water Resistant Rating
    • Convenient Wireless Charging Available As Well As Wired USB-C Charging
    • ANC Up To 29dB & Environmental Noise Cancellation (ENC) with 4-Mic Design for Clearer Calls
    • 4 Ear-Tip Sizes & 4 Ear-Hook Sizes Included to Achieve Custom Fit


    6. TaoTronics SoundLiberty 95 Wireless

    TaoTronics SoundLiberty 95

    • Wireless – Yes
    • Type – In-Ear
    • Microphone – Yes

    BEST FOR: Exercise, Commuting, Office Environments

    Our second true wireless earbuds on the list are the SoundLiberty 95 Wireless buds from TaoTronics. Eliminating bass-range sounds is where these buds shine as they were able to block out the low reverberation of the bus engine, and we’ve seen reviews from others that say plane engine noises were also blocked out.

    We don’t mind the similar design to the old Apple Airpods as they were still comfortable in our ears, and the all-black colour makes a sleek statement. They’ve even got a nano-coating which makes them splash-proof.

    Noise cancellation here is made up of dual cVc 8.0 technology, which we found worked very well to cut down both low and high-pitched sounds. We enjoyed listening to bass-heavy tracks because of the refined 13mm drivers that improve bass performance. Commands are easily controlled by touching lightly on the left bud.

    Key Features:

    • Stable Bluetooth 5.0 Connection with 15.24m Range
    • Perfect for Travellers with 28-Hour Playtime with Extra 21-Hours with Compact Charging Case
    • Convenient Soft Pouch Included to Protect From Scratches & Minor Leaks


    7. Anker Soundcore Liberty 2 Wireless

    Anker Soundcore Liberty Air 2

    • Wireless – Yes
    • Type – In-Ear
    • Microphone – Yes

    BEST FOR: Commuting, Exercise, Office Environments

    Next are the Anker Soundcore Liberty 2 Wireless earbuds that are another versatile pick. Their design reminds us a bit of the Samsung Galaxy buds as there is no exterior piece that stretches past the earlobe, so we quite like the minimalistic look. You’re also able to get a comfortable fit with their GripFit design, where the earbud sits snug after twisting and locking it into the ear.

    We enjoyed using the dedicated Soundcore App which gave us 22 EQ settings to choose from, and you can use their HearID test to create a customised sound profile. A unique feature we loved was definitely the Mono/Stereo mode – this lets you remove one earbud for single-ear listening, or both for stereo sounds.

    Charging is a breeze with 8-hours of playtime on one charge, 32-hours with the charging case, and a 10-minute charge for 2 hours of listening time. We weren’t afraid of ruining them with sweat from exercise because of their IPX5 water resistant rating – an important feature in our eyes since you never know when they might be exposed to moisture.

    Key Features:

    • Customisable Sound Profile Using Dedicated Soundcore App with HearID Test & 22 EQ Settings
    • Up To 32-Hours of Playtime with Improved Drivers & TPU Diaphragm for Double the Bass & Increased Bandwith
    • GripFit Design Ensures a Comfortable Fit with Twist & Lock Feature


    8. Plantronics BackBeat Pro 2

    Plantronics BackBeat Pro 2

    • Wireless – Yes
    • Type – Over-Ear
    • Microphone – Yes

    BEST FOR: Wired Gaming, Commuting, Exercise, Office Environments

    The Plantronics BackBeat Pro 2 headphones offer a balanced sound profile and sturdy build, making them a versatile pair for things like gaming, traveling, working out, and even at the office. ANC was simple to use with a one-touch design – something we found came in handy when needing to quickly change in busy, loud environments.

    Across high-pitched, mid-range and bass noises, these headphones can block out 18.91dB in total, but we found they worked best at the treble range. Charging only took around 2-hours and a lengthy 30-hours of playback is available when you play at medium volume levels.

    Though they might look a little bulkier at first glance, they actually only weigh 0.29kgs and feel lighter on the head and ears than what you might think. The design is a slight departure from the original BackBeat Pro model, as this second version has oval earcups that make all-day wear more comfortable. We also like the mesh material underneath the band as it increased breathability.

    Key Features:

    • All-Day Wear with 30-Hour Battery Life & Fast 2-Hour Charge
    • 10m Wireless Range with Bluetooth 4.0 & Ability to Pair with Up To 2 Devices
    • Well-Cushioned Earcups & Headband with Mesh Layer for Increased Breathability


    9. Sennheiser HD 4.50 BTNC

    Sennheiser HD 4.50 BTNC

    • Wireless – Yes
    • Type – Over-Ear
    • Microphone – Yes

    BEST FOR: Commuting, Wired Gaming, Exercise, Office Environments

    Here we have another fantastic all-rounded in the form of the HD 4.50 BTNX from Sennheiser. They are significantly cheaper than the Sennheiser PXC 550-Ii Wireless model, making them an excellent affordable alternative.

    ANC is activated using the control button on the earcup, and they can eliminate 19.38dB of noise – slightly higher than the Plantronics BackBeat Pro 2’s, but the difference is barely noticeable between the two models. We found it works best to block out things like chatter, rather than rumbling noises.

    The overall design is quite straightforward with all-black colouring with stylish silver accents. They were comfortable to wear over long periods thanks to the leatherette earpads, which were also fairly breathable. As well as Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity, these headphones also have NFC for fast pairing with other compatible devices.

    Key Features:

    • Up To 25-Hour Battery Life Plus NFC Instant-Pairing Technology & Bluetooth 4.0 for Stable Connections
    • NoiseGuard ANC Technology Eliminates 19.38dB of Noise Working Best for Background Chatter & High-Pitched Sounds
    • Easygoing Portability with Side-Swiveling Leatherette Earcups

    10. Skullcandy Venue Wireless

    Skullcandy Venue Wireless

    • Wireless – Yes
    • Type – Over-Ear
    • Microphone – Yes

    BEST FOR: Wired Gaming, Commuting, Exercise, Office Environments

    Starting at $125, the Skullcandy Venue Wireless model is a solid pair for everyday use, from gaming, to traveling, to work. We think they also work well when exercising, but only mild workouts as they aren’t water resistant, so you wouldn’t want to sweat too much.

    ANC in these headphones is slightly above-average for this price range, working well in isolating noises throughout the full soundstage. We did notice that they do release a bit of sound, especially when listening to bass-heavy music, but we don’t think it’s a dealbreaker as it wasn’t anything near as loud as what you would hear with open-back headphones.

    Available in all-black, red, and white with crimson accents, there’s no doubt these are a good-looking pair of headphones. They boast a 24-hour playback time – perfect for long plane rides – plus they’ve got the 10-minute charge 3-hour playback feature for when you’re in a rush. The hardcase is fairly flat and compact which we liked, as it fit better in our bag.

    Key Features:

    • All-Day Wear with 24-Hour Battery Life & Rapid 10-Minute Charge for 3-Hours Playback
    • Stylish Design with Comfortable Cushioned Earpads & Headband
    • Dedicated ANC Control, Track Skipping, Monitor Mode & Volume



    From reducing the risk of ear damage and fatigue, to allowing you to listen to your favourite music in all its quality and detail, a pair of the best noise cancelling headphones under $200 on our list have many benefits when compared to a regular pair of headphones.

    You won’t have to turn the volume up to unbearable levels anymore to drown out background noise, and the quality of the audio won’t be affected. Plus, with so many brands and different designs out there, we’re sure you’ll find the perfect one to match your style and needs. Remember to check all the specs before making your final choice, as not all models block out the same amount of background noise as others.


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