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Product Researcher, Tester and Writer

Mike has been with his here since the start, and has numerous experience when it comes to creating top quality, product related content. His extensive experience in research and written work have made him a hit here at Canadian's Best, and his honest 'to the point' critiques have become a benchmark for our new teams. No fluff is the game, and Mike is the name, specializing in Outdoor related products, and also touching on tech, gadgets and home appliances. Although his real passion is with Cameras. Mike is a professional photographer and has travelled the world taking stunning shots, recording them all on his travel blog for the world to see. We couldn't wait to get him involved here and help with our camera categories, but he soon branched out into various other areas with ease. A Canadian at heart, Mike spends most of his downtime at his home in Vancouver, where he is able to work freely, that is until he plans his next adventure with trusty camera at hand.