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Best Headphones under $200 CAD - Canada

10 Best Headphones under $200 CAD in 2024

    Fact: you don’t need to spend an exorbitant amount of money to get your hands on a pair of great quality headphones. And it’s for that fact we have put it upon ourselves to find the best headphones under $200 in Canada.

    We know how hard it can be to find that perfect pair. The best noise cancelling headphones under $200 CAD can be especially difficult to find, since noise cancelling technology is such a sought-after feature for many, but typically costs extra. You know, to block out all those annoying people on the bus, or get the full surround-sound experience from your favourite tunes or movies.

    We’ve also been on the lookout for the best wireless earbuds under $100 CAD, since they’re our favourite type to use for exercise.

    No matter if it’s a pair of over-ear headphones, in-ear, or on-ear, we did the research to bring you a variety of brands and styles to suit different needs – because not everyone needs things like water resistance or wireless capabilities.

    What are the Best Budget Over Ear Headphones?

    Though we do have different types of headphones in this list, the JBL Club 950NC takes top spot on our list as the best overall. They are over-ear headphones with a closed-back design, wireless capabilities, well-balanced audio, and noise cancellation control.

    While the JBL Live 400BT is also a standout in our list and has many notable features that we look for in a budget pair of headphones, it didn’t quite make top spot since it’s missing the noise cancelling feature.

    The Samsung Galaxy Buds are a standout pair when it comes to earbuds in this price range. They deliver dynamic sounds, wireless enjoyment, and their compact shape means they sit comfortably in the ears.


    The Best Budget Over Ear Headphones You Can Buy Today

    1. JBL Club 950NC

    JBL Club 950NC

    • Wireless – Yes
    • Noise Cancelling – Yes
    • Type – Over-Ear
    • Microphone – Yes

    BEST FOR: Wired Gaming, Commuting, Exercise

    The JBL Club 950NC are pretty much everything we want and need in over-ear headphones. Design is a highpoint and one of our favourite parts about these, with cushioned oval earcups and headband and all-black colouring. They felt stable during exercise and didn’t hurt our ears during longer periods of wear. We also love that they come with a hard carrying case and fold down half their size, making them a great portable option for travellers.

    Sound is clearly well-rounded and versatile here, meaning this model is ideal for a huge range of genres of music. From rap to classical we enjoyed every second. This model uses JBL Pro Sound with HiRes Playback, plus you can customise audio using their linked app with parametric EQ or presets.

    A massive 55 hours of playback is available, or 22 hours when ANC is activated, and it takes just 2 hours for a full charge. Bluetooth 5.0 connected rapidly and made talking on the phone a breeze. Using Voice Assist was seamless since you just have to press on the left earcup instead of a small button.

    Key Features:

    • 55-Hours of Playtime with Bass Boost, ANC, Voice Assist Controls & Dual-Mic Technology
    • Comfortable Cushioned Earcups & Band with Solid Metal Hinges & Accent Bezel
    • Convenient Foldable Design & Carry Case Included for Easy Transport


    2. Samsung Galaxy Buds+

    Samsung Galaxy Buds+

    • Wireless – Yes
    • Noise Cancelling – No
    • Type – In-Ear
    • Microphone – Yes

    BEST FOR: Commuting, Exercise

    A step up from the Truly Wireless Buds from Samsung, the Samsung Galaxy Buds+ are new and improved with a balanced sound profile, iOS and Android app connectivity, and longer battery life at 13 hours which is enough for pretty much a whole day of use. You can use their app to know when it’s time to power up.

    Despite not having the noise cancelling feature, these earbuds do an impressive job at eliminating exterior noises. At the gym we couldn’t hear other machines working or the gym music playing over the speakers, so we consider that a win. Also the fact that they’re closed-back means the audio sounds like it’s playing from inside our head rather than from outside.

    Aside from the ergonomic ear and wing tip design that sits snug inside the ear which makes these perfect for workouts, the IPX2 water resistance rating means you don’t have to worry about sweating it out. Shifting through controls is easygoing with customisable tap commands.

    Key Features:

    • Lengthy 13-Hour Battery Life with Extended Battery with Buds+ Charging Case
    • Ideal for Sports with IPX2 Water Resistance Rating
    • Adaptive 3-Mic System with Dual Outer Mics Blocks Outward Sounds on a Call


    3. Razer Opus Wireless

    Razer Opus Wireless

    • Wireless – Yes
    • Noise Cancelling – Yes
    • Type – Over-Ear
    • Microphone – Yes

    BEST FOR: Wired Gaming, Commuting, Exercise, Office Environments

    The Razer Opus Wireless over-ear headphones are one of the best value-for-money models on the market today. In fact, they’re comparable to more high-end models in terms of sound profile, like the Bose QuietComfort 35 II/QC35 Wireless.

    They also happen to have one of our favourite designs with their oval rotatable earcups, plush memory foam cushions, and padded leatherette headband. Each of these design elements makes this model ultra-comfortable – we easily wore it all day with no issues. Controls felt straightforward to locate and use with a mic button, multi-function button, volume, and of course the ANC/Ambient button.

    Speaking of ANC, this model has things in the bag with superior noise cancellation technology. It uses something called “destructive interference” which essentially means that opposing sound waves are produced to combat audio coming in from your surroundings.

    Key Features:

    • Premium Design with Padded Leatherette Headband & Plush Memory Foam Ear Cushions for Long-Term Wear
    • Reliable Connectivity with iOS & Android App with Customisable EQ Presets
    • Advanced ANC Technology & Integrated Mic Can Be Used for Gaming


    4. Philips SHP9500

    Philips SHP9500

    • Wireless – No
    • Noise Cancelling – No
    • Type – Over-Ear
    • Microphone – No

    BEST FOR: Wired Gaming, Long-Period Music Sessions

    The Philips SHP9500 over-ear headphones have quite a reputation in the audiophile community online as being an excellent budget option on the market. Philips did a great job with the design, making it the perfect blend between vintage and modern with an open-back framed by metal and cold-rolled steel headband.

    Comfort is a standout here with breathable ear cushions and a double-layered headband, allowing all-day wear – perfect for gamers or those who want to listen to music all day. We should note that they aren’t foldable, so they’re better off kept at home. If you want something more portable, we suggest going for the JBL Club 950NC or the Beats Solo Pro Wireless model.

    The sound profile is well-rounded here with the help of 50mm neodymium drivers that offer a broad spectrum of sound. High frequencies are smoothed out with the open-back design, improving transparency all around.

    Key Features:

    • Open-Back Design with Angled Drivers for Comfort & 1.5m Long Cable
    • Durable Metal Headband with Double-Layer Cushioning & Breathable Earpads
    • Includes Complimentary Gold-Plated 3.5mm-6.3mm Adapter for Audiophile Equipment


    5. JBL Live 400BT

    JBL Live 400BT

    • Wireless – Yes
    • Noise Cancelling – No
    • Type – On-Ear
    • Microphone – Yes

    BEST FOR: Wired Gaming, Commuting, Exercise, Office Environment

    The Live 400BT set from JBL takes a minimalist approach to on-ear headphones with a flexible headband and stable metal hinges for a premium look without the steep price tag. Since they are on-ear we don’t recommend them for all-day wear, but for commuting, at the office, or a workout, these are an excellent choice.

    This model produces quite a versatile range as far as audio profiles go. While we do recommend them for commuters, there is no noise cancelling technology, so keep that in mind if you want to completely block out the sounds in noisy environments. During exercise they sat nicely and didn’t budge even during a running session.

    Controls were effortless with multiple easy-feel buttons that click comfortably. You can control calls, skip music, adjust volume, and there’s also a dedicated command for Bluetooth syncing which we liked as it made it easier to pair to our phone. Voice assistant is also available by tapping the earcup just like the Club 950NC.

    Key Features:

    • Comfortable & Snug Fit with Slightly Flexible Cushioned Headband (Perfect for Running)
    • Long 30-Hour Battery Life with Rapid 1.8-Hour Charge Time
    • Deep Bass with Balanced Treble & Customisable Sound Profile


    6. Jaybird Tarah Wireless

    Jaybird Tarah Wireless

    • Wireless – Yes
    • Noise Cancelling – No
    • Type – In-Ear
    • Microphone – Yes

    BEST FOR: Exercise, Commuting

    If you love Apple Airpods and want to go for something even more budget-friendly than the Samsung Galaxy Buds+, give the Jaybird Tarah Wireless earbuds a try. These are pretty much made for sports with their ergonomic in-ear shape and high IPX7 water resistant rating, meaning they could even be immersed in one meter of water for up to 30 minutes (we don’t suggest doing that, but the rating just shows you how durable these are no matter how much you sweat).

    With a short, lightweight wire that runs the back of your neck, these buds come with three pairs of interchangeable silicone ear gels to get the most comfortable fit. Some other sports earbuds sit too deeply in the ear canal, so we appreciated that these sat stably and comfortably.

    Of course these aren’t made to be audiophile-level in terms of sound profile, but this model certainly doesn’t disappoint when it comes to sound quality. Bass notes are rich and mid-range is smooth, while trebles don’t pack too much of a punch (we prefer a heavier base when exercising, anyway). Use their Jaybird app to customise EQ presets when needed.

    Key Features:

    • Sports-Focused Design with Ergonomic In-Ear Design with Stabilising Ear Fins
    • 6-Hours of Playtime with Quick 10-Minute Charge Feature for 1-Hour Playtime
    • Convenient Soft Pouch Included to Protect From Scratches & Minor Leaks


    7. Beats Solo Pro Wireless

    Beats Solo Pro Wireless

    • Wireless – Yes
    • Noise Cancelling – Yes
    • Type – On-Ear
    • Microphone – Yes

    BEST FOR: Commuting, Exercise, Office Environments

    First off, yes, we know the Beats Solo Pro Wireless tick over the $200 price mark slightly at $219, but we couldn’t go through the whole list without including these worth-the-hype headphones. They offer ANC technology, a lengthy 22 hours of listening time or 40 without ANC, and a super-sleek, versatile design.

    Something that we noticed made a big difference with connectivity was the addition of Class 1 Bluetooth and the Apple H1 Headphone Chip. Listening range was greatly extended and we didn’t experience dropouts at any point. The built-in mic worked well during calls and didn’t lag when we activated “Hey Siri”.

    Three listening modes are available here which are the ANC mode that blocks out all exterior sounds, Transparency mode that lets in some ambient noises, and Extended Power mode which saves the most battery. Comfort was a highpoint with added padding (more than the Solo3 2019 Wireless model) and ergonomic headband. Portability was also a standout as they fold into half their size and slide into the protective hard case.

    Key Features:

    • Excellent 22-Hour Battery Life (40-Hours Without ANC)
    • Stylish Design with Comfortable Cushioned Earpads & Padded Adjustable Headband
    • Zippered Hard Case Included to Protect Against Scratches


    8. Bose Soundlink Wireless

    Bose Soundlink Wireless

    • Wireless – Yes
    • Noise Cancelling – No
    • Type – On-Ear
    • Microphone – Yes

    BEST FOR: Wired Gaming, Commuting, Exercise

    The Bose Soundlink Wireless are a solid pair of everyday headphones, and we think are best suited to casual gamers, commuters or travelers, and light exercise. For the price we definitely think these are above some other average models in terms of sound quality, but if you prefer noise cancelling then we suggest going for the Beats Solo Pro Wireless instead.

    At just 0.16kgs these are one of the most portable models on our list (not including the Samsung Galaxy Buds+ or Jaybird Tarah Wireless buds of course). They also come with a soft case that’s shaped like a half-circle – a design we thought was a nice departure from traditional bean-shaped cases. It has a textured fabric which isn’t as good as a hard case, but will prevent from scratches and small falls, and is much easier to fit into your bag.

    For on-ear they are rather comfortable for long-wear use with extra cushioning on the earcups and a well-padded headband. Buttons are easy to feel with a smart layout and tactile design. A 21-hour battery life is a standout as you won’t need to charge it as often.

    Key Features:

    • 21-Hour Long Battery Life with 3-Hour Charge Time or 15-Minutes for 2-Hours
    • Compact & Stylish All-Black Design with Cushioned Earcups & Padded Foldable Headband
    • Bluetooth 4.0 Connectivity with 9.1m Wireless Range


    9. Philips Fidelio X2HR

    Philips Fidelio X2HR

    • Wireless – No
    • Noise Cancelling – No
    • Type – Over-Ear
    • Microphone – No

    BEST FOR: Wired Gaming, Long-Period Music Sessions

    The Fidelio X2HR can be considered as a step up from the SHP9500 in terms of both price and sound quality, where the SHP9500 starts around $139 and the Fidelio X2HR starts around $199. It’s ideal for someone who wants a high-res Audio Certified design in the mid-range price bracket, without going too budget or too high-end. That’s why we consider it such a value-packed steal since you’re still getting a premium build and high-def audio.

    Integrated into these headphones are 50mm drivers, delivering high-power for a more natural sound no matter what you’re listening to. We found that bass notes were crisp, mid-range was leveled and trebles were sharp and transparent. Other elements that control amplified frequencies include the Layered Motion Control (LMC) and pre-tilted drivers, eliminating background noises well.

    Apart from the impressive audio quality, the overall design and materials were huge standouts. Genuine leather makes these feel premium right off the bat. Plus you’ve got 3D mesh for increased breathability, memory foam earpads, an enlarged headband for a comfier fit, and double-layered earshells to reduce vibration.

    Key Features:

    • Premium Build with Breathable 3D Mesh & Ergonomic Headband, & Memory-Foam Earpads
    • 50mm Powerful Drivers with Neodymium Magnets for a Well-Balanced Audio Profile
    • Layered Motion Control & Double-Layered Earshells Dampen Vibrations


    10. Plantronics BackBeat Pro 2

    Plantronics BackBeat Pro 2

    • Wireless – Yes
    • Noise Cancelling – Yes
    • Type – Over-Ear
    • Microphone – Yes

    BEST FOR: Wired Gaming, Commuting, Exercise, Office Environments

    Saving one of our favourites for last, the Plantronics BackBeat Pro 2 headphones deliver a flexible sound profile and sturdy build that make them suitable for many different occasions. While they may appear a little chunkier at first, they actually feel more lightweight than you’d think, and only weigh 0.29kgs.

    Compared to the previous BackBeat Pro version, this model comes with more oval earcups which we think are much more comfortable to wear, especially for longer periods. Both the earcups and the headband are well padded, and the underside of the headband has a mesh-like material for added breathability.

    ANC was user-friendly to control with a one-touch design – something we found came in handy when needing to switch rapidly in busy, ambient settings. Charging only took around 2-hours and a lengthy 30-hours of playback was achieved on moderate volume levels.

    Key Features:

    • All-Day Wear with 30-Hour Battery Life & Fast 2-Hour Charge
    • 10m Wireless Range with Bluetooth 4.0 & Ability to Pair with Up To 2 Devices
    • Well-Cushioned Earcups & Headband with Mesh Layer for Increased Breathability


    How to Choose the Best Headphones for You – Buyer’s Guide

    So you know your budget, but what about everything else you need to think about before getting your hands on a pair? Here are the things you need to look out for to help you make the right decision:

    Noise Cancellation

    Not everyone realises that not all headphone models come with noise cancelling technology. If this is important to you, then don’t forget to check if the model you like offers noise cancellation. It’s best to go for Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) which uses new technology that eliminates unwanted audio by generating different sounds to offset them.

    Style & Type

    The three main types of headphones out there are on-ear, in-ear and over-ear. Let’s go over the basics to help you differentiate them:

    On-ear models…

    • Can get confused with over-ear, but they are typically more lightweight and the earcups are smaller, meaning they’ll sit directly on the ear rather than right over
    • Some models come with ANC (like the Beats Solo Pro Wireless) but they won’t block out as much as over-ear models with ANC technology.
    • They are usually highly portable and perfect for travellers and commuters who want something lightweight and less bulky.
    • Since most of them are lightweight and sit quite snug on the head and ears, some models are great for exercise.

    In-ear models…

    • Otherwise known as earbuds, these are usually either completely wireless (like Apple Airpods or Samsung Galaxy Buds), come with a short wire that sits at the back of the neck, or have a long wire.
    • They are often preferred for exercise, especially intense workouts, since the ergonomic design sits snug in the ear.
    • Some come with added wings or extension pieces to help them stay even better in the ears – if yours always fall out then go for a model with these added pieces.
    • Usually come with multiple tips so you can get the best fit.

    Over-ear models…

    • Are the largest in size out of all three headphone styles.
    • Some people consider them more comfortable than on-ear because they don’t apply pressure to the ears. This makes them ideal for all-day wear.
    • Even without noise cancellation technology, most designs will block out a lot more exterior sound than an on-ear or in-ear design without noise cancellation.
    • Great for audiophiles or music producers who need to wear them over lengthy periods.

    Wireless Or Not

    Plenty of people will probably say that wireless is always the way to go, but it isn’t always the better option for everyone. Check out the differences below and make the decision for yourself whether you’re better suited to wireless or wired models.

    Wireless is ideal for those who…

    • Want the freedom to move around
    • Don’t mind waiting for their headphones to charge
    • Don’t enjoy detangling their headphones every time they take them out of their case/bag
    • Exercise, as you can move fast and freely
    • Don’t mind connecting to their devices and relying on this connection

    Wired is ideal for those who…

    • Enjoy or need better quality and more consistent audio from their music, TV, movies, etc.
    • Don’t want to rely on a wireless connection that can drop out or is limited by a certain range
    • Don’t want to charge constantly or have a limit on the amount of hours they can use their headphones

    What Are You Using Them For?

    This is probably the biggest question you need to ask yourself before settling on a pair. If you need a pair for various reasons, what will you be using them for mainly?

    Do you exercise a lot? Go for in-ear. Are you more focused on the audio quality? Over-ear will generally be the way to go, but you can find some excellent on-ear models too. Are you mainly gaming? Commuting? Sitting in the office?

    Choose your pair based on where you will get the most use out of them and which ones will be most comfortable.

    Other Style Elements

    After you’ve decided on a certain pair, go back and check if they have an open-back design or closed-back design.

    Open-back headphones have tiny holes at the back of the earcups that show the interior drivers. Sounds will come out from this area and there is more breathability as well, but this also means people around you will hear what you’re listening to. Soundstage is improved and overall audio quality, which is why open-back models are preferred by serious audiophiles, music producers, musicians, etc.

    Closed-back models are basically the opposite, so they don’t have any of those little holes at the back of the earcups. Noise cancelling technology is typically used for these headphones (not all the time) because the sound stays put in your ears, without flowing out the back of the earcups.



    For us, finding the best headphones under $200 meant finding the best models across all types and styles, because not everyone wants or needs the same design.

    The JBL Club 950NC were our favourite overall with a well-balanced sound profile and stylish, understated design. The Samsung Galaxy Buds+ impressed us with how seamless they were to use and ability to block out sounds despite not having ANC. But if you’re looking for sports-dedicated earphones, the Jaybird Tarah buds are a great choice. The Plantronics BackBeat Pro 2 were a little over the budget, but had such impressive ANC technology and overall audio quality that we had to sneak it in.

    Remember before making your choice to think about how you’ll use your headphones, whether you need wired or wireless and closed or open-back, if you want noise cancellation, and of course whether you prefer in-ear, over-ear or on-ear.


    Mike Brian

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