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10 Best Electric Skateboards in Canada for 2024

    Choosing the best electric skateboard Canada has to offer is a whole lot easier when you’ve done the research. Problem is, there are so many brands and designs out there it’s not uncommon to get lost in the rabbit hole. That’s why we’ve done the research for you, assembling this list of the best electric skateboards on the market today.

    Razor came up on our radar quite a bit, which is why you’ll notice a few models included on our list. The RazorX Cruiser ended up being our favourite for those just starting out as it’s such a classic model, but we were also impressed with the Teamgee H5 and felt it was worth the higher price.

    Throughout our list you’ll find a wide range of prices and designs, as we want to include options for everyone from amateur to pro. As mentioned, Razor dominates with three of the best electric skateboard spots, while other brands like Boosted and Blitzart make the list for their great value and quality.

    We also included some of the best electric skateboard kits for those who want to DIY their existing rides. Now, let’s jump right into the reviews.

    RALDEY Electric Skateboard Longboard Dual Hub Motors with Remote Control 29 MPH Top Speed Range 4 Speed Adjustment Suitable for Adults Teens, MT-V3…
    Electric Skateboard Truck Off Road Skateboard Belt Drive Truck 4 Wheel Longboard Mountains Skateboard 11 Inch Truck 8 Inch Wheel (Drive with Normal RC)
    RazorX Cruiser Electric Skateboard (BB) SMU (25133086)
    RALDEY Electric Skateboard Longboard Dual Hub Motors with Remote Control 29 MPH Top Speed Range 4 Speed Adjustment Suitable for Adults Teens, MT-V3…
    Electric Skateboard Truck Off Road Skateboard Belt Drive Truck 4 Wheel Longboard Mountains Skateboard 11 Inch Truck 8 Inch Wheel (Drive with Normal RC)
    RazorX Cruiser Electric Skateboard (BB) SMU (25133086)
    RALDEY Electric Skateboard Longboard Dual Hub Motors with Remote Control 29 MPH Top Speed Range 4 Speed Adjustment Suitable for Adults Teens, MT-V3…
    RALDEY Electric Skateboard Longboard Dual Hub Motors with Remote Control 29 MPH Top Speed Range 4 Speed Adjustment Suitable for Adults Teens, MT-V3…
    Electric Skateboard Truck Off Road Skateboard Belt Drive Truck 4 Wheel Longboard Mountains Skateboard 11 Inch Truck 8 Inch Wheel (Drive with Normal RC)
    Electric Skateboard Truck Off Road Skateboard Belt Drive Truck 4 Wheel Longboard Mountains Skateboard 11 Inch Truck 8 Inch Wheel (Drive with Normal RC)
    RazorX Cruiser Electric Skateboard (BB) SMU (25133086)
    RazorX Cruiser Electric Skateboard (BB) SMU (25133086)

    Are Electric Skateboards Illegal?

    You don’t need any kind of special license to use e-skateboards, although it’s important to check with your state to see whether it is legal to ride them in your area. For example, Ontario, Toronto, and Quebec allow e-vehicles like e-scooters and e-bikes (with some specific rules), while Montreal has banned the use of e-scooters unless they are privately owned.


    Top 10 Reviews for Electric Skateboards in Canada

    1. RazorX Cruiser Electric Skateboard

    RazorX Cruiser Electric Skateboard

    Check Prices Here

    Max Speed: 16km/h

    Range: 10.4km

    Weight: 4.4kgs

    Motor: 125 watts

    The Cruiser from Razor is a classic, straightforward model, which is what makes it so perfect for anyone starting out with e-skateboards – particularly kids. Lightweight enough to strap onto your backpack, this model features a wireless 2.4 GHz remote and wrist strap. Speed is managed using the sliding stick mechanism, making it safer to control.

    Measuring 29.7”, the 5 ply Maple deck is comfortable to ride, especially since it’s a rear-wheel-drive 125w motor powered by a kick-to-start feature. This meant we didn’t have to exert all our energy trying to get it going, as it powered up seamlessly after that first push.

    With a 10.4km range and 22V lithium-ion battery, we can see it working well for getting kids to and from school, plus a little wiggle-room to head to the local shops or a friend’s house.

    Key Features:

    • Straightforward Hand-Held Controls with Wrist Strap Remote
    • 7” Deck & Lightweight 4.4kgs Allow 100kg Max Rider Weight
    • Easy Kick-to-Start & Rear Hub Motor Increase Responsiveness & Comfort


    2. Teamgee H5 Electric Skateboard

    Teamgee H5 Electric Skateboard  

    Check Prices Here

    Max Speed: 32km/h

    Range: 18km

    Weight: 6.2kgs

    Motor: Dual 380 watt

    At $899 this Teamgee model is certainly among the premium range on the market, but it manages to rival a lot of the $2,000 models out there. That’s exactly why it made it on our list, since we know there’s people out there who would like something premium, but don’t want to pay the full $2,000+ price tag.

    Power is notable here with double 380w hub motors which push up to 32km/h and up 20% inclines. Something else that stood out is the charging time – it takes just 2 hours which is certainly shorter than a lot of the less powerful models we’ve seen out there. 2 speed modes are adjustable using the “seahorse” shaped remote that sits snug under your index finger.

    90x54mm PU wheels offer superior grip as well as a noticeably smooth ride. Another unique feature that caught our eye is the fact that it’s IP54 water resistant. This means it’s not only protected against splashes of water from all directions, but it’s also protected from dust exposure up to 8 hours at a time.

    Key Features:

    • Ultra-Sturdy & Comfortable 10 Ply Canadian Maple & 1 Ply Fibreglass Deck
    • Lightweight Yet Powerful Li-Ion Batteries with Fast 2 Hour Charge Time
    • Ergonomic Seahorse Shaped Remote with Convenient LCD Screen & 2 Speed Modes


    3. Boosted Mini X Electric Skateboard

    Boosted Mini X Electric Skateboard

    Check Prices Here

    Max Speed: 32.19km/h

    Range: 22.53km

    Weight: 7.62kgs

    Motor: 1000 watts

    The Boosted Mini X is the most premium e-skateboard on our list, just above the Teamgee H5 which you’ll see a little later. At $2,000 we were pretty keen to see whether it lived up to the price, and it’s safe to say we’re more than impressed. From short trips to full-day commutes, this model offers flexibility with a range over 22km.

    The deck not only looks sleek, but has a unique Deep Disk design that locks your feet in position with its concave shape. We found this felt ultra-comfortable and gave us heaps of control. The kicktail was also a standout as it helped with maneuverability when turning tight corners. Power is probably the most notable feature here, with a beefy 1000w motor. We could really feel the difference, especially when riding up steep surfaces. In fact, it’s got a 20% hill grade – something that’s also possible thanks to the belt drive system.

    80mm Lunar wheels felt smooth even across bumpy terrain, and regenerative breaks helped us come to a safe stop. Three ride modes are controlled using the Bluetooth enabled remote – simple and uncomplicated to use.

    Key Features:

    • Versatile 3 Ride Modes Easily Controlled with Bluetooth Compatible Remote
    • 20% Hill Climbing Grade with Belt Drive System & Powerful Motor
    • Comfortable & Durable Deep Disk Composite Deck Locks-In Feet


    4. DIYE Electric Skateboard Battery & Electronics Enclosure

    DIYE Electric Skateboard Battery & Electronics Enclosure

    Check Prices Here

    Now it’s time for the DIY-ers to shine. We decided to include this battery and electronics protective box for those who are rigging out their existing skateboard to give it electric capabilities.

    It holds all of the battery components to keep them safe while riding. It gets screwed onto the underside of the deck using 6 screws, and at 318g it won’t weigh your board down.

    While the image provided by the manufacturer suggests placing the components inside before screwing it down, we actually found that mounting the electronics on the board first is better to avoid additional strain against the plastic. Speaking of the plastic, it is flexible to bend with the movements of the board, is crack-proof, scratch-proof, and highly durable.

    Key Features:

    • Crack-Proof & Scratch-Proof Lightweight Plastic Construction Protects Electronics
    • Customizable to Achieve the Perfect Fit
    • User-Friendly to Install with 6 Screw Attachments


    5. RazorX DLX Electric Skateboard

    RazorX DLX Electric Skateboard

    Check Prices Here

    Max Speed: 19.31km/h

    Range: 12.87km

    Weight: 4.4kgs

    Motor: 150 watts

    While the Cruiser is more of a first-timers or casual-use board, the DLX is a step up (which can also be noted in the price, as it’s almost $100 more than the Cruiser). While the two models have the same battery life of 40 minutes when travelling at consistent top speeds, the DLX has a greater max speed, higher range, and more powerful motor at 150w. Another notable difference is the deck, which is thicker at 7 ply, longer at 34.25”, and is twin-tipped.

    The wheels are 83mm 80a PU, which means you’re getting enhanced stability – something we definitely felt as they gripped the ground with ease. Reverse kingpin trucks also helped with stability, making sharp turns more comfortable and smooth.

    All of these features combine to make a board perfect for not only cruising, but also more curve-and-turn action. We think it’s great for everything from commuting to fun at the skate park.

    Key Features:

    • 22V li-ion Rechargeable Battery Rear Motor Hub & Kick-to-Start
    • Wireless 2.5 GHz Remote with Wrist Strap for Easy Speed Control
    • Twin-Tip 7 Ply Deck Delivers Responsive & Lightweight Cruising


    6. RazorX Longboard Electric Skateboard

    RazorX Longboard Electric Skateboard

    Check Prices Here

    Max Speed: 16km/h

    Range: 10km

    Weight: 4.6kgs

    Motor: 150 watts

    For those who prefer longboarding (it is a little easier than skateboarding, so a good choice for first-timers) this RazorX model is another classic from the popular brand. Much like the Cruiser it comes with an entry-level max speed of 16km/h, but is a little heavier due to a longer deck and thicker 7 ply maple construction.

    In order to make up for this slightly larger size, the Longboard has a 150w rear hub motor to help with the kick-to-start feature. Since they made up for this size difference with more power, we noted that we didn’t have to try harder when getting the Longboard going – we used the same amount of energy as we did for the Cruiser. The 22V lithium-ion battery lasts for 40 minutes on continuous high speeds, making it a decent choice for short commutes or weekend fun.

    Controls are managed through the wireless remote, which comes with simple on/off and stop/go switches. While we do enjoy the high-tech LCD screen remote that comes with the Alouette Phoenix Ryders model, it is nice to have something more on the simple side to be able to fully focus on riding.

    Key Features:

    • Kick-to-Start Rear Brushless Motor with 40 Min Runtime on Continuous High Speeds
    • 5” 7 Ply Maple-Bamboo Composite Deck & Custom Trucks Enhance Stability
    • Wireless 2.4 GHz Remote with Simplified Controls & Wrist Strap


    7. Blitzart Hurricane 38″ Electric Longboard

    Blitzart Hurricane 38" Electric Longboard

    Check Prices Here

    Max Speed: 30.58km/h

    Range: 16.09km

    Weight: 8.35kgs

    Motor: 350 watts

    The Hurricane from Blitzart impressed us not only by its high max speed and long range battery, but also by its unique design. It has some smart, simple features added on that we found came in handy while testing. These included the side carry handle (which distributed weight and made it much more user-friendly to carry around), and the abrasive anti-slip tape that improved grip for a much more controlled ride.

    At 8.35kgs it is the heaviest on our list, so, like the Hiboy S22, we think it’s best suited to weekend skate park trips or casual commutes. This heavier weight is most likely attributed to the long-range battery, which runs the length of the underside of the deck – something we haven’t seen with any other models as it usually sits at one end with the motor.

    Shock-absorbing 4.7” trucks work with the 90mm wheels to provide a smooth, sturdy ride, yet there is just enough flexibility thanks to the 7 ply maple-bamboo blend within the deck. Our feet stayed firmly in place but we could maneuver sharp turns like a dream.

    Key Features:

    • 90mm Wheels, 4.7” Trucks & 7 Ply Maple-Bamboo Deck Enhance Comfort & Control
    • Wireless Remote with Reverse Capabilities & 2 Speed Modes
    • 4Ah Li-ion Battery Pack with Rapid 2.5 Hour Charge


    8. Keenso Electric Skateboard ESC Kit

    Keenso Electric Skateboard ESC Kit

    Check Prices Here

    Last on our list is this full ESC Kit from Keenso which consists of a remote control and the motherboard. Specifically built for four-wheeled boards, it features two-way communication with low-voltage alarm protection and power failure protection.

    4 alarm sounds in total indicate clearly when you’re low on power, each one representing 40%, 30%, 20% and 10%. After the fourth beep, the system automatically protects itself from damage that could occur from over-discharge.

    What we liked so much about this kit is how easy it was to get going. The remote has clear buttons and labels which made the pairing process uncomplicated. Having adopted what’s called the “sinusoid-scheme”, it delivers a stable performance to prevent burn-outs. Powerful double motors offer high sensitivity, a long service life and a durable build.

    Key Features:

    • Lightweight 250g with Durable Aluminum & Plastic Construction
    • User-Friendly Remote with Clear Labelling & Seamless Pairing with Motherboard
    • Low Voltage & Low Power Buzzers Prevent Burn-Out or Damage


    9. Hiboy S22 Electric Skateboard

    Hiboy S22 Electric Skateboard

    Check Prices Here

    Max Speed: 29.77km/h

    Range: 20.92km

    Weight: 7.48kgs

    Motor: Dual 350 watt

    The Hiboy S22 has a striking design with vibrant red stripes and a half red underside the pops against the black. Aesthetics aren’t the only reason why this model has made it on our list, though, as it boasts 30km/h max speeds, a 21km range, and plenty of power with dual 350w motors.

    The overall feel while riding is notably smooth, we assume thanks to the durable PU wheels and sturdy trucks. Also, the deck is a 7 ply maple construction, which enhances stability and gave us a solid grip no matter how much it flexed while turning.

    It is a little heavier than some others on our list at 7.48kgs, so we think it would suit casual weekend rides more than a daily commute board. Managed by an ergonomic remote, there are 4 ride modes and 4 brake settings to choose from – we found the brake modes helped us come to a more comfortable stop.

    Key Features:

    • Wireless Ergonomic Remote with 4 Ride Modes & 4 Brake Modes for Smooth Braking
    • Powerful Dual 350w Brushless Motors Allow 20% Hill Climb
    • Fast 3-Hour Charge with Low Battery Indicator


    10. Alouette Phoenix Ryders Electric Skateboard

    Alouette Phoenix Ryders Electric Skateboard

    Check Prices Here

    Max Speed: 24.94km/h

    Range: 14.97km

    Weight: 6.58kgs

    Motor: Dual 250 watt

    Next we’ve listed the Alouette Phoenix Ryders model, which is powered by a 36V li-ion battery and dual 250w brushless hub motors. With that kind of power, you’ve got a 15° climbing capacity, which is more than useful when you’re faced with a hill or two.

    With a quick 3 hour charging time and almost 15km range, it’s a solid choice for short commutes, as well as fun cruising around the neighbourhood. Aside from the cool red phoenix imagery on the deck, what stood out to us was the remote control. It’s got an ergonomic design that fits nicely in the hand and comes with five controls in total all displayed on a clear LCD screen – acceleration and braking, speed, forwards and backwards motions, an LED light switch, and of course the on-off button.

    What we loved is the fixed-speed cruise mode, where you can remain on a specific speed without having to control the accelerator. The two-tip 6-ply deck proved comfortable and responsive during the ride, offering 36.5” x 10.8” of space.

    Key Features:

    • LCD Screen Display Remote with 5 Controls Including Cruise Control Setting
    • 15° Hill Climb & 3-Hour Charge Time
    • 83mm Wheels & Two-Tip 6 Ply 36.5” Deck Improve Stability


    How to Choose an Electric Skateboard

    Just like there are various skateboard brands and designs on the market, there are also different needs for difference kinds of skaters. Everyone has their own preferences and riding styles, so it’s important to understand where you fit in and what to look out for when choosing your own.



    How powerful your board is depends on the battery and type of motor. Many models in the early days had belt driven motors, but this has largely shifted to hub motors since they are more affordable, generate less noise, and need less upkeep. Hub motors also came with the birth of the kick-to-start, which helps significantly with getting it going and up to speed.

    When it comes to wattage, the general rule is that a lower wattage equates to reduced power. The Boosted Mini X model on our list has the highest wattage at 1000w, so it’s the best option for things like steep hills.


    In terms of batteries, lithium ion is the way to go. This is because they are highly stable, power efficient, and can be recharged over and over (even hundreds of times depending on usage factors) making them very practical.

    Consider battery life too, as this will determine how and where you can ride your board. Some only last 40 minutes, and these models are more suited to casual fun rather than daily commutes (unless your work or school is particularly close and you’re able to charge the battery on-location). Remember that less expensive models will often economize with the battery as it’s the most costly part of the board. If you want something to last you longer between rides, you should go for a more premium model.

    Maximum Speed & Range

    These are the two most checked specs when choosing boards, but there’s more to them than meets the eye. Something we’ve noticed in particular with these specs is that some manufacturers give a ballpark figure (e.g. 10-15km) rather than a singular figure. If you see this, it’s likely that it’s the lower number, otherwise they would put the highest number on its own. This is because their results are often determined in perfect conditions, on smooth surfaces with a lightweight rider at max charge.

    Max Speed

    One of our best tips when looking at max speed is to think about how often you’ll actually ride at that top speed. Rarely will you be able to go at that speed unless you’re in wide-open ground away from traffic, where you aren’t slowed down by other factors like traffic lights or speed restrictions.


    Not only does this indicate how far you can travel, but also the length in which you can travel before you’ll need to feed the battery. This is crucial to think about since the last thing you want is to be left carrying your board or going slower the rest of the way after it died mid-ride.

    Weight & Weight Capacity


    While a kilo or two difference between boards might seem insignificant, it actually makes a huge difference in relation to riding comfort and transport (carrying it around in areas you can’t ride). Lightweight models are not only easier to ride for a lot of people, but are a lifesaver when you have to carry them. Most range from a little over 4kgs to over 8kgs – your choice will depend on what you’re comfortable with.


    Always check the weight limit before purchasing a board. Some only take up to 100kgs and are more suited to kids, so keep an eye out and take note.

    Deck Design

    This involves the size of the deck, material used, and any added features like grip tape, a built-in handle, or twin-tips. These added features aren’t necessarily essential to any board, but do add convenience.

    The most common materials used are maple wood, bamboo and fibreglass – sometimes even blended together in the same deck for a composite build. The main thing to know is that maple wood and bamboo are more pliable for a more flexible ride, while fibreglass is quite rigid.



    How dangerous are electric skateboards?

    Much like riding a regular skateboard, bike or scooter, e-skateboards are perfectly safe when used properly and when wearing the right protective gear, like a helmet and knee and elbow pads. They are not dangerous as long as you take the right safety measures while riding, like avoiding dangerous tricks or terrains.

    How long does an electric skateboard battery last?

    A standard lithium ion battery at the size used for most e-skateboards has a lifespan of around one to three years (if used daily), however this will largely vary depending on riding conditions and use. In terms of short-term battery life, this will vary from board to board. Some last 40 minutes, while others last longer.

    At the end of the day, picking the best electric skateboard comes down to your own budget and personal preferences, as some people will see it as more of an investment than a quick purchase. For us, the RazorX Cruiser takes top spot for entry-level and casual riders, while the Teamgee H5 and Boosted Mini X are our favourites in the premium range due to their beautiful craftsmanship and impressive power.


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