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10 Best Elliptical Machine under $500 CAD

10 Best Elliptical Machine under $500 CAD

    How often have you decided to hit the gym and gave up at the last minute?

    Well, with these cross trainers, you can bring the gym to your home all within budget.

    These under 500 CAD budget cross trainers are perfect for light exercises to rigorous training sessions.

    Whether you want to exercise your upper body or your lower structure, these elliptical machines can really help you lose those extra pounds, and challenge your fitness goals!

    Here are some of the best cross trainers under $500.

    10 Best Cheap Elliptical Machines for the Home

    1. Sunny Health and Fitness Elliptical Trainer

    Sunny Health and Fitness Elliptical Trainer


    This particular elliptical trainer is ideal for performing low impact workouts as part of the home gym. The stylish pink color is accompanied by the 8 levels of tension controller.

    It is lightweight and can be carried around for your convenience.
    The best part of this machine is that it is designed to sustain moderate use and comes with a user-friendly interface. This elliptical machine has everything that you need to get rid of your wobbly areas.
    Further, the machine also takes care of your safety and comes with oversized anti-slip pedals which rule out any possibility of accidental slipping.

    • The setup and assembly of the product is rather easy with a little knowledge of tools
    • It is more suitable for people having smaller builds
    • The lightweight structure makes it easy for the users to operate and move the machine around

    Good for:
    Are you someone who gets bored with the same intensity levels of workout quiet easily? Do you want to spice up your workout regimen? This pink elliptical machine is all that you need to have,
    With its 8 resistance levels, you can choose to add a bit of a variety to your workout. This also prevents your body from getting used to the same workout levels. Different tension levels can also help you in practicing interval training wherein you practice alternatively between moderate, low and high intensity.
    If you are looking for a small, lightweight, budget elliptical trainer, this could prove to be ideal for you. Carry out light exercises and you are set!
    This elliptical machine attempts to add a variety to your otherwise boring workout schedule. Whether it be its refreshing pink color, or 8 levels of magnetic resistance or slip-resistant extra-large pedals – this elliptical trainer is the right fit!


    2. Exerpeutic GOLD Elliptical Bike Trainer

    Exerpeutic GOLD Elliptical Bike Trainer

    The Exerpeutic dual trainer is another product in the list that serves both as an exercise bike and an elliptical trainer. It has a weight capacity of 400 lbs and comes equipped with a reinforced crank system for better operations.
    Additionally, the machine allows you to adjust the tension as per your workout requirements. The machine provides natural elliptical motion which rules out any possibility related to joint and ankle pain.
    Further, the machine comes with an expandable 4 direction extra-large seat. Not to forget, the machine provides dual action workout which ensures that your whole upper body is fit.
    The large seat comes in handy and can be adjusted in four different directions
    The pedals are also designed with a ribbed dot structure such that your feet don’t slip off them while working out
    The dial tension can be adjusted to get yourself the optimum workout


    3. Goplus Elliptical Workout Home Gym

    Goplus Elliptical Workout Home Gym

    Bring home the perfect gym equipment in the form of the Goplus cross trainer machine. Owing to its dual role serving as both an elliptical trainer and an exercise bike, this product is quite in demand. The high quality parts feature well amongst the users.

    Further, the machine boasts of its highly adjustable seat which can be adjusted not only vertically, but horizontally as well. This makes sure that your body is comfortable during the entire workout process.
    This is a multipurpose machine and you can use it as an elliptical trainer, or alternatively, as an exercise bike.
    • The LCD display proves to be useful to gather information about the duration and distance of the run, the speed observed and the total calories burnt.
    • The heavy duty steel ensures durability and strength of the machine
    • The seat can be adjusted in order to use it for your convenience

    Good for:
    If seating has always been an issue for you, this elliptical trainer from the house of Goplus attempts to end all your workout woes. The machine comes equipped with a highly adjustable machine that can be adjusted both horizontally and vertically. This makes sure that your body is comfortable throughout the process.
    Additionally, the machine is also an ideal pick for people wanting to lose weight. The exercise bike helps you burn your calories during the upper and lower body workout.

    This particular elliptical trainer justifies its price! It is great to work your legs and arms a bit. Being rather quiet, you could place it at home or in your cabin at work. Additionally, it has a highly adjustable seat and features all important functions like an LCD display, adjustable resistance and others which make it a perfect fit.


    4. Compact Magnetic Elliptical Machine

    Compact Magnetic Elliptical Machine

    Next up is this compact elliptical trainer that provides a full body workout with every session, upper and lower body alike. This product is ideal for people who want to reap the benefits of an early morning run but in a more comfortable setup.
    It works the knees and the upper body in the best possible way.

    With a maximum user weight of 220 lbs, this is quite safe to use. Like other elliptical machines in the same range, this elliptical machine also comes equipped with a digital display monitor through which you can track a lot of things like your pulse rate, time, speed, calories burned, speed and a lot of other parameters. Further, the machine is also equipped with a slot to hold your tablet or smartphone easily,

    Key Features

    • This forms the perfect combination of upper and lower body workouts
    • The digital display shows the workout duration, the calories burnt, the distance covered and the likes
    • Based on your fitness requirements and goals, you can adjust the workout strength by controlling the 8 levels of the magnetic resistance
    • All thanks to the super transport wheels, this trainer is portable and can be easily moved around the house


    5. Best Choice Products Elliptical Bike

    Best Choice Products Elliptical Bike

    This is a 2-in-1 that doubles as an elliptical trainer and an exercise bike. This is the ideal addition to your home gym. The digital display tells you explicitly about how many calories you have burned and you can work on your fitness goals accordingly.

    Additionally, if you have been looking for a sturdy and durable elliptical machine, this machine from the house of Best Choice is the right fit. The machine consists of a steel frame which makes sure that it will last for years to come.

    However, its steel frame doesn’t make the machine weighty.
    It is lightweight and can be rolled from one room to another with the help of its frame wheels. Further, like other elliptical machines of the same range, this machine also comes equipped with an LCD display and provides a quiet operation.
    • This product comes in a very sturdy and durable frame. This will stay with you for years
    • Owing to its lightweight nature, it can be carried around the house to place it according to your convenience
    • The device operates very quietly and smoothly


    6. Magnetic Elliptical Machine Trainer

    Magnetic Elliptical Machine Trainer

    This is another interesting elliptical trainer on the list. This, once again, combines the goodness of both upper body and lower body workouts but tends to incline a little towards the upper body. This has a compact structure such that working out is comfortable and easy.

    Further, this machine also provides a noise-free workout and allows you to monitor your pulse rate. Additionally, you can also adjust the difficulty levels as per your workout requirements. This is made possible by its 8 levels of resistance which can be adjusted fairly easily as per your fitness goals.

    • The machine proves to be a quiet trainer and portable enough to be carried around the house
    • The foot pads are specially designed to accommodate all sizes and a safe covering
    • The heart rate and pulse rate monitors come in handy to track your progress
    • With a user weight of 220 lbs and 8 magnetic resistance options, you can test your limits everyday


    7. Elliptical Trainer by Sunny Health & Fitness – SF-E905

    Elliptical Trainer by Sunny Health & Fitness - SF-E905

    This elliptical trainer from Sunny Health & Fitness is the next product on our list of the best elliptical machines under $500. It is a lightweight structure with the standout feature in the form of the anti-slip foot platforms.

    This elliptical trainer is loaded with an array of high-end features like micro-tension controller, heartbeat control system and others. Further, its compact size makes it fit snugly even in coziest of places.

    Additionally, it ensures that you do not suffer from any injuries due to accidental slipping and comes equipped with anti-slip platforms.
    What’s more, the machine is also accompanied with durable wheels which make it easy to transport.
    • The device contains special heart rate and pulse rate monitors to track your gym sessions
    • The anti-slip foot platforms work well with the movable arm handles to give you the perfect workout equipment
    • All thanks to the transportation wheels, the device can be carried around the house

    Good for:
    If you are looking for a budget elliptical trainer with average features, then this is a must-have. This elliptical machine is well-equipped with all major and necessary features like a digital monitor, hand pulse monitor, 8 magnetic resistance levels, anti-slip platforms, and wheels.
    Basically, it has everything that you might need on a day to day basis, but nothing fancy and extraordinary.

    This product works well for shorter people who could make do with a shorter stride length. It occupies a very small space and thus can be accommodated in a corner at home. It comes with a 3 year warranty and portable wheels, and basically had enough of all the regularly used features.


    8. Ancheer Magnetic Elliptical Trainer

    Ancheer Magnetic Elliptical Trainer

    CK-29-SI brings the last product in the list of the best elliptical machines under $500 and we saved the best for the last! This is a solid, hardy structure that combines the functions of an elliptical trainer and an exercise bike. The 60 mm frame tube is solid and durable to use.
    You get to use this machine either as a fitness vehicle or as an elliptical machine. Further, you can even change the speed and resistance as per your workout intensity requirements.
    • The seat height is adjustable in order to cater to people with different heights
    • You have 8 different options to adjust the resistance and the speed
    • As the user moves, the heartbeat and pulse rates are recorded for best results

    Good for:
    If you are looking to fetch the benefits of both – a fitness vehicle and an elliptical machine, this is the machine that you need to have. This machine makes sure that you get to adjust the workout intensity as per your requirements and provides you enough control.

    With a decent stride length and adjustable seat height, this product proves to be useful for people of all body structures. You could use it for light exercises on a daily basis and you are good to go!


    9. ProForm 295 CSE Elliptical

    ProForm 295 CSE Elliptical

    The first product in the list of the best elliptical machines is this super machine from Proform. It comes packed with a 14 inch stride, and comfortable pedals. To add to that, there are 12 digital resistance levels to test yourself at every checkpoint.

    This elliptical machine takes care of all your major requirements and comes equipped with a large LCD window display. Additionally, this elliptical machine also helps you measure your heart rate, all thanks to its EKG grip pulse heart rate sensor.

    Key Features

    • Packed with 12 workouts
    • Pulse rate monitor helps you track your fitness sessions
    • Smartphone holder to keep you engaged
    • Audio port acts as an added advantage
    • 90-day warranty comes as an incentive


    10. Fitness Reality E5500XL Elliptical Trainer

    Fitness Reality E5500XL Elliptical Trainer

    This elliptical trainer is very convenient and comfortable for use. This easy to customize and reliable unit is packed with an array of amazing features that are sure to give its competitors a run for their money.

    This is meant for high-level workouts in the comfort of your home. You can track your progress through the distance, calories and time options mentioned in the LCD display.
    This machine takes your workout to an all-new level by providing you with 24 varying resistance levels and more than 20 pre-set computer workout programs!
    It might be a bit more on the expensive side when compared to its counterparts, but it is worth the money. It delivers a smooth stride action and provides a quiet operation. The functions can be changed easily and accurately.

    • There are 24 levels of magnetic resistance making this device rather versatile and helps you chase more challenging fitness goals
    • The set of 21 pre-set computer programs help you achieve good fitness results easily
    • The stride has a length of 18 inches which makes it comfortable for even well-built people

    Good for:
    Want to have more control over your workout regimen? Look no further than Fitness Reality E5500XL elliptical machine. There are very few elliptical machines which provide so much control and that too at a fraction of the price. The 21 computer pre-set programs and 24 magnetic tension resistance levels are all that a high-end elliptical machine might fail to provide.
    From practicing at varying intensity levels to having a very ergonomic design with a stride length of 18”, this elliptical machine is definitely the right choice.

    One of the high rated machines among the budget models, you can definitely rely on this one! Sturdy build quality along with a double transmission system and magnetized resistance flywheel, this elliptical machine is definitely a value addition to your homes! All you have to do is turn up the resistance and work those extra pounds out!


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