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Writer and Researcher

Emma Severin is a writer, content creator, and full-time animal lover. When her head isn’t buried in her laptop working, you’ll probably find her playing with her pet rabbit, on a walk exploring outdoors, or practicing her French. After completing a bachelor’s degree in Literary Studies and Professional & Creative Writing, Em took the leap and decided to write full-time. She is a proud Aussie, having lived in Melbourne up until her early 20s, before moving to France for a 3-year adventure (the croissants are tempting her to stay a tad longer). Em takes great pride in her writing, as it’s been her dream career since before she even started school. Her mother is Canadian, so she spends half the year between Paris and Canada, giving her the edge when it comes to spotting European winning products that are finding their way to the Canadian market. She’s found a unique touch by taking inspiration from real-life experiences and blending them into her writing – part of the reason why she adores travelling and fulfilling her adventurous spirit. Just as she looks for best-quality products on her pursuits, she genuinely loves helping others find exactly what they need when setting off on their own adventures, and has a keen and critical eye when creating her reviews.

Posts by Emma: