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10 Best Gardening Gloves in Canada

10 Best Gardening Gloves in Canada 2024

    It’s that time of year again and we are all evaluating our gardens and preparing ourselves for war!

    With a trough in one hand, the lawnmower plugged in and our children all gloved up and ready to go. The only thing that remains is to don our favorite pair of gardening gloves like a champion boxer would his mitts. Now we are ready for action.

    You might be thinking ‘but do I actually need a pair of gloves to do gardening?’ And the answer would be yes, yes you really do. There are 5 serious reasons to wear them, as observed in an article by the University of Queensland’s research team (in resources section).

    Stating various harmful and bacteria and fungi can be found commonly in soil. If this isn’t reason enough for you, they will also protect you from nasty scrapes from thorns and pointy gardening tools.

    Lastly, they will keep your hands warmer than cotton gloves or bare hands, due to the waterproof and insulating fabrics used in high-quality models.

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    The 10 Best Gardening Gloves for Men and Women

    1. Bionic Relief Grip Garden Glove

    Bionic Relief Grip Garden Glove

    156 Reviews | 4.4 Stars | For Arthritic and Sensitive Hands

    What we think:

    A garden glove made specifically for arthritic hands and designed by an orthopedic hand surgeon. We love the robotic, AI style design on them with a modern aesthetic. They are also perfect for gardeners with sensitive hands and skin. The fingertips are silicone coated, this proves to be a very durable form of grip and provides a long lasting grasp. Convenient too, they aren’t so fragile, you can machine wash them and they are easily dried when hung up to air.

    What you think:

    These are the only garden gloves that I’ve found that protect your joints from all those nasty symptoms of over use. I had trigger finger, shots of cortisone and hurting hands. I have worn out three pairs of these gloves, which is better than wearing out my fingers and I don’t feel any pain. After a year or more of use, the gloves do wear out in time around the fingertips. I do hope the designers correct that, although I do think they are worth it, like a good pair of shoes.
    -Source: high rated user comment from Amazon_verified purchase

    Key Features:

    • Suitable for Arthritic Hands
    • Silicone Coated Fingertips
    • Machine Washable


    2. Youngstown Kevlar Garden Glove

    Youngstown Kevlar Garden Glove

    335 Reviews | 3.8 stars | Kevlar

    What we think:

    The most protective glove in our list, this glove uses Kevlar in its manufacture. Seriously tough and can stop blades, saws and sharp tools from puncturing the glove. These aren’t for everyone, the protection would be wasteful just for menial tasks. However, if you often use heavy duty, sharp tools, or you need to move some abrasive objects glass, stone etc. you wont find a better pair.

    What you think:

    “Great gloves, I was very surprised when I didn’t cut my hand off with a saw I was using, since I wasn’t expecting it to stop a saw one bit. The glove finger caught the edge of wood and it was pulled into it the saw line and it stopped the saw entirely! My finger was still intact thank goodness, only a little bit bruised.”
    -Source: high rated user comment from Amazon_verified purchase

    Key Features:

    • Cut Proof Kevlar
    • Non-Slip Glove Grip
    • Soft Thumbprint 


    3. Pine Tree Tools Bamboo Garden Glove

    Pine Tree Tools Bamboo Garden Glove

    722 Reviews | 4.6 Stars | Bamboo

    What we think:

    These working gloves for the garden are an excellent design. They utilize a breathable bamboo in the manufacture which is great for keeping your hands cool. A modern feature is the touchscreen fingertips, this allows you to use your phone while wearing the gloves, never miss a snapshot! They also fit very tightly almost like a second skin so you never really need to take them off. Another bonus of using bamboo in the material is that it’s environmentally friendly and it’s grown naturally without pesticides or fertilizers.

    What you think:

    “These gloves stretch, thus fitting snugly over my hands, which makes it very easy to work in. I initially ordered this first pair for my husband, then ordered another one for myself. I use them every time I work outdoors and it’s lasted well, except that the cuff has lost some of its elasticity. However it’s still very much usable. I have ordered two additional pairs, just to have on hand. Love them!”
    -Source: high rated user comment from Amazon_verified purchase

    Key Features:

    • Environmentally Friendly
    • Breathable Material
    • Touchscreen Friendly


    4. Magid Thornproof Gardening Glove

    Magid Thornproof Gardening Glove

    598 Reviews | 4.5 Stars | Thornproof

    What we think:

    This particular model is specifically designed for working with roses. You can prune your rose bush with ease with these arm length thornproof garden gloves. There are three sizes and they are all designed for women, in small medium and large sizes. The elbow length gauntlet protects your forearm area and there is additional protection around the cuff. Aesthetically pleasing with a nice floral design on the fingertips this additionally provides extra grip on the tips, perfect for gripping sharp tools like cutters and pruners etc.

    What you think:

    “This is a very well thought out design. The Gauntlet has a slight curve to the under forearm area. This makes for a very comfortable and smooth fit. My dislike however is that the size small is actually a bit too small for me. My finger goes numb if I have them on for too long. Kind of a bummer but I will keep using these gloves because they are so good. So just beware that the size runs slightly small. Next time I will be sure to order a medium.”
    -Source: high rated user comment from Amazon_verified purchase

    Key Features:

    • Puncture Resistant Palm
    • Reinforced Fingertips
    • Knuckle Guard


    5. G & F Women’s Garden Glove

    G & F Women's Garden Glove

    1806 Reviews | 4.4 Stars | Nitrile

    What we think:

    A versatile nitrile gardening glove that is suitable for men and women and a host of different sizes. They also have two designs; a classic which utilizes a single skin and a double coating glove that is slightly more durable. The double coating is the preferred choice for heavy duty gardening, while the thinner is better suited for jobs requiring more flexibility. Not the most robust glove on the market but one of the most economical and vibrant in design.

    What you think:

    “These gloves are inexpensive and high-quality. My hands are a bit over 6 inches long and a medium size fits perfectly. After about two hours of gardening, the pair of gloves I was wearing looked a little dirty, but still in great shape. I didn’t get any cuts or grazes while gardening wearing these and usually I get a lot.”
    -Source: high rated user comment from Amazon_verified purchase

    Key Features:

    • Single and Double Coating Options
    • 6 Pair Pack
    • Vibrant Design


    6. Goatskin Leather Gardening Glove

    Goatskin Leather Gardening Glove

    2651 Reviews | 4.7 Stars | Goatskin Leather

    What we think:

    The best selling and one with some of the highest reviews are these rose pruning gloves from exemplary gardens. Made with real goat skin leather they are seriously tough and fully weather resistant, allowing for work in all weather conditions. We like the fact that they are pliable even when made with a long cowhide gauntlet, this tends to restrict movement in other gloves, but not these. With added flexibility, you can enjoy more meticulous tasks like planting, potting etc.

    What you think:

    “I love these, they are great to stop getting pricked by thorns and also for working on all my gardening. They were easy to rinse off and keep clean, the soil did not soak into them. They are great for avoiding things like poison oak, sumac, poison ivy etc.”
    -Source: high rated user comment from Amazon_verified purchase

    Key Features:

    • Premium Goat Grain Resistance
    • 4 Colors 5 Sizes
    • Long Cowhide Gauntlet


    7. Microfiber Touchscreen Garden Glove

    Microfiber Touchscreen Garden Glove

    649 Reviews | 4.7 Stars | Microfiber

    What we think:

    Crafted with a double stitched microfiber lining, this is a sign of great workmanship and will not be coming away at the seams anytime soon. These are excellently suited as work gloves and are really flexible, they are also touchscreen friendly. The material is also breathable so moisture won’t accumulate inside the glove and in your palms. Thorn-proof also so pruning isn’t out of the question, however they don’t cover the arms so be careful in that respect.

    What you think:

    “Truly awesome gloves, we are cleaning over an acre of brush and cut down tree branches at the moment. These gloves, even though they look “pretty” are holding up really well and protecting our hands and then some, especially with thorny vines.”
    -Source: high rated user comment from Amazon_verified purchase

    Key Features:

    • Breathable Microfiber
    • Extremely Flexible
    • Touchscreen Friendly


    8. Legacy Gardens Leather Gardening Glove

    Legacy Gardens Leather Gardening Glove

    563 Review | 4.7 Stars | Goat leather

    What we think:

    A solid leather pair which are suitable for both men and women alike. The heavy duty leather is tough and keeps your hands and arms safe from cuts, thorns and sharp tools. With such durable properties, they are perfect for working with cacti, roses and other prickly plants. In a brilliant white color they come in 5 different sizes, from extra small up to extra large, however the price remains the same throughout. Additionally, the company provides a money-back warranty, confident in their product’s ability to resist cuts and grazes.

    What you think:

    “I bought these because I got tired of being scratched when I trimmed my rose bushes. The price was reasonable so I gave them a try. They arrived a few days ago and I decided to give them a real test on some blackberry vines that were taking over a large flowering bush I have. Some of the vines were over 12 feet long with huge thorns. I just grabbed the vines and pulled. The gloves prevented me from getting stuck completely, i love them! If I could give a higher score I would.”
    -Source: high rated user comment from Amazon_verified purchase

    Key Features:

    • Thorn and Cut Proof
    • Breathable
    • Grade-A Goat Skin Leather


    9. NoCry Rose Pruning Glove

    NoCry Rose Pruning Glove

    455 Review | 4.6 Stars | Goatskin Leather

    What we think:

    A leather pair, but not the traditional stiff leather, a more supple goatskin leather. It maintains protective properties as other leathers do, but allows for more flexibility in your hands and wrists. Additionally, it doesn’t stretch as far as the elbow, but covers the wrist and lower forearm more than any standard hand gloves. This is a happy medium and useful for if you want heavy wrist/forearm protection, but without the restriction of the longer pruning gloves.

    What you think:

    “I recently volunteered at a natural preserve where Blackberry vines have taken over the place. The stickers on these things were mangling my hands. Today I wore these gloves and I didn’t get one single puncture wound. I understand that they are sticker “resistant” but after four hours of use I would say they are sticker proof. The forearm coverage is a great bonus and I’m very happy with my purchase.”
    -Source: high rated user comment from Amazon_verified purchase

    Key Features:

    • Puncture Resistant
    • Thornproof and Flexible
    • Suitable for Men and Women


    10. VGO Nitrile Gardening Glove

    VGO Nitrile Gardening Glove

    252 Reviews | 4.5 Stars | Nitrile

    What we think:

    A lightweight glove made with a nitrile coating, this comes with serious value. 10 pairs are included in this bundle which is unmatched in other models. They are best used for landscaping, gardening, DIY jobs and can even be used in construction and logistics to boot. They are light to wear and offer incredible dexterity during tasks. Plus, they are REACH certified and pass a number of other safety requirements which are recommended for heavy work.

    What you think:

    “Better than most at this price range and also less expensive. I ordered a 6 pack of similar Nitrile gloves from G&F at the same time, but I thought these gloves were thicker and fit better. Appear to be better quality than any I have had before in this price range, such as the Wells Lamont model. However, they do run slightly small, although my XL gloves were tolerable and a better fit than any other.”
    -Source: high rated user comment from Amazon_verified purchase

    Key Features:

    • Extreme Value 10 Pairs
    • Regulation Approved
    • Improved Dexterity and Flexibility


    What Material is the Best for Gardening Gloves?

    It depends on what you intend to do, allow us to help you break down which style of glove you may need.

    Leather Garden Glove

    Made of leather.. (wow really?) commonly chosen by gardeners who deal with sharp plants, to avoid cuts and abrasions. The arm length style is popular among leather gardening gloves. Cowhide and Goatskin are sign of top quality leather glove, also some similar designs to that of the heated glove.

    Latex/Rubber Garden Glove

    The popularity is mainly due to the economical pricing, secondly for the convenience when doing tasks that involve water. Their waterproof properties are good.

    Cotton Garden Glove

    The most convenient and comfortable is the cotton glove. Best for basic gardening tasks like pruning, trimming and cutting. They offer some basic cover from thorns and spikes, but not anything intense like the leather ones.

    Nitrile Garden Glove

    A glove coated in the nitrile to provide a durable cover yet remain flexibility at the same time. Because of these features they are commonly used for handling heavy duty tools, when you need a strong grip with the ability to move freely.


    Frequently Asked Questions

    How to Store Gardening Gloves?

    The best idea we’ve found to store gardening gloves is to utilize a rack, hung up in your shed or garage. At least this way it keeps them of the ground, where it can be subject to damp and fungus. Also not falling behind the back of your cabinets and drawers and getting lost. Pin them together as a pair before hanging too.

    How to Preserve Gardening Gloves?

    Firstly you need to clean the dirt and debris off after each use, this will stop the stiffening that tends to happen over time. Secondly, you can rinse them off and give them a clean occasionally, to keep them fresh.

    Turning them inside out and swapping hands is another way to combat your preferred hands’ premature wear and tear, balancing out this aspect.

    How to Clean Gardening Gloves?

    1. Cotton glove can be machine washed due to their durability. Just remember to choose a cold water wash, to stop them shrinking during the spin. A powerful hose wash will also suffice.
    2. Leather glove A bit more tricky. Start by brushing the dirt and debris off, with either your hands or a brush. Make sure the brush doesn’t have stiff bristles to avoid damaging the leather. Then you can use a saddle soap on tissue to massage into the dirty areas. Once a lather is created you can rinse off gently and leave to dry. We finish by applying a coating of oil, this will give life to the leather and reduce stiffness in the glove.
    3. Rubber Gloves These are the easiest, they can be rinsed with cold or hot water with no effect. Then you can use washing up detergent to give them a deeper clean. After you are satisfied and they are sparkling, just leave out to dry and that’s it.



    As you can see the style, design and material of your garden glove strongly rests on the intended use and planned activities. Some are more generic and can manage many basic tasks, while others are created specifically for more intensive gardening, but fail in other areas. Plan accordingly and most of all make sure you are protected at all times.

    We want to hear from you the readers! 

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    1. I have been pulling up blackberry brambles by the roots for years. This year using NoCry gloves I hardly had any damage to my hands. Very pleased!

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