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10 Best Womens Waterproof Shoes in Canada

10 Best Womens Waterproof Shoes in Canada (2024)

    Reviewed by: Emma

    Take a comprehensive look at the finest waterproof ladies shoe choices that are designed for whatever the weather is doing.

    If you live in or are visiting an area where there is a strong chance of rain, sleet, or snow, your everyday shoes will probably not prevent water ingress for long enough. So a good waterproof shoe can be the difference between a good and a bad day for those women who enjoy the great outdoors or need to be outside for longer periods of time.

    Good waterproof boots for women will generally be designed to withstand both rain and snow, but can sometimes also benefit from additional waterproof socks. Whether you are golfing, gardening or hiking, the best waterproof shoe choice for you will depend heavily on your usage, as some design features inevitably will be more beneficial to some activities than others.

    10 Recommended Womens Waterproof Shoes to Buy in Canada

    What Are The Best Womens Waterproof Shoes in Canada?

    What Are The Best Womens Waterproof Shoes in Canada

    If you are hiking up a mountain where there is a chance of heavy rainfall you will need stronger waterproofing and stability. In such instances, a waterproofing system and a strong grip will prove invaluable. The Columbia Women’s Redmond V2 Waterproof Hiking Shoe will provide you with a breathable but water-resistant shoe suitable for everyday use and harder wear.

    However, if you are simply preparing your spring garden for summer then you will benefit more from a flexible thick rubber exterior and a cushioned interior. This is the best option to most effectively prevent damage to your skin and offers the greatest comfort. The Muck Boots Muckster Ll Women’s Rubber Garden Shoes come highly recommended as they offer the best of both.

    But for those who want greater overall flexibility of use with a better aesthetic, a shoe that gently combines all of the above features will be the most beneficial. For an attractive waterproof shoe that you can enjoy wearing outside during heavy downpours, the BOGS Women’s Kicker Rain Chelsea Waterproof Boot. It looks good and is fully waterproof.


    Reviews – Waterproof Shoes For Women in Canada

    1. ECCO Women’s Boom Hybrid 3 Boa Gore-tex Golf shoe

    Ecco Womens Boom Hybrid 3 Boa Gore Tex Golf Shoe

    Ideal for: All-weather golfing

    The ECCO women’s lightweight Boom Hybrid 3 shoes are designed with the brand’s most advanced rubber grip for off-course usage, stability, flexibility and traction. A dirt-repellant yak leather outer provides a water-repellant outer that is combined with Gore-tex waterproofing to provide optimal breathability and protection. Meanwhile, rather than your conventional lace tie-ups, this shoe uses an innovative closure system with aircraft-grade stainless steel laces to minimise pressure on your foot and create a close fit. While they are engineered by ECCO for golfing, these high-quality shoes are a rounded choice that lend themselves well to light hiking and everyday use as well. Because of the close fit, you may wish to choose a larger size than usual to accommodate thick socks.


    • Lightweight design
    • Gore-tex waterproofing
    • Engineered closure system
    • Aircraft-grade stainless steel laces


    2. Joules Women’s Wellibob Rain Boot

    Joules Womens Wellibob Rain Boot

    Ideal for: Everyday wet weather use

    These stylish ankle-length wellington boots are available from Joules in a variety of smart patterns, including a pretty blue polka dot and a fierce tan leopard print. So, these will make an attractive everyday replacement for your standard shoes in the cold and wet winter months. The body is made from thick rubber with an elasticated slip-on opening for comfort and added protection from the elements. The heavy-duty sole also benefits from a sturdy grip as well as flexibility for stony surfaces. These shoes run slightly large to allow space to accommodate thick socks and are easily wiped clean for your next outing outside.


    • Variety of colours and patterns
    • Heavy-duty
    • Thick rubber waterproofing
    • Runs big


    3. Columbia Womens Redmond V2 Waterproof Hiking Shoe

    Columbia Womens Redmond V2 Waterproof Hiking Shoe

    Ideal for: Mild weather condition hikes

    The Redmond V2 Waterproof Hiking Shoe is an updated version of well-established sportswear brand Columbia’s women’s Redmond V1. An engineered Omni-TECH™ waterproof technology is combined with a suede upper and mesh webbing for a breathable but adverse weather-friendly feel. The advanced traction grip, soft cushioning and hardwearing materials are designed to promote a smooth walk across tricky terrain. So, while not ideal for torrential downpours and snow, these practical shoes provide optimal hiking performance between spring to the end of autumn. They have standard lace closures, are hand-wash only and provide a neutral fit.


    • An updated version of Columbia’s Redmond V1
    • High-performance brand
    • Hardwearing
    • Hand-wash only


    4. BOGS Women’s Kicker Rain Chelsea Waterproof Boot

    Bogs Womens Kicker Rain Chelsea Waterproof Boot

    Ideal for: Rainy outings

    This functional but aesthetically pleasing ankle boot from BOGS combines thoughtfully produced design elements with an attractive finish. This makes it ideal for outdoors types who do not wish to compromise on their appearance in the winter months. The waterproof Kicker Rain Chelsea boot keeps to a traditional elasticised slip-on style for ease of use and added rain protection. Its matt finish is created from a 100% waterproof, soft and flexible comfy rubber. The sole is made from an eco-friendly algae-based EVA footbed and has a fair grip. So while you would not take these out trail running with you, they are a great choice for roads and pavements.


    • Attractive design for everyday use
    • 100% waterproof rubber
    • Eco-friendly design
    • Strong grip


    5. Columbia Women’s Vitesse Fasttrack Waterproof Hiking Shoe

    Columbia Womens Vitesse Fasttrack Waterproof Hiking Shoe

    Ideal for: Hiking in adverse weather conditions

    The Vitesse Fasttrack Waterproof Hiking Shoe from Columbia provides many of the same impressive Columbia technologies as the Redmond V2. However, the Vitesse Fasttrack has a yet more versatile design that offers a higher level of waterproofing for winter use. These shoes are comfortable, agile and durable enough to accommodate both trail and road running from winter through to summer. However, because the outer layer offers added waterproofing and insulation, these shoes are not as breathable as the Redmond V2. So if you are looking for a warm-weather hiking trainer, there is a good chance that these will get too hot. But, there is a clear benefit to this in colder climates.


    • Engineered waterproof outer
    • Comfortable sneaker-like feel
    • Durable design
    • Great for cold climates


    6. JBU by Jambu Women’s Glenda Waterproof Rain Shoe

    Jbu By Jambu Womens Glenda Waterproof Rain Shoe

    Ideal for: Dog walks and everyday wear in cold climates

    These feminine waterproof shoes by JBU are popular, affordable and boast the APMA Seal of Acceptance for promoting foot health. They have a water-repellent faux leather upper, lace closures and a faux-shearling cushioned lining to ensure a comfortable fit. Meanwhile, the heavy-duty compressed rubber sole has a deep grip and a good thickness, making them a great choice for walking in difficult weather conditions. While not appropriate for hiking, these practical shoes will be an invaluable addition to your wardrobe for everyday wear in colder climates, or in preparation for cold or wet weather conditions.


    • Affordable
    • Water repellent upper
    • Thick compressed rubber sole
    • Strong traction


    7. Sloggers Women’s Waterproof Rain and Garden Shoe

    Sloggers Womens Waterproof Rain And Garden Shoe

    Ideal for: Gardening and rainy walks

    Slogger’s affordable Waterproof Rain and Garden shoes come in a fantastic variety of colours and patterns. They are easy to step into and have a heavy, thick rubber sole with good traction. The shiny rubber outer is entirely waterproof, 100% recyclable and are easy to wipe clean. This makes them comfortable and perfect for walking through muddy patches. So they do exactly what they say on the tin and are ideal for rainy walks and gardening, but not strenuous exercise. They are made in the USA and are manufactured to withstand the test of time.


    • 100% recyclable
    • Available in lots of styles
    • Wipe clean
    • Made in the USA


    8. Merrell Women’s MOAB 2 WTPF Hiking Shoe

    Merrell Womens Moab 2 Wtpf Hiking Shoe

    Ideal for: All-weather hiking

    Merrll are a popular and innovative outdoors sportswear brand established in the 1980s and based in the USA. The MOAB 2 is the second edition of their ‘mother of all boots’, which is exactly what this ergonomic mid-range hiking shoe provides. The specialist product incorporates a durable leather and suede exterior, a water-repellant seal, lace-up closure and a climb-friendly grip. The cushioning is provided using an M Select™ FIT technology for extra comfort, which is a development from Merrell’s original MOAB Ortholite™ footbed. So, all of Merrell’s clever design features are there for comfortable but reliable long-duration footwear for adventuring across rocky and icy paths.


    • Ergonomically designed for hiking
    • Strong grip
    • New cushioning technology
    • Strong grip


    9. Muck Boots Muckster Ll Women’s Rubber Garden Shoes

    Muck Boots Muckster Ll Womens Rubber Garden Shoes

    Ideal for: Royal Horticultural Society endorsed gardening footwear

    The 100% waterproof Ll Garden Shoes from Muck Boots feature a high-grade rubber exterior, a shock-absorbent insole, breathable air mesh lining and a strong grip. Combined with a bendy sole and breathable lining this shoe is structured to accommodate low-impact outdoor work. It also offers an easy slip-on opening and a uniquely self-cleaning exterior. As such, it is the only shoe to be endorsed by the Royal Horticultural Society for gardening purposes. However, its durable design will also work well for walking excursions like walking the dog and other similarly light outdoor activities.


    • 100% waterproof outer
    • Breathable lining
    • Easy clean
    • Strong grip


    10. GAWBAW Women’s Flat Duck Shoes

    Gawbaw Womens Flat Duck Shoes

    Ideal for: Rainy Sunday walks

    These duck shoes from GAWBAW are a smart but affordable design, making them the perfect addition to your rainy day wardrobe. The interior is lined with faux fur for added warmth and the insole is cushioned for extra comfort. They are easily slipped on for everyday use and feature a thick easy-clean rubber sole with excellent traction for adverse weather. They also have a strong waterproof exterior and are available in a traditional brown or green. The fit of these shoes is narrow to neutral, so if you have slightly wider feet then it is recommended that you take a size up.


    • Smart but affordable
    • Faux fur lining
    • Cushioned insole
    • Excellent traction


    How To Choose Your Waterproof Shoe

    How To Choose Your Waterproof Shoe (womens)

    Waterproofing vs breathability? 100% waterproof shoes are a great choice for heavy downpours and snow, as they offer you the most protection. However, if you anticipate that you will be switching between weather systems then you may prefer to opt for a partially waterproof option that is more breathable. Shoes that feature Gore-tex are generally considered to offer the best of both worlds. But, they do also tend to be on the more expensive side.

    Soft or hard sole? A soft and flexible sole will provide you with the added comfort needed for long road walks and everyday use. But, a softer sole will not provide you with the same stability and durability as a harder sole. This is why hikers, climbers and those who spend most of their time on rocky surfaces will opt for a harder sole. It provides added protection against angular surfaces and extra stability for your ankle.

    Sectioned or close grooved outsoles for grip? A taller and more spaced-out groove system creates a stronger grip because it allows the separate grip areas to work independently. Icy surfaces and rough terrains for example do not typically provide you with a natural grip. So this style of outsole can create the extra bit of traction that you need to enable you to move forward more seamlessly. However, if you are exercising on a flat road you, will likely benefit more from the flat cushioning effect of a shorter grip, as this tends to create a softer overall impact.

    Slip-on or lace closure system? A slip-on shoe is easier to put on and take off while providing extra waterproofing potential by removing the need for laces. A laces system however will provide an enduringly closer fit that can be adjusted over time. Typically slip-on shoes are therefore more common in shorter-term and lower impact use products. A lacing system is more popular for sportswear and heavier long-term use.


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