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a man using a Canadian nose hair trimmer

10 Best Nose Hair Trimmers in Canada for 2024

    Once you’ve noticed those unruly hairs sticking their way out of your nose or ears, it’s pretty hard to forget their existence. Using one of the best nose hair trimmers Canada has on the market is going to be your best bet, because, let’s be honest: plucking hurts. It hurts a lot.

    Not to mention it isn’t even safe to pluck nose hairs, since it leaves a bare hole inside the nostril that can get infected. Basically, it’s best to leave those tweezers or wax sticks for your eyebrows.

    Using a proper, great quality nose hair trimmer will trim the edges of the hairs without completely removing them, allowing them to do their job of blocking harmful debris and preventing dryness, without sticking all the way out. Oh, and they don’t grow back thicker or faster like the myth we’ve all been told (but we’ll get into that later).

    What’s the Best Nose Hair Trimmer?

    The Philips Norelco 5000 impressed us the most and is great value-for-money, while the Panasonic ERGN30K also scored highly in our books as it was so easy to maintain and clean. For the rest of our top choices, keep reading. Some of the alternative options could be the Manscape line which is being advertised pretty substantially on Youtube and blogs alike, but not without warrant, they are pretty good and the ratings and reviews speak for themselves.

    You can also opt for some of the older models on the market such as the Philips series 3000 or the Remington ne3871 is also a safe bet. All the models in our list performed well however, just some slightly better than the others, and those reach our top 3.

    Reviews of the 10 Best Nose Hair Trimmers – Canada

    1. Panasonic ERGN30K

    Panasonic ERGN30K Nose Hair Trimmer

    Battery Type: Rechargeable

    The Panasonic ERGN30K kept popping up during our research with heaps of positive reviews from users. We had to try it for ourselves, and ended up really liking it not only for its ease of use while trimming, but also in terms of cleaning. That’s because it has a Vortex Cleaning System built inside, which sucks in water at the sides ands pulls it throughout to expel any hairs (it took just a few seconds).

    At 5.2” long and 1.1” wide it’s a great choice for travelling, since it isn’t as bulky as some others we’ve seen. The dual-edge blades have a rotating cutting system, and we could definitely notice the difference – you can cut stray hairs for fine detailing a lot more seamlessly. It also doesn’t irritate the skin since the outer cone guides the hairs into the blades whilst creating a barrier against the skin.

    As a cordless mini machine it’s easygoing to use, especially when you’re in a hurry. After popping in one AA Alkaline battery, it will run for a total of 90 minutes continuously. One the motor sounds softer than usual, you’ll know it’s time to change the battery.


    • Compact & Lightweight Portable Design Measures 5.2”L x 1.1”W
    • Effortless Maintenance with Fast Waterproof Vortex Cleaning System
    • Dual-Edge Blade & Outer Cone Design Allow Fine Detailing While Protecting Skin


    2. Philips Norelco 5000 [NT5600/42]

    Battery Type: Single AA Battery

    This value-packed model comes with six attachments, a handy battery travel pouch, and a AA li-ion battery to get trimming as soon as it comes out of the package. It has a similar head design to the Series 3000 (not a traditional nose-cone) but is slightly different in that it has dual sided blades, rather than just one. This means you can not only cut more hairs at a time, but also there is virtually zero tugging or pulling no matter how long the hairs are.

    Apart from the nose attachment (which can also be used for the eyebrows) the other attachments include two combs, a protective cap, a rotary head for the ears, and a detail head for sideburns. For just over $30 you’re getting tons of multifunctionality packed into one kit, letting you groom the entire face simply by switching through each attachment – we didn’t find ourselves fighting to pull off and slide on each attachment, which saved time.

    Cleaning is a breeze thanks to the waterproof, washable construction. All you have to do is run it under water in the sink or while you’re in the shower to push out the hairs.


    • Stainless Steel Dual-Sided Blades Eliminate Tugging & Protect Skin
    • Rotary Head for Ears, Linear Head for Sideburns, 2 Eyebrow Combs & Protective Cap Included
    • Washable Waterproof Construction for Fast Cleaning


    3. Manscaped Weed Whacker

    Manscaped Weed Whacker Nose Hair Trimmer

    Battery Type: Rechargeable

    This trimmer from Manscaped is the most expensive on our list at $82, but don’t get intimidated by the price tag just yet – this is a premium model designed to last years, not just months, and the level of quality is clear. Even just holding it felt luxurious, with its smooth, contoured exterior and smart design angled at 23° for more precise trimming.

    At first glance it does appear pretty simple, but that’s exactly what we loved about it. There are no confusing attachments, just a straightforward, high-quality stainless steel tip with Skinsafe technology to prevent nicks and ingrown hairs. We found the waterproof capability really came in handy because we could use it in the shower – a lifesaver when you’re rushing in the mornings.

    Two of the biggest things that stood out to us were the motor and battery life. Often times, a longer runtime can mean a weak motor, which can lead to snagging and an unfinished job. With this model, it not only has a long 90 minute runtime (which is pretty standard), but also has a powerful 9,000 RPM motor to match. Rechargeable batteries have always been our favourite since you don’t need to change them out constantly – here you’ve got a strong 600mAh li-ion battery that charges with a USB cable and AC adapter.


    • Powerful 9,000 RPM Motor & Convenient Rechargeable 600mAh Li-Ion Battery
    • IPX7 Waterproof Construction Allows Immersion Up To 30 Minutes for Easy Cleaning
    • Skinsafe Technology & Hypoallergenic Stainless Steel Tip Prevent Nicks & Cuts


    4. Philips Series 3000 NT3650/16

    Philips Series 3000 Nose Hair Trimmer NT3650 16

    Battery Type: Single AA Battery

    Philips hit it out of the park again with the Series 3000 model. For under $20 we think it’s a value-packed deal since you get the trimmer, two eyebrow comb attachments, a protective cap for travel, a lithium AA battery, and even a travel pouch. It’s water resistant for hassle-free cleaning, and the blades never need oiling.

    Protectube Technology is the key ingredient here and is what stood out to us – it’s basically an advanced guard system that prevents tugging, scratches or cuts. We could certainly feel the difference as it felt so smooth during use. Another highlight for us is the angle of the blades, which helped when trying to get into the crevices of the nostril, ears and under the brow bone.

    While some models out there focus on cutting as many hairs as possible at one time, we appreciated that the design of this model allowed fine grooming and detailing. With the precise and sharp cutting slots, you have more control over small details – a feature that comes in handy when you only need to get rid of one or two stray hairs.


    • Advanced Guard System Protects Skin & Prevents Cuts
    • Portable Design with 2 Eyebrow Combs, Cap, AA Battery & Travel Pouch Included
    • Water-Resistant & Precise Blade Slots for Quick & Efficient Trim


    5. Laxcare Nose Hair Trimmer

    Laxcare Nose Hair Trimmer

    Battery Type: Single AA Battery

    Another solid option for nose, eyebrows and ears, this Laxcare trimmer comes with an LED light to help you see exactly where you’re cutting, no matter if it’s a tight crevice or right in the middle of your face.

    Even though it isn’t waterproof, we think it’s a decent rival of the Panasonic ERGN30K. Personally we’re bigger fans of the ERGN30K, but there’s no doubt the Laxcare model is a great option when it comes to multifunctionality since it does ears and eyebrows seamlessly as well.

    Made with dual edge hypoallergenic stainless steel blades, the design is curved to let you get a closer and more precise trim. The outer cone piece helps protect the skin without compromising on cutting abilities, as the hair enters through the top as well as the sides. It runs cordless on a single AA battery (which isn’t included), so the runtime depends on how fresh the battery is and how often you use it – most users have reported month-long use for about 5 minutes every few days.


    • Sleek Design with LED Light & Hypoallergenic Stainless Steel Dual Edge Blades
    • Rotary System with Outer Cone Protect Skin from Cuts
    • Protective Cap Included for Travel


    6. Remington ne3871 Virtually Indestructible

    Remington ne3871 Virtually Indestructible

    Battery Type: Single AA Battery

    The Virtually Indestructible from Remington is another model that steps away from the classic nose-cone design, like with the Philips Series 3000. The blades are more like a hybrid with electric clippers, which means you can get much more definition when shaping up your brows or other stray hairs on the face. The biggest differences between this model and the Series 3000, though, is that the Remington one comes with two attachments, and the blade design is dual-sided rather than flat (two factors that also explain the price difference).

    Having the freedom to change attachments is not the only advantage we loved, as we were also drawn to that dual-sided blade. If feels more comfortable to use as it prevented hair pulling and nicks – two issues you can specifically face when working on sensitive areas.

    What really sets this apart from others on our list is its extra-tough build. There are no specific specs on the materials used, but it does feel like a durable silicone construction which doesn’t scratch and is hard-wearing. We also really like the rubberized grip, which prevents slipping, especially when using it in the shower. The waterproof build is another thing to point out, as it’s fast and simple to clean.


    • Dual-Sided Blades Enhance Comfort & Prevent Nicks
    • Tough Build with Non-Slip Rubber Grip for Added Control
    • Waterproof for Use in Shower & Quick Cleaning


    7. Conair NT1RNC Precision

    Conair NT1RNC

    Battery Type: Single AA Battery

    For under $10, this is a steal. And we’re saying that after being extremely skeptical of the quality based on the price. Realistically it isn’t a contender against something like the Weed Whacker from Manscaped, but at this price it’s not trying to be. This is a no-frills model that isn’t trying to be something it’s not, and the most important thing here is that it gets rid of nose hairs easily, quickly and without pain.

    With a slim, compact design, the controls are straightforward with a simple on/off switch at the front, with ridges for added grip. The tip is a classic rotary design which cuts both long and shorter hairs, whilst forming a barrier to shield the skin from nicks.

    Being cordless it requires a single AA battery, so you don’t need to worry about charging it after each use. A mini protective cap tops the whole thing off without adding extra bulk, so it’s ready to go for travel.


    • Lightweight & Compact Design with Slim Protective Cap for Travel
    • Stainless Steel Blades with Rotary Head Design Protects Skin & Stops Pulling
    • Rinseable Head for Effortless Cleaning


    8. MiroPure Nose Hair Trimmer

    MiroPure Nose Hair Trimmer

    Battery Type: Single AA Battery

    This MiroPure model takes grooming to the next level with a blend between new-and-old. While it does have a classic rotary nose-cone head, it modernizes the trimming experience with an LCD screen, automatic power-off setting after 5 minutes, and an arched design to let you reach every crevice.

    This LCD screen’s main purpose is to indicate how much battery you’ve got left, making it so much easier to know when to pop in a fresh battery. Each circle represents 25% of the battery life. Using the single button on the front, you can activate the auto shut-off feature by holding it down for a few seconds – we found this feature useful in order to save battery life.

    At 204g it’s a little heavier than some others we’ve used, but that also gave it a feeling of sturdiness, allowing better control while maneuvering the blades. It was also a lot thicker at the mid-section, which we found quite comfortable to hold. A protective cap protects the blades while traveling.


    • Optimizes Battery Life with Auto-Shut Off Feature & Convenient LCD Screen
    • Anti-Snag Rotary Head with Stainless Steel Dual-Edge Blades for Cleaner Cut
    • 100% Waterproof for Wet & Dry Use


    9. SCHON 3 in 1 Rechargeable

    SCHON 3 in 1 Rechargeable

    Battery Type: Rechargeable

    The price of this model already makes it a great deal, but it’s the quiet, yet powerful 6,500 RPM motor that made us include it on our list. It’s marketed as a 3-in-1 design since it can be used for nose, ear and sideburn hairs, but it only comes with a 2 attachments, so technically it’s more of a 2-in-1.

    This was another thing we loved about this model, as the attachments are easygoing to use– each one pops right off and on with ease. The rotary blade head is great for the ears and nose, cutting hairs at a 360° angle without snagging, while the linear blade head is perfect for sideburns as you can get really detailed. A protective cap is included to keep the blades safe when not in use.

    The rechargeable capability meant a quick charge and long runtime of around 90 minutes. Cleaning was also a breeze, as it’s waterproof and can be run under a stream of water to expel any remaining hairs. There’s even a tiny brush included to get to even the smallest hairs left inside.


    • Compact, Sleek Design with Rotary Head, Linear Blade Head & Protective Cap Included
    • Durable Stainless Steel Blades & Body Perfect for Travel
    • Washable Blades & Mini Brush for Hassle-Free Cleaning


    10. Remington Waterproof Nose Hair Trimmer

    Remington Waterproof Nose Hair Trimmer

    Battery Type: Single AA Battery

    Last up is this model from Remington with WETech technology. While waterproof capabilities aren’t anything new with trimmers, this model stood out because it utilizes water specifically to clean out hairs in the most efficient way. This cleaning method is similar to the ERGN30K with their Vortex Cleaning System, but this Remington model is an inexpensive option at under $10.

    While it’s still running, simply put it under water and the machine will suck the water through to expel all the hairs. Cleaning it this way is what makes the blades last sharper for longer, as well as the motor which won’t have to work harder to push through stuck hairs.

    ComfortTrim technology consists of dual-sided blades, which are designed to cut gently without snagging. At 6” long it’s another good choice for those who need something portable.


    • CLEANBoost Technology & WETech Clean Blades Seamlessly from Inside-Out
    • Dual-Sided Blades Add Comfort & Stop Pulling
    • 6”L x 1”W Compact Design for Better Portability


    Conclusion on the Best Nose Hair Trimmers

    No matter if you’re looking to buy your first trimmer to amp up your grooming routine, or need to replace an old one, each model on our list was handpicked by us based on their quality, ease-of-use, and unique features. The Philips Norelco 5000 ended up being our absolute top pick for its value and performance.

    The Conair NT1RNC and Remington Waterproof models were the best inexpensive options, and the Weed Whacker from Manscaped was our favourite premium model. At the end of the day, any of the best nose hair trimmers on our list will get the job done efficiently, quickly and hassle-free.


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