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8 Best Wooden Gazebo Kits in Canada

8 Best Wooden Gazebo Kits in Canada 2024

    Gazebos add some much-needed sun shelter and decor to backyards, but a problem with many of them is durability. The cheaper models tend to have trouble withstanding the battering they take from wind, rain, and snow, especially if you have a fabric canopy model.

    Those problems can be eliminated with a wooden gazebo, which are made from high-quality materials that can outlast most standard, pop up gazebos and metal frame gazebos alike.

    Using woods such as pine or cedar, not only are they an all-natural, environmentally-friendly option, but they can handle the extreme temperature fluctuations which are found in most parts of the world.

    These gazebos also offer a 4-walled enclosure, complete with windows, doors, and in some cases a skylight. You can even stain them for added protection and aesthetics.

    As these wooden gazebo kits require assembly, you can build them with your family or friends, adding a sense of accomplishment once the structure is complete. They are an instant conversation started for backyards and can be placed on any deck or patio.

    Yardistry 10 x 10 Meridian Pavilion
    Outsunny 11' x 13' Wooden Gazebo Canopy Outdoor Sun Shade Shelter w/Steel Roof, Solid Wood, Black & Natural
    Tangkula 10 x 10 FT Outdoor Hardtop Gazebo, Double Roof Patio Gazebo with Pine Wood Frame & Galvanized Steel Top, All-Weather Pergolas Shelter for Garden, Patio, Lawns, Poolside
    Yardistry 10 x 10 Meridian Pavilion
    Outsunny 11' x 13' Wooden Gazebo Canopy Outdoor Sun Shade Shelter w/Steel Roof, Solid Wood, Black & Natural
    Tangkula 10 x 10 FT Outdoor Hardtop Gazebo, Double Roof Patio Gazebo with Pine Wood Frame & Galvanized Steel Top, All-Weather Pergolas Shelter for Garden, Patio, Lawns, Poolside
    Yardistry 10 x 10 Meridian Pavilion
    Yardistry 10 x 10 Meridian Pavilion
    Outsunny 11' x 13' Wooden Gazebo Canopy Outdoor Sun Shade Shelter w/Steel Roof, Solid Wood, Black & Natural
    Outsunny 11' x 13' Wooden Gazebo Canopy Outdoor Sun Shade Shelter w/Steel Roof, Solid Wood, Black & Natural
    Tangkula 10 x 10 FT Outdoor Hardtop Gazebo, Double Roof Patio Gazebo with Pine Wood Frame & Galvanized Steel Top, All-Weather Pergolas Shelter for Garden, Patio, Lawns, Poolside
    Tangkula 10 x 10 FT Outdoor Hardtop Gazebo, Double Roof Patio Gazebo with Pine Wood Frame & Galvanized Steel Top, All-Weather Pergolas Shelter for Garden, Patio, Lawns, Poolside

    Below, we take a look at some beautiful wooden gazebo kits that are sure to make you question your next backyard purchase.

    8 Top Wooden Gazebo DIY Ideas and Plans

    1. Gazebo Verrière 10 x 12

    Gazebo Verrière 10 x 12

    Check Prices Here

    Fashioned from materials made in Quebec to ensure top performance in the tough Canadian weather, this 10 x 12 foot gazebo kit comes with everything you need for a high-quality outdoor shelter. The wood is natural white pine which provides excellent stability, longevity, and resists warping.

    It measures 3.5” deep from 0.75” paneled wood, and you can stain it to your preference for added protection. The walls and door come pre-assembled with built-in windows, which use tinted polymer for added sun protection.

    This material can resist -30 Celsius temperatures (which is a must in most parts of Canada), and all windows can be opened for ventilation and increased airflow. The roof uses 28G steel sheet panels, and it has a 4 x 6 foot skylight at its peak. CSA certified to meet building specifications, this is a beautiful gazebo that can last years.

    Key Features:

    • High Quality Wood for Longevity
    • Skylight Allows Light In
    • CSA Certified for Building Code Compliance

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    2. Intimité Lounge 10 x 10

    Intimité Lounge 10 x 10

    Check Prices Here

    A high-end 10 x 10, 100 square foot gazebo is what you end up with after you put together the Intimité Lounge from Mon Gazebo. Crafted from white pine for a long-lasting shelter, the walls arrive pre-assembled with their windows already built in.

    Also include is a sliding door for easy in and out access, and all windows have tinted polymer to combat heat from the sun from. Keeping air flow circulating efficiently inside the gazebo is simple, as the windows slide open, ensuring you won’t suffocate.

    The pine is made from 0.75” paneled wood, is 3.5” deep for a thick stack, and is designed to resist the harshest of winters and storms. 28G steel panels are used on the roof, and a 4 x 4 foot skylight lets light pass through at all times. Fully spec’d to meet Canadian building standards, you will have no problem enjoying yourself in this model.

    Key Features:

    • Pre-Built Windows
    • Sliding Door
    • Good Air Circulation 


    3. Ouvert Gazebo 8 x 10

    Ouvert Gazebo 8 x 10

    Check Prices Here

    The Ouvert from Mongazebo is an open concept pavilion-style outdoor shelter that will keep you out of the sun on hot days. Great for covering hot tubs, bars, or a patio table and chairs, it has plenty of airflow as the design eliminates walls and mesh that could potentially impede circulation.

    The roof is comprised of 28G sheet metal, which arrives in a few pieces for easy assembly on top of the roof’s wooden frame. A skylight is also included, keeping with the open concept theme of the gazebo.

    Stain-ready, the 100% natural pine wood is sourced in the coldest parts of Canada, ensuring this structure won’t degrade or warp over time, giving you many years of life. With 80 square feet of space, its not overly big so it will fit most backyard decks and patios, and will undoubtedly be a centerpiece of conversation.

    Key Features:

    • Reinforced Sheet Metal Roof
    • Can Double as a Hot Tub Gazebo
    • Unique Skylight Included


    4. Persiennes Garden Bar 10 x 10

    Persiennes Garden Bar 10 x 10

    Check Prices Here

    Half open, half closed, the Persiennes Garden Bar model is an instant-crowd pleaser. Standing 10 x 10 feet, it has 2 full walls that provide the privacy you need, with 1 bar wall, and an open section allowing you to take in the views while fresh air filters in.

    The full walls also have large wood blinds built into them, adding versatility for cycling air, letting in sunlight, or generating 360-degree views at any time. A 4 x 4 foot skylight is added to the peak, and surrounding it are 28G sheet metal panels.

    All materials that make up this model are made in the Great White North which add a level of natural weather resistance to it that many other gazebos can’t touch. If you are handy, you can add some mesh or curtains to provide some bug-resistance, added privacy, and a further touch of class.

    Key Features:

    • Half Open/Closed Design for Versatility
    • Unique Manufacturing Process for Resistance
    • Customizable with Curtains or Meshed Nets


    5. Verrière 10 x 14 Gazebo Kit

    Gazebo Verrière 10 x 14

    Check Prices Here

    The Verriere model comes in a few sizes, and this one is a larger, 10 x 14 wooden gazebo. With 140 square feet of interior space, you have a lot of room to use this standalone structure in whatever way you heart desires.

    All walls are fashioned from 3.5” stacks of 0.75” paneled white pine that come from the forests of Quebec, so you know they can stand up to the -30 degree temperatures that Canadians experience every year.

    All windows and doors slide open to let air and light in, and they use tinted polymer to provide some resistance to the sun’s rays. Additionally, a skylight on the roof lets some light pass through, and 28G metal adorns the top for strong protection against rain and snow. With CSA certification, this is a nice outdoor gazebo that will be a standout item in your backyard.

    Key Features:

    • CSA Certified to Comply with Restrictions
    • Withstands Freezing Temperatures
    • Quebec Pine – Top Quality


    6. Intimité Lounge 12 x 12 Gazebo Kit

    Intimité Lounge 12 x 12 Gazebo Kit

    Check Prices Here

    Decorated with a skylight and 360-degree windows, this Intimité Lounge model gives you 144 square feet of enclosed space for your backyard. Made to withstand the terribly low temperatures that a Canadian winter brings, white pine is used in the construction of this gazebo, providing sturdiness and stability.

    White pine also has a great reputation for not warping, which is important with all-season weather fluctuations. The roof has a 4 x 4 foot skylight on top and uses 28G sheet metal as a cover over the wood frame.

    Windows and doors all slide open to bring in air and light, and they are covered with a tinted polymer to dim sunlight. The windows are built-in to the wall panels at the factory, making putting it together an easy afternoon activity with some helpers. Stunning in its design, you will enjoy plenty of hours in this elegant wooden gazebo.

    Key Features:

    • Aesthetic White Pine
    • Reinforced Metal Sheeting
    • 4 x 4 Skylight


    7. Wood Garden Gazebo Fenêtres 10′ x 12

    Wood Garden Gazebo Fenêtres 10' x 12

    Check Prices Here

    The Fenêtres Garden Bar is a 120 square foot outdoor gazebo that includes a bar cutout for serving your guests. Made from high quality materials, it has 2 additional walls that are outfitted with wood blinds, allowing you to customize light and airflow into the shelter.

    The roof is constructed with a mixture of wood framing, durable 28G sheet metal, and a 4 x 4 foot skylight which illuminates the gazebo. Taking a look at the walls, they’re built with 3.5” deep white pine, a wood that is known for its resilience in both hot and cold weather extremes.

    Adding some curtains will give it a more traditional look (as well as privacy), but the standout attraction here is the bar wall, which can provide you more space to seat guests while enjoying your favorite beverages.

    Key Features:

    • Large Garden Bar Model
    • Wood Blinds Included
    • Quality Wood Resistant to Hot and Cold Temperatures 


    8. Solarium 12 x 14 DIY Gazebo Kit

    Solarium 12 x 14 DIY Gazebo Kit

    Check Prices Here

    Attaching to your existing home for additional shelter is this beautiful Solarium from Mon Gazebo. Designed in a 12 x 14 footprint for 168 square feet of space, it easily extends your living space onto a patio or deck, with an elegant and functional design.

    In total, it sports 3 walls: two of them are strictly windows, and one of them is a mixture of windows and a sliding door. The windows also slide open, allowing for plenty of fresh air throughout the solarium. White pine wood is used in its construction, making for a strong and sturdy structure.

    The wall panels are pre-assembled, and the materials can stand up to the harsh Canadian winters. On the roof is 28G sheet steel, which protects the wood frame from rain and snow, and a skylight hovers over the center of the solarium, letting in plenty of light and warmth. Meeting CSA standards, this is a well-made solarium that you can relax in year-round, without leaving the comfort of your home.

    Key Features:

    • Huge Dimensions, Perfect for Hot Tub or Workshop etc.
    • Pre-Assembled to Speed up Build Time
    • 4 Season Use in Any Weather


    Setting up a Wooden Gazebo Kit

    The shipment will arrive with everything you need to get the gazebo up. We recommend always having a set of basic tools with you when embarking on construction projects.  It will take a few hours to assemble, so set aside a weekend day for you and some helpers to assemble it.

    It isn’t too complicated to put these wooden gazebo kits together, but following these steps should make it easier.

    1. Start by assembling the skeletal structure of the roof. This includes not only the perimeter, but all cross beams/reinforcements. If the model has one, install the skylight as well.
    2. Each wall is made up of connected panels. You will need to follow the instructions and connect all the walls together, forming the perimeter of the gazebo. It is also important to position it during this step, as it will become heavier once the roof gets attached.
    3. Now that you have a standing structure, its time to attach the roof onto the walls. The best way to get this on top of the walls it by leaning the roof against the wall tops on a 45 degree angle. By slowly pushing upward, glide the skeletal roof smoothly into place. Connect it to the walls by following the manufacturer’s instructions.
    4. There will be metal sheets included. Install these over the wooden frame.
    5. Last but not least, install the door that comes with the gazebo.


    Frequently Asked Questions

    What’s cheaper, buying a pre-built gazebo or building a gazebo from a kit?

    It is cheaper to buy a pre-built gazebo. This is because they are mass produced, use cheaper materials, and are easy to setup (i.e. pop up gazebos). Building a gazebo from a kit will give you all the parts you need, but they are more labor intensive and use higher woods and metals.

    How much time does it take to build a gazebo?

    Building a gazebo from a kit will take at least a few hours minimum. We suggest setting aside a Saturday or Sunday to dedicate to building it. It should be a bit faster if you have helpers, but we all know what can happen when there are too many cooks in the kitchen.

    How much does a wooden gazebo cost?

    The price always depends on the size and model, but expect to be around $2000 on the low end, and up to $5000. The reason for these prices are the high-quality materials they use, and the longevity they provide for many years of use.

    What do I need to waterproof a wooden gazebo?

    You can use a few different sealants to provide a barrier between the porous wood grain and moisture from rain and snow: basic sealant, wood stain with sealant, UV protection sealant, or oil paint. The most popular seems to be wood stain, as you can customize the shade of the wood, while maintaining its natural look.

    Do I need any permits to build my own gazebo?

    In general, building a gazebo on your property shouldn’t be a problem, but depending where you live, your local laws, and the size of the gazebo, it might require a permit. We recommend doing a bit of research into your building laws before you make a major purchase.


    Conclusion on Wooden Gazebo Kit

    Wooden gazebo kits require some work to put together but they pay off is worth it. While they do command a higher price tag than most standard models, they also use high quality ingredients, and will last a very long time. If you are in the market for an elegant outdoor shelter to spruce up your backyard, you can’t go wrong with a wooden gazebo.


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