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10 Best Hot Tub Gazebos to Buy in Canada

10 Best Hot Tub Gazebos to Buy in Canada 2024

    Soaking in your backyard hot tub is a great way to relax. But with hot tub ownership comes hot tub maintenance, and keeping your spa protected from the elements is the best way to ensure its longevity.

    Investing in a hot tub gazebo will be one of the smartest decisions you can make, as they provide excellent protection and privacy from nosy neighbors. If built with high-quality materials, these luxurious spa enclosures can virtually last forever.

    Hot tub gazebos are available in many different sizes, making sure you can fit any tub in them. Some are a tight fit that hug the tub for a cozy spa experience, while others provide additional square footage that can be filled with a patio table and chairs for your friends and family.

    There are even models that include a bar and stools for those who like to party.

    These outdoor gazebos use a mixture of high-quality natural woods and extremely durable synthetics, for a rugged spa shelter that can take anything Mother Nature throws at it. The privacy issue is always a concern, which is why tinted windows are included as standard for peace of mind.

    Whether your buying a grill, wooden, hardtop or even a pop up gazebo, purchasing from a reputable company is important. With our reviews of these hot tub gazebos, you’ll get a better idea of what high-quality means, and how they can add a level of pride and luxury to your life.

    10 Best Spa Gazebos for the Backyard

    1. Solarus 11 x 15 Spa Gazebo

    Solarus 11 x 15 Spa Gazebo

    The Solarus hot tub gazebo kit is a very high-quality spa shelter and available in multiple sizes from Westview Manufacturing. This model measures 11 x 15 feet for 165 square feet of interior space, giving you a medium-size structure that can hold a large hot tub and still have room to spare. Easy to put together with 2 people, it requires no cutting or drilling, as it is entirely pre-fabricated for quick and simple attachments.

    Kiln-dried western red cedar is used to provide a stable wood with minimal defects, and is resistant to twisting and warping over time. The roof is composed of Lexan Thermoclear panels, which are 200 times stronger than glass, ensuring it will still perform flawlessly in the worst types of weather. Their translucent nature combines with a 360-degree array of windows to let plenty of light in.

    The windows, while tinted to reduce glare, can also be customized as blackouts for additional privacy, or clear for a traditional look. Sliding the windows open will give you excellent ventilation, and double doors provide a large entry adorned in wooden knobs and brass hinges. Additionally, optional screen kits are available so you can let air in while keeping bugs out. Stained and hand-rubbed for a natural color and finish, its easy to see why this hot tub enclosure is a best-seller.

    Key Features:

    • 165 Square Feet of Space
    • Resistant to Warping
    • Reinforced Roof Paneling 


    2. Solarus 9 x 13 Hot Tub Gazebo

    Solarus 9 x 13 Hot Tub Gazebo

    Crafted from kiln-dried red cedar, the Solarus 9 x 13 wooden hot tub gazebo is a model you should consider if you are looking for a high-quality outdoor enclosure. Made to withstand the elements, the cedar wood has been treated to resist warps and twists that can occur over the years. 117 square feet of interior space is enough room to house a large hot tub with a small table and chairs, and the windows can slide open so you won’t overheat.

    The gazebo is stained for protection and aesthetics, and it has a smooth finish due to a painstaking hand-rubbed process Westview Manufacturing includes on their models. Wind, rain, ice, and snow are no match for the Lexan Thermoclear roof, which provides overhead protection that is 200 times stronger than glass, while letting natural light into the shelter.

    Attention to details like wooden knobs and brass hinges are included on the double doors for a uniform look, and you can customize the windows with blackout or clear panels. Adding optional screens will let you keep the windows open while the bugs stay outside. With no cutting or drilling necessary during assembly, this is an easy DIY model that screams high quality.

    Key Features:

    • Kiln Dried Red Cedar Wood
    • Manual Finish on Each Panel
    • Pre-Drilled Parts


    3. Aspen 12 x 16 Spa Enclosure

    Aspen 12 x 16 Spa Enclosure

    A modern hot tub gazebo for year-round use outdoors, the Aspen model from Westview Manufacturing comes in 6 sizes and is one of their most popular models. Standing 12 x 16 feet, and sporting solid wood beams and steel support brackets, this is an extremely durable enclosure that offers plenty of protection from high end materials.

    The walls are fashioned from a composite material called ultrawood, which excels at enduring the elements, as its virtually impervious to rain and snow. It requires little to no upkeep, is basically maintenance free, and has a lifespan 5 times longer than traditional wood. A PVC roof uses a ridge cap design for a watertight overhead, while the nature of the material dampens the sound of rainfall.

    Illuminating the interior is a skylight made from indestructible polycarbonate. This material is also found on the round corners of the gazebo, which have been tinted to reduce glare. Aluminum frames are found around all windows and doors, and tempered glass provides a strong barrier to the outside world.

    Doors and windows can be locked or opened for ventilation purposes, and you can also purchase optional bug screens for the windows. Easy to set up with only a few tools, this is an excellent hot tub gazebo option that you can enjoy for many years.

    Key Features:

    • Waterproof Roof Design
    • Extended Lifespan on Treated Wood
    • Lockable Windows and Doors


    4. Colorado 12 x 14 Spa Enclosure

    Colorado 12 x 14 Spa Enclosure

    Long-lasting and low maintenance, the Colorado 12 x 14 hot tub gazebo enclosure is a sure-fire crowd pleaser. A large footprint of 168 square feet provide more than enough space for a hot tub and any furniture you’d like to include in the shelter, and its dark grey color scheme is flexible to go with any home decor and instantly class-up your backyard.

    Made by Westview Manufacturing, the Colorado uses uber-durable ultrawood throughout the structure, which will outlast rain and snow due to its composite material nature. A PVC roof works to quiet rainfall, and its ridge cap design eliminates roof leakage and allows water to effortless flow off it. Letting light in through roof is a polycarbonate skylight which is a material that is also found on the rounded corners, as it can take a lickin’ and keep on tickin’.

    Six tempered glass lockable windows are also included, and they can be opened for airing out the interior. The design of the overhanging roof also provides 24/7 ventilation, making sure the windows never fog up while you are in the tub. Lockable double sliding doors can be swapped out for French doors, you can add mosquito screens, and assembly of it only takes a few hours.

    Key Features:

    • Large 168 Square Foot Area
    • Ample Space for Furniture
    • Lockable Windows


    5. Westview Manufacturing Zento Spa Gazebo

    Westview Manufacturing Zento Spa Gazebo

    A mix of open concept with a touch of privacy, the Zento is an outdoor hot tub gazebo that is perfect for entertaining friends. It stands 9.5 feet high in a 100 square foot cubed design, and can perfectly house your soaker. With 1 completely open wall, a bar wall, and 2 full walls with louver windows, its versatile for use in many situations.

    The bar wall includes 4 swivel stools so those not in the tub can still be close to the action, while the louver windows help reduce glare, provide shade, control airflow, and can be closed for privacy. Synthetic wood that lasts 5 times longer than natural wood is used on this model, and its durable for all types of weather, requiring virtually zero maintenance.

    On top of the gazebo is a skylight fashioned from polycarbonate, and together with the PVC roof material, you are almost guaranteed wet weather will never enter from the top. The legs have a rounded polycarbonate window for unobstructed views, and assembly of the gazebo only takes a few short hours as all pieces fit together and only require basic tools.

    Key Features:

    • 4 Swivel Stools
    • Polycarbonate Skylight
    • Full Waterproofed 


    6. Solarus Spa Hut Gazebo

    Solarus Spa Hut Gazebo

    Designed to fit over a 7 or 8 foot square tub, the Solarus Hut Gazebo is a cozy way to add privacy to your outdoor spa. It has a 96” x 96” interior space, allowing it to perfectly hug your hot tub, and the western red cedar gives it an immediately striking, natural look. This wood is kiln-dried for low moisture, minimal defects, and protection against fungus.

    This drying process also hardens the cedar, which helps it resist twisting and warping during seasonal temperature shifts. Covering this spa gazebo are Lexan Thermoclear panels, which further bulletproof it against inclement weather. These panels are 200 times stronger than glass, and their translucent nature allows light to shine through.

    Getting into your tub is easy with the smartly designed 3/4 French doors, which can accommodate a spa step without impeding door operation. Venting the unit is simple using the sliding windows, and you can also pick up screens for this gazebo if you need added protection against bugs.

    The windows are also tinted to reduce glare and provide you a decent level of privacy against your neighbors’ prying eyes. Hand-rubbed for a custom smooth finish, you can’t go wrong with this elegant hut.

    Key Features:

    • Hardened Cedar Wood 
    • Strong Resistance to Moisture and Fungus
    • Thermoclear Window Panels


    7. Solchalet 13 x 29 Spa Enclosure

    Solchalet 13 x 29 Spa Enclosure

    If your hot tub is so big that it resembles an Olympic-sized swimming pool, this large Solchalet model might be just what you need. Rectangular-shaped at 13 x 29 feet, its 377 square footage can hold tubs over 20 feet in length while still having enough room for a patio table and chairs to lounge in. Western red cedar is stained and hand-rubbed to add protection and a smooth finish to the wood.

    The cedar is also kiln-dried, reducing its moisture content and hardening it to prevent any warping when its exposed to hot and cold weather. A gable-designed roof covers the structure, and Westview outfits it with a series of Lexan Thermoclear panels for excellent light transmission through a virtually indestructible material. Additionally, it provides resistance against condensation and fog build-up.

    Looking at the windows, they fully envelop this spa enclosure, using tinted acrylic panels and sliding open to increase airflow. French doors provide a large opening for entry and exit. Optional purchases include customizing the level of window tint, and bug screens are available to keep the mosquitoes out.

    Assembling this spa enclosure is as simple as it gets, with all wood perfectly pre-fabricated, making it easy to lock all the pieces together without having to do any additional cutting or drilling.

    Key Features:

    • Pre-Fabricated Build
    • Warp Resistant in Any Weather
    • Largest Dimensions in our List


    8. Solarus 11 x 13 Hot Tub Gazebo

    Solarus 11 x 13 Hot Tub Gazebo

    One of the top-selling models from Westview Manufacturing, the Solarus 11 x 13 is decorated in natural wood and weather resistant materials for a long-lasting cedar spa gazebo. As most parts of the world have major temperature changes throughout the year, the inclusion of cedar wood maintains the enclosure’s excellent performance through multiple seasons.

    The kiln-drying process hardens it to help resist any twists or warps over time, while making it a very dependable and stable wood. Acrylic windows surround this gazebo, and they are built into the wall panels for easy assembly. The windows slide open for regulating airflow, and you can customize the tint level if you desire.

    French doors have a built-in window, are decorated with wood knobs and brass hinges for uniformity, and are large enough for unimpeded entry and exit. The spa shelter’s roof is covered in Lexan Thermoclear panels, which are translucent and rugged when it comes to bad weather.

    They let plenty of light shine through while ensuring the roof will never cave in during rain or snow storms. The privacy that the Solarus provides is paramount. With a great attention to detail during the pre-fabrication process, you can rest assured you will have zero problems assembling this wood spa enclosure kit with your family or friends.

    Key Features:

    • Well Ventilated Even for its Size
    • Aesthetic Acrylic Windows
    • All Weather Protected


    9. Solchalet 13 x 25 Spa Gazebo

    Solchalet 13 x 25 Spa Gazebo

    Looking like a ruggedized greenhouse, this 13 x 25 Solchalet wooden hot tub gazebo is a real winner. French doors open up to a large interior, with 325 square feet of space able to house a large tub and still have enough room to include a furnished lounge area. The structure is outfitted in Western red cedar wood and kiln-dried for longevity and stability.

    This type of wood has natural preservatives in it to stave off fungus and insects, and its low density gives it excellent insulation properties. The kiln-drying process further protects it against warping over time, and it stands up well to all types of weather. The wall panels join together during assembly, and acrylic windows are built-in to save you time.

    These windows can be tinted to your specification and slide open to provide customized airflow when using your soaker. Westview Manufacturing also sells bug screens for protection against flying insects if you wish to add them to this model.

    Topping the gazebo are Lexan Thermoclear panels which are 200 times stronger than glass, and translucent to let plenty of light in. With accents like wooden knobs and brass hinges adding uniformity, this is a natural, high-quality spa enclosure that will perform flawlessly for many years.

    Key Features:

    • Unique Wooden Knobs
    • Brass Hinges Add Character 
    • Bug Screens are Attachable 


    10. Solarus 11 x 11 Hot Tub Enclosure

    Solarus 11 x 11 Hot Tub Enclosure

    The Solarus 11 x 11 model is big enough to hold a 7 foot soaker and have some extra room for furniture like a small table and chair. It uses a mixture of natural woods and weather resistant synthetics to provide a spa gazebo that will stand up to the worst types of weather. Kiln-dried Western red cedar is found throughout the structure, with this process hardening the wood to help it resist warping when exposed to the elements.

    It also has natural, built-in properties that resist fungus and insects. Covering the shelter is a roof measuring 132” x 132”, crafted from a wood frame and Lexan Thermoclear panels. These panels are extremely strong, putting the strength of glass to shame while ensuring you still get light streaming through their translucent design.

    360 degree acrylic windows surround the hot tub, and while they are tinted to reduce glare and add privacy, you can customize them as blackout or clear windows if you wish. They also slide open for ventilation if it gets too hot. Wood knobs and brass hinges adorn the French doors, and the wood is naturally stained and smoothed by hand for a superior product that is both easy to assemble and enjoy.

    Key Features:

    • Thermoclear Paneling 
    • French Door Design
    • Naturally Coated and Stained by Hand


    Frequently Asked Questions

    Is it safe to use a hot tub under a roof?

    Be it an open gazebo, or a full enclosure, it is safe to use your hot tub under a structure with a roof. The worst thing that will happen is the roof could accumulate condensation and get damp, potentially warping the wood. But open gazebos have plenty of ventilation, and enclosed gazebos have roofs vents with windows that open so you will always have an abundance of airflow.

    Can I use a hot tub in a gazebo?

    Yes, you can. We would recommend always using it with a few windows open to circulate the air, as they can heat up easily, and especially in the daytime during summer weather.

    Can I use a hot tub inside a screened in porch?

    Plenty of people do! Screened in porches are an additional room attached to your main house. They have large screened walls for plenty of fresh air, making it easy to never leave your house but still enjoy the outdoors.

    Is it possible to hide my hot tub?

    Absolutely. The easiest way is with a fully enclosed hot tub gazebo. Designed for privacy from tinted windows, there are plenty of sizes to accommodate a wide range of spas. They add a level of class and elegance to your backyard while keeping your hot tub out of sight.


    Conclusion on Hot Tub Gazebos

    The proper hot tub gazebo is an important addition to your backyard – not just aesthetically, but also from a functional standpoint. Having a long-lasting, high-quality shelter will extend the life of your hot tub, and you can enjoy relaxing in luxurious privacy for years to come.


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