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10 Best Waterproof Pouches In Canada For Phones And Swimming

10 Best Waterproof Pouches in Canada for 2024

    Waterproof pouches for phones are probably the most well-known when it comes to waterproof pouches, but there are other models out there that can hold so much more. A waterproof pouch for snorkeling, swimming, at the beach, or on a boat, is a highly convenient mini bag that keeps your valuables dry.

    They are an inexpensive option for protecting belongings, and are most popular for bringing your phone safely into the sea to take photos and videos.

    So, what else other than your cell phone?

    Waterproof sacks can keep your important documents safe when travelling, as you never know when you can get stuck in a torrential downpour. When you’re at the beach, you can store your keys, wallet, phone, electronics, and other expensive valuables.

    Keeping them safe and hidden for when you don’t want to hide things loosely under a towel. It’s also a great way to keep sand or greasy sunscreen fingers off your items. A waterproof bum bag is another pouch that’s making the rounds, thanks to its convenient design.

    Today we’re breaking down the best waterproof pouches on the current market. With a huge range of styles from different brands, you can find the most suitable one, no matter what you intend to use it for.

    10 Recommended Waterproof Pouches to Buy in Canada

    10 Best Waterproof Pouches in Canada for Phones and Swimming

    1. Mission Darkness Dry Shield Waterproof Pouch

    Mission Darkness Dry Shield Waterproof Pouch

    Built with military-grade materials, this is a Modular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment (MOLLE) pouch, which defines the current standards for load-bearing gear used by armed forces. It can be completely submerged for any amount of time, thanks to the chamber seals that prevent leaks.

    The MOLLE webbing system on the front and back let you attach accessories as well as to other gear, like a Mission Darkness backpack.

    This model is often used for protecting electronic devices when , travelling anywhere near water, keeping the contents dry and safe, like a mini version of a travel backpack. For reference, it can fit small to medium sized devices, plus a walkie talkie, camera, wallet, and keys.

    This tech shielding works through the TitanRF Faraday fabric that blocks WiFi, Bluetooth, mobile phone signals, GPS, radio, and RFID.  Basically, nothing can interfere with your cell phones, transponders, radios, and so on.

    Closure is not only simple, but also highly secure. First, you’ve got the roll top, which folds inside the main compartment. Then, a robust watertight zipper smoothly and quickly closes the whole pouch. The shape of the end of the zipper is ergonomic and easy to grip, so it won’t slip against your fingers if things get wet.


    • Extremely Durable 840D TPU Waterproof Material
    • Heavy-Duty Watertight Zipper & Welded Seams
    • Double-Layered TitanRF Faraday Fabric Interior Shields RF Signals


    2. Nite Ize RunOff Waterproof Pouch

    Nite Ize Runoff Waterproof Pouch E1631021446562 1024x689

    Our next choice is one of our favorites for water sports, camping trips, and general travel. The design consists of a robust TPU material with a clear plastic window at the front. The plastic has some engravings on it, so it slightly clouds the contents for privacy, but lets you see what you’ve packed at the same time.

    It’s the perfect size for toiletries, chargers and USB cables, your wallet, keys, phone, and cards. The size conforms to TSA 3-1-1 regulations, so it can fit your liquids, aerosols, and gels up to 3.4 ounces, for short trips.

    Not only does this protect your valuables from outside factors, but it will also shield your bag from any leaky bottles, which can often happen when travelling. This is due to the patented True Zip waterproof zipper, which establishes a highly airtight seal.

    Nite Ize market it as the first sliding, toothless zipper with waterproof properties on the market. We do have to say that it works very smoothly, as it doesn’t snag, is silent, and a lack of teeth gaps means there is no risk for water to seep through.

    With an IP67 waterproof rating, this sack can be submerged for up to 30 minutes. Built-in belt loops and anchor points offer versatile attachment methods, so you can carry it with ease. In conjunction with this pouch, you can choose from a smaller pocket or wallet, as well as a dedicated toiletry bag.


    • Durable & Lightweight TPU Coated Material
    • RF Welded Seams Offer Maximum Protection Against Moisture, Dust & Sand
    • Innovative Toothless Zipper Creates Airtight Seal


    3. Magpul DAKA Waterproof Pouch

    Magpul Daka Waterproof Pouch E1631021520472 1024x758

    This waterproof tool pouch from Magpul is designed as a tactical tool and gear bag. It’s specifically made for storing heavy-duty tools, bulk ammunition, or even simply for tech accessories. Choose from multiple sizes ranging from small to X-large, plus 6 different earth-tone colors.

    While I know this isn’t 100% waterproof in the sense that it can’t last when submerged, it is rather designed for use in wet conditions. Some examples include skiing, camping, hunting by lakes, fishing, and off-roading.

    It works great as a quick-stash pouch, with a smooth and fast zip closure. This beefy YKK zipper that is water resistant to withstand moderate moisture exposure.

    Reinforced polymer fabric gives it an anti-slip texture when it gets wet, paired with the 550 paracord with heat shrink tubing for an enhanced grip. Welded construction creates tight seals to reject moisture, as well as dust, dirt, and sand. 2 upper carabiner attachment points make it easy to connect to bags or to a belt for easy portability.


    • Dense 500D Tarpaulin Fabric with Welded Seams
    • Roll-Down Top Provides Watertight Protection
    • Various Strap Options for Comfort


    4. Aqua Quest Storm Laptop Waterproof Pouch

    Aqua Quest Storm Laptop Waterproof Pouch

    We’ve included this dedicated laptop pouch from Aqua Quest as an alternative to all the smaller pouches on our list. It comes in 4 different sizes to suit different laptops, plus 6 colors to fit your personal style. For hassle-free portability, you’ll find a comfortable nylon handle at the top. A slim profile means it has a minimal mass effect, so it can be carried on its own or in a larger bag.

    The outer part of the sleeve is made of rugged 420D ripstop nylon. It’s dual coated with TPU and PU, resulting in a highly hard-wearing and waterproof material. One of the most promising features is the removable 5mm neoprene inner sleeve.

    It provides a great amount of impact protection, so your laptop won’t get damaged from small bumps. For a watertight seal, there is a double Ziplock style closure with a storm hood.

    Despite the heavy-duty nature of this case, the largest size weighs just over 12 ounces. This means it won’t weigh your laptop down any further, so it’s easier to transport. When fully shut, you can open and access your computer in just seconds since the Velcro and Ziplock are effortless to use.


    • Durable 420D Riptop TPU with Lamination
    • Temporarily Submersible Plus Nylon Impact Protection
    • 11”, 13”, 15”, 17” Sizes Available


    5. Kona Submariner Waterproof Phone Pouch

    Kona Submariner Waterproof Phone Pouch

    Second last on our list comes from Kona It is a dedicated phone case that fits the largest of phones, up to 7.2”. The closing mechanism is quite unique on this model, as it features 2 locks that close downwards instead of backwards.

    It creates a very firm seal that provides all-weather protection, even the harshest conditions. Plus, there is double stitching on all the seams. You can fully immerse it for long periods of time up to 100ft deep.

    Using the touch-friendly windows, you can use your phone underwater effortlessly. When you squeeze all the air out and close it properly, this model can also float above water. This is handy for pools or relaxing swimming in the ocean, because it won’t weigh your neck down whilst you swim.

    The lanyard is soft and feels comfy against the skin, plus it’s attached using a premium steel clasp that’s rust-resistant. Aside from utilizing the touchscreen functions, you can also answer and conduct phone calls.


    • Flexible Clear Plastic with Secure Lock System
    • Waterproof, Sand Proof, Dustproof, Snow Proof & Shock Absorbing
    • Submersible up to 100ft


    6. JOTO Waterproof Dry Case

    Joto Waterproof Dry Case

    This large sized case from JOTO is one of the best waterproof travel pouches on the market. It’s a great size and style for taking to the beach, or for other water-based activities, like surfing or paddle boarding. It can fit more than just your phone, with enough room for even small tablet devices.

    I can see myself fitting my phone, some cash and credit cards, tissues, keys, passport, and my wallet. You’ve got multiple carry options with the adjustable strap. Wear it like a bum bag, over one shoulder, cross-body, or simply hold it like a clutch bag. We like that you have the option to carry belongings around hands-free.

    As well as waterproof, this case is also snow proof and dirtproof. Made from all-black PVC, you can better conceal items when compared to a transparent pouch. It effortlessly closes with a Ziplock design, plus you’ve got a Velcro part for added security. The strap closes with a strong buckle and adjusts with a simple slider. The strap is very stretchy and measures around 52” at full length.

    While this isn’t designed to fully submerge underwater for more than 30 seconds or so, it’s ideal for withstanding splashes, droplets, or jets of water. The IP rating isn’t stated, but we’d say it’s around IP65, since it’s very resistant to debris.


    • Durable & Waterproof Opaque PVC
    • Large Size Fits Phones & Enough Space for Other Items
    • Ziplock Plus Velcro Attachment for Secure Closure


    7. JOTO Universal Waterproof Pouch

    Joto Universal Waterproof Pouch

    Aptly named Universal, this pouch from JOTO is designed to fit a wide range of phones, notably iPhones and Androids like Samsung. Available in 14 different colors, it’s fully touchscreen friendly so you can take underwater photos and videos.

    Featuring a large clear window with a minimal border, your phone is easily readable and usable (you just can’t use Touch ID). Since the plastic is so sensitive to touchscreens and easy to use, we think you could use it all day long to protect not only from moisture, but also from sunscreen fingers, sand, or food.

    Rather than a Ziplock closure, this uses an innovative snap lock mechanism that won’t pop open from water pressure. It’s also easier to use, as you don’t need to line up the closure to shut it properly.

    An IPX8 rating means it’s certifiably waterproof, and it can go underwater up to 100ft. Better yet, it’s snow proof, dustproof, and scratch resistant. Keep your credit cards and ID, phone, and small papers inside completely dry.

    It’s perfect for snorkeling at the beach, a pool, or on a boat, surfing, or skiing, and you’ll never lose it thanks to the convenient sturdy lanyard.


    • Strong Transparent Plastic with High IPX8 Waterproof Rating
    • Completely Submergible up to 100ft
    • Touch-Friendly & Compatible with Devices up to 6.8”


    8. Portzon Waterproof Pouch

    Portzon Waterproof Pouch

    Another bum bag or fanny pouch style, this model from Portzon is made of high-density PVC that is flexible and soft to the touch. Being flexible, it can fit a little more than just a phone, like your wallet, keys, camera, or even an iPad mini on its own. Weighing just 3.4 ounces, it’s lightweight and won’t weigh you down – you’ll probably forget you’re even wearing it.

    It sits comfortably at the waist or around the hips, with a fully adjustable strap suitable for 32” – 43” sizes. It’s also long enough to sling around one shoulder if need be. The buckle is reinforced to withstand frequent use, and a triple lock seal ensures high security.

    In addition, there is a Velcro flap that further seals it shut. The maximum depth it can reach is around 32ft, but this does depend on factors like water temperature, weather, and water buoyancy.

    One of the biggest highlights of this product is that you receive 2 pouches in a single purchase. We love that you have the option to use either the fully opaque black pouch, or the more transparent one that allows you to use your phone. The latter isn’t fully clear, so it still adds a little bit of privacy to your phone screen, cards, ID, and so on.


    • Lightweight Yet Durable PVC Material is IPX8 Waterproof
    • Adjustable Strap Worn Multiple Ways
    • Triple Layered Opening for Enhanced Protection


    9. The Good Stuff Document Pouch

    The Good Stuff Document Pouch

    Next up is this model from The Good Stuff, which is fireproof as well as waterproof. It’s the perfect size for legal documents, with a sleek and lightweight construction. Safely pack your cash, passport, bank cards, contracts, etc. We think it’s a great idea for not only transporting documents and valuables, but also keeping them safe day-to-day in case there is an unexpected flood or fire.

    Protecting against 2000°F fires, it has a higher flameproof limit than most competitors. First you have the waterproof silicone coating, followed by the double layers of fibreglass heat shield, and a skin-safe itch-free lining.

    Papers will remain in their original condition no matter what the pouch is exposed to on the outside. In terms of closure, it seals first with a zipper, and then a Velcro strip. Double closure means more protection, preventing leaks or condensation from building.

    To compliment any important documents, it has a professional design that we love for its simplicity. It’s not covered in branding or bright colors, so it emulates a professional feel. With its flat design, it can fit easily in bags for easy travel, and it prevents papers from getting crushed.


    • Waterproof Silicone Coating with Double-Layer Fiberglass Shield
    • Highly Fireproof up to 2000°F
    • Standard Document Size 11” x 15”


    10. Mpow 097 Universal Waterproof Case

    Mpow 097 Universal Waterproof Case

    Our second universal phone case comes from Mpow. It fits cell phones up to 6.8”, so it works perfectly with the Max iPhone models, and larger Samsungs. The plastic is smooth and easy to use, making it very touch friendly.

    It’s also quite flexible, so it feels nice to hold and won’t rub against your skin if you’re wearing it using the lanyard. Speaking of the lanyard, it’s made from a soft material that won’t irritate the skin, even when wet.

    Although the plastic is thick, you can still answer a call, which is handy when there’s torrential rains and you need the protection. As well as your phone, we think it’s big enough to act as a wallet, so you can slip in some cards and cash for safe keeping.

    The top locking system isn’t bulky or hard to use, so you can slip your phone in and secure it shut in a matter of seconds. We love the top tip from the manufacturer for using your phone underwater, where they suggest using the volume buttons to take photos and video. On top of a waterproof rating of IPX8, this case is snow proof, dustproof, and abrasion resistant.


    • Thick Waterproof, Dustproof, Snow Proof Plastic with IPX8 Rating
    • Handy Lanyard to Easily Carry Around
    • Full Sealed Locking Mechanism is User-Friendly


    How to Choose the Best Waterproof Pouch


    There are only a couple of commonly used materials for these kinds of pouches, so we’ve decided to also talk about some other material elements that you’ll typically find:

    • PVC – for waterproof phone cases, this is the most frequently used material. It’s thick, flexible, can be made to be touchscreen friendly, and of course is highly waterproof.
    • TPU – this is ever so slightly more flexible and lightweight than PVC. It is extremely hard-wearing, so it will withstand abrasions over a long period.
    • Velcro – Velcro is often used as an attachment method for closing the pouch. It’s used for its strength and ability to provide a tight seal.
    • Waterproof Zipper – another closure method, waterproof zippers are utilized because they provide a watertight/airtight seal.


    What do you intend to use your pouch for? Do you have a large phone, or perhaps even want to fit a small tablet? Are you looking to pack some extras? What else you do need to protect? These are all important questions to ask before deciding on what kind of pouch you need.

    Let’s say you’re going to be travelling in bad weather, you’ll need something large enough for protecting important documents or toiletries. If you’re going on a beach holiday, kayaking, rafting, or doing other water activities, the size of the pouch will vary. If you need room for things other than just your phone, perhaps a larger sack, like a bum bag, is your best bet.


    Cell phones are now bigger than ever, but this isn’t the only reason why you could look for a larger case. A bigger size will be able to fit extras inside, like some cash, ID and credit cards, and sometimes a passport. While most modern versions can fit big phones, you could choose a larger pouch to fit your keys, wallet, and other smaller valuables.

    Some models come in all different sizes for laptops, documents, toiletries, cables, and even food in some cases. It all depends on what you need the pouch for, as this will affect the product choice.

    Strap Type

    For phone cases, we recommend looking for something with a lanyard attached. It will help you keep track of your phone, especially in the water, so you can swim, search for sea life, or drink poolside, all hands-free.

    For other types of sacks, say for your laptop or that are just able to fit more, look for adjustable straps, handles, or holes for attaching carabiners to easily transport.


    Most are designed as quite lightweight, but you should pick something that won’t weigh you down further, no matter what you pack inside. It depends if you’re bringing just your phone, or if you’re also taking some money, your wallet, keys, perhaps even some make up.

    The smaller cases should be under around 3 ounces, but again, it depends on the material, size, and construction (for example, sometimes zippers can weigh it down a little).

    Closure System

    The method for closing and opening the case should be easy to do, quick, and smooth. You’ll probably be accessing your items frequently, especially if you’re carrying your immediate essentials like phone, wallet, keys, so speed and ease are ideal.

    For dedicated cell phone pockets, a locking latch is the most common. You should be able to open it easily enough without hurting your fingers or using force. It isn’t rare to have a little trouble opening and closing it though, as it does need a very tight seal.

    A Ziplock is great at providing an airtight seal. Depending on the design, it might take a little longer than a zip or latch, because you need to line up the strips for the best closure. It works much like Velcro, which is also regularly used, often in conjunction with one of the other methods.

    If it has a zipper, it should be completely watertight. The Nite Ize model on our list demonstrated the toothless zipper, which is extremely secure and seamless to use.


    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is a Waterproof Pouch?

    It is a pouch, case, or small bag that keeps items protected from water damage. It seals out any moisture through various methods, like with a Ziplock, watertight zipper, or locking mechanism. You can find some that are dedicated to phones, slightly larger ones for storing more valuables, or much bigger ones for laptops and documents.

    Does a Waterproof Pouch Work?

    Cheaper models tend to protect items, but they won’t totally prevent leaks – think of them more as water resistant than waterproof, where they will only withstand a small level of moisture. Premium models will keep your phone and other valuables much more secure with better-quality waterproof materials, so price is certainly a factor in terms of how waterproof it will be. That being said, you can find quite affordable versions that will protect up to 100ft submersion underwater.

    What is an IP Rating in Waterproof Pouches?

    An IP rating, or Ingress Protection rating, is used to determine the degree of protection for electronic equipment against solids (like dust and dirt) and liquids. The rating consists of IP follow by 2 numbers – the solids are rated between 0 (X) to 6, and the liquids are rated between 1 and 8. For phone cases, IPX8 is a good target to look for to keep your mobile as dry and safe as possible.


    Conclusion on Waterproof Pouches

    Everyone loves an underwater photoshoot, and with your own waterproof pouch, the possibilities are endless. Whether you’re snorkelling, swimming, kayaking, or going for an ocean dip, keeping your valuables dry is a top priority.

    If you’re looking for a high performing waterproof pouch for iPhone or Android phones, need to conceal some important documents, or want to protect some electronic valuables, our list has covered a vast array of choices with different designs, features, and functions.

    Waterproof cases are our new favorite, affordable way to protect our smallest items and keep them dry as a bone.


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