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Waterproof Winter Boots Canada

10 Best Waterproof Winter Boots in Canada [2024]

    Waterproof winter boots aren’t just some gimmick or trend – they’ve been around for hundreds of years and continue advancing with modern designs, materials, and updated comfort.

    Winter boots for men and women differ from regular boots because they specifically target the cold, biting weather of winter. Insulation and thermal-material quality plays a major role in the production of watertight boots, weatherproof work boots and snow boots, which is what sets them apart from non-weather specific designs.

    When looking for our own boots for winter, we choose waterproof boots over regular pairs because they give us so much more freedom. We can enjoy everything we love to do in the winter without worrying about icy toes, damp feet, or soggy socks. Snow boots are another must-have in our eyes since you never know how and when the weather might turn.

    Both women’s waterproof boots and winter boots for men offer stylish designs without compromising on warmth or performance, like a classic pair of Timberlands or mega-popular Merrells.

    To help you find the best cold weather boots on the market today, we’ve handpicked 10 of our favourites, including worthy options for both men and women.

    10 Recommended Waterproof Winter Boots to Buy in Canada

    Top Tips You Need to Know Before Buying Winter Boots

    • When you’re trying them on, don’t try on just one shoe. Make sure to put on both shoes before deciding to buy as most feet are slightly different in size (your toes could be longer on one foot than the other).
    • Whether you’re trying them on at a store or after buying them online, put them on with the socks that you’d usually wear with those particular shoes. If you know you’ll be wearing thick socks, wear those to see if the size fits.
    • Practice walking in your shoes by taking more than a few steps after trying them on for the first time.
    • If it’s possible, try the shoes on in the late afternoon as your feet have swollen slightly after walking around all day. That way, you’ll get the best fit.


    Reviews – 10 Best Waterproof Winter Boots for Men and Women in Canada

    1. Baffin Men’s Wolf Snow Boots

    Baffin Mens Wolf Snow Boots

    Suitable For: Men

    Colour Options: Black/Pewter

    What stood out the most to us about these Baffin snow boots is how incredibly lightweight they are. While they look and perform like heavy-duty shoes, you’ll be surprised at how comfortable and lightweight they feel on the foot – they don’t feel overly clunky or like you’re lugging around a ton of bricks.

    Suitable for wide feet, they are made from a synthetic waterproof textile at the upper, and a full-rubber sole for enhanced traction. In addition to the rubber, there are deep lugs on the outsole, as well as a reinforced midsole which helps stabilise your movements on slippery ground.

    With a rating of -40°C these are more than ideal for extreme winter conditions. If you take them on an expedition, we appreciate the fact that you can remove the multi-layer liner to let it air out to prevent odours. Two outer buckles let you achieve a snug fit.

    Key Features:

    • Lightweight Yet Hard-Wearing Textile Construction with Rubber Outsole
    • Reinforced Midsole & Deep Lugs Enhance Stability & Grip
    • Long Shaft & Dual Buckles Create a Comfortable Fit


    2. Polar Women’s Thermal Snow Boots

    Polar Womens Thermal Snow Boots

    Suitable For: Women

    Colour Options: Black Suede, Black/Beige Shearling, Black Leather/Beige Shearling, Black Leather/Mono, Black Leather, Black Cardy Mono, Grey Textile, Grey/Grey Shearling, Grey Suede, Grey Leather, Tan/Beige Shearling, Tan Suede

    Polar combines fashion with the high-performance snow boots to give you a comfortable, stylish option that won’t break the bank. Designed for snow treading, we love the contemporary design of mismatched patterns and materials, where you can choose from leather, shearling, textile, or suede.

    Suitable for sub-zero temps, these don’t feel clunky to wear, despite their high-cut 11” shaft. The raised tongue not only creates breathability, but also conforms to your shins for a comfortable wear. Integrated memory foam padding offers added comfort to the sole and arches of your feet.

    A method called “welting” is used to construct the upper, which means that the part where the outsole meets the rest of the boot is reinforced for enhanced durability. Skid-resistant rubber soles feature deep treads for improved stability.

    Key Features:

    • High-Density Heat-Responsive Memory Foam Cushions & Supports Feet
    • 11” Shaft & Reinforced Stitching for a Comfortable Fit
    • Zippered Compartment to Keep Small Valuables
    • Anti-Slip Rubber Soles with Deep Treads


    3. Kamik Men’s Icebreaker Boots

    Bogs Womens Whiteout Waterproof Winter Snow Boot

    Suitable For: Men

    Colour Options: Black

    Despite having the appearance of classic rainboots, these Icebreaker’s from Kamik are extremely durable and tough to keep you warm, dry and secure in temperatures that have dropped down to -40°C. True extreme cold weather boots with a sleek design and reinforced seams around exterior of the toe , heel and side. The heel is also low profile, allowing us men to walk comfortably in them if you haven’t previously worn a boot with a thick heel.

    The shaft measures around 13” from the heel, so your feet and socks are protected from falling snow or splashes of water that would otherwise seep through. More so, you are protected from the all-synthetic materials that are fully waterproof.

    An 8mm Zylex liner cushions your feet and ankles, keeps you warm, and remains breathable by wicking away sweat, and they are also completely detachable for quick and easy cleaning. A nice touch is the fact the liners are manufactured with 97% recycled materials.

    Key Features:

    • Waterproof Syntenic Materials & Adjustable Nylon Collar
    • 8mm Zylex Removable Liner with Moisture-Wicking Properties Suitable for -40°C
    • 13” Shaft Shields from Snow & Moisture


    4. BOGS Whiteout Fleck Womens Winter Boots

    Kamik Mens Icebreaker Boots

    Suitable For: Women

    Colour Options: Fleck Print/Black Multi, Fleck Print/Grape

    Our next pick is from BOGS and is definitely one of our go-to pairs for daily commutes, running errands on the weekend, or walking the dogs. It’s constructed with a leather and synthetic combo, so it remains lightweight yet rugged enough to withstand crunchy and slushy snow conditions.

    The rubber sole is a standout for us due to its extreme traction abilities. We don’t feel like we’ll lose our footing at all and feel confident crossing icy pavement. Slipping them on and off is a breeze using the dual handles on either side.

    Another highlight for us is that you can use these in temperatures as low as -50°C. 7mm of Neo-Tech waterproof insulation keeps you toasty and dry, while DuraFresh bio-technology fights nasty odours and ensures that our skin can breathe.

    Key Features:

    • Tall 13” Shaft with 15” Collar Circumference for Comfortable Fit
    • 7mm Neo-Tech Insulation Allows Use in -50C
    • BioGrip Anti-Slip Outsole Increases Stability & Grip
    • DuraFresh & Max-Wick Technology Eliminates Odours & Wicks Sweat


    5. Comfy Moda Women’s Snow Boots

    Comfy Moda Womens Snow Boots

    Suitable For: Women

    Colour Options: Black, Brown

    We chose this pair for its versatility of style, as it looks more like a dress boot than a heavy-duty shoe built to withstand the rigours of alpine conditions. We love the knitted collar design which not only looks great, but locks warmth inside and keeps snow or water splashes out.

    These feel seriously comfy from the moment you slip them on, which is mainly thanks to the full wool-blend inner lining. It’s breathable yet traps warmth so you can wear them in temps as low as -30°C. Waterproofing is achieved through seamed seals and vegan leather.

    Even though these are quite high-cut, we love the zipper on the side that makes them effortless to take on and off. You’ll find the anti-slip textured thermoplastic rubber outsole – it features two types of deep lugs to give you confidence on ice.

    Key Features:

    • Ultra-Warm Fully Wool-Lined Interior Plus Knitted Collar
    • Tall Shaft Design Keeps Snow Out & Lace-Up Closure Achieves Snug Fit
    • Seam-Sealed Waterproof Protection & Anti-Slip ThermoPlastic Rubber Outsole


    6. Northikee Women’s Non Slip Snow Boots

    Northikee Womens Non Slip Snow Boots

    Suitable For: Women

    Colour Options: Grey, Black, White

    When we think of snow boots, the design of these Northikee shoes is exactly what comes to mind. To give you optimum protection and warmth in alpine environments, the outsole and part of the shank is made from a heavy-duty rubber. This is balanced out with a waterproof nylon upper and stylish fur trimming at the collar.

    Able to withstand conditions that drop to -31.7°C, your toes are kept heated with a lining made of 3M B200 Thinsulate Insulation. Seam-sealed construction prevents moisture leaks, while the rubber base is lined with lugs for a strong grip.

    To give you a comfortable fit around the shins and below the calves, the lace-up system is made from a responsive cord attached to a drawstring-style closure.

    Key Features:

    • Durable & Waterproof Rubber Outsole, Midsole & Shank with Nylon Upper
    • 3M B200 Thinsulate Thickened Insulated Lining Suitable for -31.7°C
    • Chic Fur Trimming & User-Friendly Lace-Up System with Drawstring


    7. Knixmax Women’s Mid Calf Snow Boots

    Knixmax Womens Mid Calf Snow Boots

    Suitable For: Women

    Colour Options: Red/Black, Grey/Black

    Specifically built for harsh winters, these shoes from Knixmax are a great budget-friendly option that maintains high-quality and style. Fully waterproof from the lightweight Oxford upper to the thick rubber sole, we’re big fans of this type of design where the rubber covers part of the shank and midsole as well.

    Suitable for temperatures reaching -31.7°C, these have an all-fur 200g Thermolite lining that doubles as a sweat-wicking feature to let that skin breathe. We like how the fur also comes up slightly over the collar for a trendy look.

    Underneath you’ll find deep ridged lugs that create a non-slip surface no matter how icy the ground is. To achieve a comfy fit, the laces are easily adjustable with multiple eyelets so you can customise the tightness.

    Key Features:

    • Lightweight & Breathable Oxford Upper with Flexible & Slip-Resistant Rubber Outsole
    • Breathable & Warm 200g Thermolite Insulation Rated at -31.7°C
    • High-Cut Design & Fully Adjustable Laces Achieve Snug Fit


    8. Kamik Men’s Hunter Boots

    Kamik Mens Hunter Boots

    Suitable For: Men

    Colour Options: Black, Khaki

    While these are designed specifically for hunting, we think these winter shoes from Kamik are also great for shovelling snow, going on walks, or working in the yard. The entire boot is built with synthetic rubber, so they’re extremely hard-wearing.

    One of the reasons why this is ideal for winter hunting trips is the 8mm thick thermal guard liner. It’s made from 100% recycled materials, is fully removable, and traps warmth so you can wait around in the snow all day without freezing toes.

    We found that the height of the shaft is pretty much perfect in that it isn’t too high so that you feel restricted, but it’s just tall enough to keep debris, snowfall and water splashes away from your feet. We also like the nylon collar, as it creates a body-hugging fit around the shins.

    Key Features:

    • Tall 14” Shaft Provides Ample Coverage from Debris, Snow & Moisture
    • Suitable for -40°C with 8mm Thermal Guard Detachable Liner
    • Waterproof Synthetic Rubber Outsole & Upper with Adjustable Nylon Collar


    9. La Canadienne Lanie Women’s Handmade Cold Weather Boots

    La Canadienne Lanie Womens Handmade Cold Weather Boots

    Suitable For: Women

    Colour Options: Black

    For those who are focused on style, these Lanie shoes from La Canadienne are simply gorgeous. Due to their handmade construction and premium Italian leather build, these are on the high-end side in terms of price. Since they are so well-made, these are more like an investment boot that will last you years, rather than a cheap pair that would only last 6 months.

    Perfect to wear to work all throughout the winter months, the chic knee-high cut and all-black design make these extremely versatile. We love the inner zip feature that runs the entire length of the boot, as you can take them on and off in seconds.

    In addition to the flat heel which gives you more stability on wet surfaces, the bottom of the outsole gives you traction with some rubberised ridges on the ball of the foot and back of the heel.

    Key Features:

    • Handmade with Premium & Fully Waterproof Italian Leather
    • Chic Knee-High Shaft with Small Platform for Added Comfort & Stability
    • Outsole Traction Ridges & Inner Zipper


    10. Merrell Men’s Norsehund Omega

    Merrell Mens Norsehund Omega

    Suitable For: Men

    Colour Options: Black, Merrell Stone, Castle Rock

    Perfect for winter hikes in mild snow conditions, the Norsehund Omega’s are one of Merrell’s best-selling shoes. Maintaining warmth is a huge focus here as there are heat-reflective insoles, a 200g lightweight insulation, plus 300g of conductor fleece.

    With the mid-cut shaft, this pair will trap in enough heat to keep your toes toasty whilst remaining breathable with a mesh tongue and heel. Crafted from rugged full-grain leather, it has a waterproof lining to keep moisture out. Underneath, the traction lugs are hefty at 5mm each, giving you optimal grip in slippery, frosty conditions.

    In order to reduce abrasions, the rubber outsoles raise slightly over the toe cap and heel. An EVA footbed provides cushioning for all-day wear, plus it’s removable so you can clean it with ease.

    Key Features:

    • Strong & Waterproof Full-Grain Leather Upper with Beefy Rubber Outsole
    • Mid-Cut Design with 200g Lightweight Insulation & 300g Merrell Conductor Fleece
    • Waterproof Lining & Removable EVA Footbed Enhances Breathability


    How to Choose Winter Boots for Men & Women

    How To Choose Winter Boots For Men Women

    Level of Comfort – Ever heard of the phrase “beauty is pain”? Well, throw that out the window when thinking about winter shoes. As you’ll have seen from our list, there are now plenty of comfortable and stylish options on the market, so you don’t have to settle for a trendy boot that makes your feet throb. It’s crucial to choose a boot that feels roomy enough to let your toes wiggle, but is still quite snug to trap heat and enhance stability. Look for shoes with cushioned insoles or linings, adjustable lace-up systems, and round-toe designs for the most comfort.

    Warmth – Body heat is lost through our extremities (so our hands, head and feet) which is why we wear gloves, beanies, and absolutely need warm shoes. Look for insulation and linings like faux fur, wool, shearling, or a synthetic liner that is often a little more lightweight. Always check the materials used for the lining before purchasing a boot.

    Waterproof Abilities – Remember: Not all boots marketed as “winter” specific are going to be waterproof. Make sure that the manufacturer has labelled them as waterproof or watertight. Leather is one of the most common materials used because it’s rugged as well as waterproof. Often times, leather is combined with a waterproof membrane and sealed seams for enhanced protection. Apart from leather, there are certainly other waterproof synthetic textiles used, like Oxford or nylon.

    Traction – No one wants to slip and hurt themselves, so having a durable, reliable grip is crucial. Look for good-quality rubber outsoles with lugs or ridges that are designed to improve traction underneath the shoes.

    Ease of Use – This will involve the fastening system as well as how easy-going they are to put on and off. Look for lace-ups that run all the way up to the collar, as they are more adjustable and you can get a comfortable fit. Zippers are typically used on more fashion-friendly shoes like high cut or knee-length boots. If there are zippers, we recommend choosing ones that run from the arch all the way to the collar. Rear pull-tab loops go a long way towards helping you slip them on and off.


    Frequently Asked Questions

    Which Boots are Good for Winter?

    Boots that are made to keep your feet dry and warm in frosty conditions should have an insulated lining, as well as a rubber outsole with lugs to stabilise you on slippery surfaces.

    The best models, though, will be watertight ones made from waterproof materials like leather or another type of synthetic textile. Waterproof shoes are vital for winter to prevent moisture from seeping through, which will cause your body temperature to drop significantly when your feet get wet.

    Other features like a breathable mesh tongue and user-friendly lace-up system will make the experience of wearing these kinds of shoes all the more seamless.

    When Can I Start Wearing Winter Boots?

    You can begin wearing them pretty much as soon as the temperatures begin to drop outside – in other words, you don’t necessarily have to wait until it starts snowing outside before breaking out your winter shoes.

    Many styles are designed to keep you dry and warm when it rains, not just when it snows. Even if winter hasn’t hit yet, if temps start dropping below 15°C in autumn or early spring, you can start wearing them.

    Are UGGS Still Popular?

    There’s no doubt that UGGS are still a reputable brand, with celebrities often donning them while walking their dog or at the airport, but it all comes down to personal preference. That being said, there are now quite a few more brand choices available than in previous years, so UGGs aren’t the only option you have.

    Is There a Difference Between Snow Boots and Winter Boots?

    While some people may interchange the two terms, these types of boots are in fact different.

    Even though snow boots are inherently waterproof, winter shoes aren’t necessarily snow-proof. Snow-specific versions also typically have higher shafts that reach on or over the ankle to stop snow or other debris from getting inside to your foot.

    If you’re having trouble determining whether it’s a snow or winter boot, check with the manufacturer to see if it is specifically built for snow use, or if it is only suitable for wet conditions.

    Do I Need Insulation in Winter Boots?

    The answer here depends on a couple of things: The kind of winter you’re experiencing, as well as whether you need that additional cushioning and warmth.

    • Where will you be wearing them? If you need to use the shoes in severe and icy temperatures, insulation is crucial. This also goes for snowy weather – you definitely need insulation when walking through snow as you lose a lot of body heat from your feet.
    • How often will your be wearing them? If you’re going to be walking a lot indoors, say if you wear them to work or shopping on the weekends, then insulation will possibly make your feet sweaty and therefore isn’t a necessity. A quick-fix for insulating your shoes is to use toe-warmers or extra-thick socks, but those are only temporary.


    Conclusion on Waterproof Winter Boots

    After sifting through stacks of different brands and designs, we hope that our list of the best watertight boots and snow boots for women and men has helped you find the perfect pair.

    Each pair on our list has had to pass some firm guidelines, ensuring that they have ultra-grip traction, tons of warmth, a lightweight build, and of course, high-quality waterproof materials. At the end of the day, these features are what set apart an average boot from a great one.

    When selecting your own, remember to think about how often you’ll be wearing them, as well as the types of conditions you’ll wear them in. From casual strolls to intense winter hikes in sub-zero elements, each pair is specifically built for handling harsh winters.


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