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Best Waterproof Running Shoes in Canada

10 Best Waterproof Running Shoes in Canada 2023

    Trail running and road running are popular, high impact sports in Canada that can take a big toll on your joints and feet, as well as your shoes. So before setting out you need to make sure that you are using the best possible equipment for your needs. Consistently using quality Gore-Tex waterproof socks and waterproof boots will limit further damage not only to your feet but also to your knees, hips and lower back.

    Healthy feet and healthy joints allow you to enjoy the running experience for longer and enable you to keep going the distance. The best waterproof running shoes can also limit the recovery period more effectively than a cheaper alternative. So, investing in top of the range products that can supply that extra cushioning while handling difficult terrains, like the Brooks Ghost 14 GTX and the Nike Men’s Air Zoom Pegasus 35, almost always pay dividends in the long run.

    10 Recommended Waterproof Running Shoes to Buy in Canada

    What Is The Best Waterproof Running Shoe?

    What Is The Best Waterproof Running Shoe

    While not the most technically advanced product, for complete beginners the finish of the ECCO Boom Aex Luxe Hydromax is a smart choice. At the start of anyone’s running experience, it is really about making it as much fun as possible and that you feel confident in yourself. These shoes do exactly that and are an excellent gateway to discovering your preference of either road or trail running.

    For those who have advanced onto regular road running, the ASICS Gel-Cumulus 23 G-TX Running Shoes will serve well. While they are not the best looking pair, they are a pleasure to run in and they dispose of a lot of the wear and tear of less technical trainers. The heavy cushioning combined with the durable rubber sole also means that they will hold up their value well in the longer term.

    If you are an advanced trail runner, it is difficult to fault the stability and grip that Hoka One One men’s Challenger ATR 6 Synthetic Trainers. They are designed with exactly this purpose in mind and you can really feel the difference when you are out running in them. So if you are into trail running, you will probably see this product around quite a lot.


    Reviews – Top 10 Waterproof Running Shoes in Canada

    1. Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 35

    Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 35

    Best for: Road running and everyday use

    Top of our list for waterproof running shoes is the all-around classic Nike men’s Air Zoom Pegasus 35, also available for women. Its smart waterproof exterior features a classic black top, white sole and grey mesh-look middle with an embedded signature Nike tick. The lace holders are ergonomically designed for easy adjustment in difficult weather and the design incorporates reflective elements to warn passing traffic of the wearer’s presence at night. The light but durable white rubber sole has additional black grips to the bottom to provide optimal traction for all-weather running. Plus, if you avoid hitting any passing puddles, they are smart enough to wear them every day alongside jeans.


    • Attractive designer finish
    • Ergonomically designed toggle lacing
    • Reflective flashing
    • Excellent traction


    2. On Waterproof Textile Trainers

    On Waterproof Textile Trainers

    Best for: All-weather trail running

    On is an internationally available Swiss brand of minimalist running shoes. The firm was founded by retired professional athlete Olivier Bernhard in 2010 with the mission of developing the perfect running shoe. Their all-black On women’s running Waterproof Textile Trainers (also available for men) embody On’s core brand principle of creating a cushioned landing followed by a firm take-off for wearers. These smart trail shoes feature a CloudTec rubber sole with an exceptionally wide grip, which makes them ideal for tricky surfaces. They also feature On’s very own signature lacing system, waterproof fabric and flashes of reflective detailing for all-weather use on difficult surfaces.


    • CloudTec rubber sole
    • Wide grip for tricky surfaces
    • Signature lacing system


    3. Hoka One One Men’s Challenger ATR 6 Synthetic Trainers

    Hoka One One Mens Challenger Atr 6 Synthetic Trainers

    Best for: Expert trail running through difficult surfaces

    For those who require a trail running shoe to ascend challenging terrains, the Hoka One One men’s Challenger ATR 6 Synthetic Trainers are a top choice. These thoughtfully crafted waterproof shoes are also available for women and they have a reputation among runners for their durability. With a full-length EVA midsole and above average thickness podded outer sole plus extra grip to cushion your strike, this design is really about all-terrain durability and support. Its unique colour combination of white, yellow, orange, blue and navy however means that while fine for serious runners, you probably will want to put these away before you head out afterwards. Although it is also available in Provincial Blue Carrot.


    • Designed for advanced trail runners
    • Excellent stability and grip
    • Cushioned landing


    4. Brooks Women’s Ghost 14 GTX

    Brooks Womens Ghost 14 Gtx

    Best for: Road running and wider fits

    Brooks is a century-old American sportswear brand that is dedicated to getting its customers ‘running happy’. This brand is geared towards road runners with wider feet, so if you have a narrow foot this will not be the best option for you. But, the Brooks women’s Ghost 14 GTX (also available in men’s) is nonetheless a great high-quality all-rounder entry-level product that is designed with minimal fuss for a smooth run. These shoes have a superior 3D black mesh Gore-tex exterior for waterproofing your feet and are decorated with reflective flashing for nighttime excursions. The thick black rubber sole has a soft feel alongside extra grips, making it a durable choice for all-weather short and longer everyday road runs.


    • Waterproof Gore-tex exterior
    • New softer midsole than previous models
    • Suitable for a wider fit


    5. Under Armour Infinite 3 Running Shoes

    Under Armour Infinite 3 Running Shoe

    Best for: Everyday running

    The Under Armour men’s Infinite 3 Running Shoes are a classic everyday waterproof running trainer. These sporty-look shoes feature Under Armour’s unique engineered HOVR mid-sole technology for what it describes as a ‘zero gravity feel’. This product is specifically designed to create a well-cushioned but light and responsive feeling when running to reduce the impact of your strike without affecting your speed. It features a traditional lacing system, mesh exterior, deep rubber grip for poor weather conditions and the shoe itself can be connected to the MapMyRun fitness training app. Plus, they are available in a variety of styles for both men and women.


    • Links to the MapMyRun fitness training ap
    • HOVR mid-sole technology
    • Cushioned and responsive feel


    6. ASICS Gel-Cumulus 23 G-TX

    Asics Gel Cumulus 23 G Tx

    Best for: High mileage road runners

    ASICS are an internationally supplied and technically advanced sportswear brand founded in Kobe Japan in the 1940s. Their practical sporty trainers are best known by athletic types for their ergonomic designs combined with noticeably bright colour combinations. The ASICS women’s Gel-Cumulus 23 G-TX Running Shoes (also available for men) are no exception and are geared towards high mileage road runners who prioritise comfort and durability. This typically ASICS aesthetic has a futuristic-look waterproof Gore-tex upper mesh in neon orange, grey and black. It features a thick shock-absorbing sole that is combined with GEL technology to accommodate low impact long-distance running. What they lack in everyday style, they make up for in practicality.


    • Gore-tex upper mesh
    • Thick, durable sole
    • GEL technology for low-impact


    7. Inov-8 Roclite 315 GTX

    Inov 8 Roclite 315 Gtx

    Best for: Ethical production and trail running

    British sportswear brand Inov-8 were formed in the stunning surroundings of the Lake District mountains. They combine an ethical approach to production with a focus on innovative grip technology. So, their men’s Roclite 315 GTX are naturally a great choice of trail shoe. The outsole uses an innovative graphene-enhanced rubber that is combined with claw-shaped cleats designed for superior traction on unpredictable rocky surfaces. These shoes also benefit from a waterproof Gore-tex lining, a comfortable flexible upper and shock-absorbing midsoles, making them optimal for running on unpredictable surfaces through all weather conditions. The shoe’s overall appearance is a smart and simple but sporty black look with reflective flashings and neon yellow stripes.


    • Innovative grip technology
    • Graphene-enhanced outsole
    • Gore-tex lining


    8. Brooks Ghost 13 GTX

    Brooks Ghost 13 Gtx

    Best for: A more cost-effective earlier version of the Ghost 14

    The Brooks Ghost 13 GTX (also available for women) is the senior brother of the Ghost 14 GTX. While this older model does not have all of the same innovations and features as the 14, it costs less and is in many ways very similar. This model also features a Gore-tex waterproofed membrane for example but comes in a petrol grey and orange-red mesh. For added comfort, the Ghost 13 GTX has a durable black shock-absorbing sole and super soft DNA LOFT cushioning. However, the support level is neutral rather than advanced. So, the overall design is geared towards creating an effective and reliable all-weather neutral road running shoe with soft cushioning.


    • Gore-tex lining
    • Durable shock-absorbing sole
    • DNA LOFT cushioning


    9. ECCO Boom Aex Luxe Hydromax

    Ecco Boom Aex Luxe Hydromax

    Best for: Beginners who want to look good

    German shoemakers ECCO have produced arguably the most stylish waterproof running shoe on the list – the women’s Boom Aex Luxe Hydromax. This trainer is crafted from DriTan leather and neoprene to combine durability with breathability. The ECCO BIOM technology keeps a close fit while the rubber sole is combined with a lightweight ECCO PHORENE midsole for extra comfort. These attractive trainers are suitable for road running but do not have the support system needed for most serious trail runners. ECCO products are generally a more narrow fit, so if you require a bit more give this will not be the most comfortable option for you. But because it has a smart aesthetic, you could and should enjoy it for everyday use too. They are available in an attractive all-beige, all-black or white and blue.


    • DriTran leather and neoprene waterproof upper
    • Comfortable ECCO PHORENE midsole
    • Smart finish


    10. Addidas Terrex Agravic Tr

    Addidas Terrex Agravic Tr

    Best for: A narrow but stylish mid-range intermediate trail running shoe

    Internationally renowned German brand Adidas have supplied stylish mid-range footwear to the public since the mid-1920s. Their attractive men’s trail running shoes the Terrex Agravic Tr provide an all-terrain all-weather shoe for an extra comfortable regular fit. The design features include a breathable open mesh upper, an EVA lightweight cushioning midsole and a Traxion outer sole for a superior improved grip. So while not the most technically advanced product, this item combines a great finish with practicality designed for beginner or intermediate runners. These trainers are also available in black, black, white and pink or blue and white, but are not suitable for wider fits.


    • Narrow fit
    • Suitable for all-terrain and all-weather running
    • Nice finish


    How To Choose A Waterproof Running Shoe

    How To Choose A Waterproof Running Shoe

    Trail Vs Road Running – There is no one singular best waterproof running shoe because there are a number of different factors to take into consideration when taking your pick. For a runner who is just starting out and exploring different routes, wearing a product that has a well-combined offering for both trail and road running is going to be more optimal. More serious runners who have honed in on trail or road running will either put more weight on cushioning to counteract the wear and tear of the road, or they will want better support for stone covered all-terrain paths.

    Visibility – Reflective accents are now seen on the majority of waterproof running shoes. This is favorable for darker conditions, particularly so when running on a road at night to warn oncoming traffic.

    Weatherproofing – Top of the range waterproof items will also now typically feature the high performance engineered breathable waterproofing fabric called Gore-tex. Lower ticket items will normally also feature a similarly engineered waterproof membrane to stop your feet from becoming wet with external moisture. But this is typically less effective. A mesh upper on your trainers will make them more accommodating towards running in hotter weather conditions, while heavy waterproofing will allow for running in rain, snow and wind but may lack breathability.

    Weight – A lightweight product is generally preferred for both trail and road runners, as this allows you to continue your run for a longer time without wearing yourself out. But, for trail running in particular, durability and stability are also key considerations, as you will be tackling a variety of surfaces.

    Cushioning – Rocky paths will challenge your foot stability, whereas roads tend to create more wear which can also challenge the soles of your feet. Road runners do therefore tend to favour cushioning over stability. Overall runners also tend to favor lightweight but thick rubber soles, as this tackles both issues. Some brands have attempted to tackle the issue of combining lightness with thickness by creating their own special gel padding, or engineered rubber.



    Most importantly, you need to think about your own ability and the conditions in which you will be running. Whatever trainer that you choose, make sure that it is able to withstand the duration of your runs and can provide you with exactly the type of support that you need. Finding the right pair of waterproof trainers for you is key to ensuring that you are getting the most out of your run and enjoying yourself over the longer term. A great choice of trainers can really make the difference between damaging yourself in the longer-term or enjoying regular, healthy, muscle-building adventures. So, choose wisely.


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