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10 Weatherproof Work Boots That Are Seriously Durable

10 Best Waterproof Work Boots in Canada for 2024

    Heavy-duty work boots are no joke, especially when you need a pair that’s going to withstand constant hard-wearing use among some of the toughest conditions. From farming to construction work, waterproof work boots have become a downright essential to enhance performance and provide comfort.

    From Timberland to KEEN, or NAT’s to Wolverine, tons of companies are creating their own version of the best boots out there. Waterproof work boots for men come in many varieties, from lightweight builds, to all-black designs, to models with insulated properties for when you’re working during those bone-chilling winters. More variety of women’s waterproof work boots are starting to come on the market, too.

    Obviously these are aimed at industrial and construction workers primarily, but can also be great for DIYers who just want to be extra safe. For keeping your feet warm, outside of work we would still probably go with a proper winter boot primarily for comfort, and for long distance treks and walks, we’ll guide you to our waterproof hiking boot page.

    For work? Okay lets go on. 

    When the time comes to choose your own pair, the amount of weatherproof work boots for sale online is mind-blowing. There is no lack of brands or designs, and buying them online is easier than ever. But that’s exactly the problem – where to even begin? From steel toe, to composite and aluminium, we already have a few choices of of builds, not to mention designs, shaft size, the list goes on.

    That’s why we’ve compiled this list of the best models you can find. We’ve chosen an array of both men’s work boots and women’s styles, all with waterproofed materials and constructions to keep you prepared no matter what.

    10 Recommended Weatherproof Work Boots in Canada

    10 Weatherproof Work Boots in Canada That Are Seriously Durable

    1. Timberland Men’s Boondock Pro Series

    Timberland Mens Boondock Pro Series

    Suitable For: Men           

    Colour Options: Brown Oiled Distressed

    Toe: Composite

    From warehouse floors to snow-covered pathways, the Boondock men’s waterproof boots feature a moulded rubber toe protector and reinforced Ever-Guard leather construction to withstand years of all-weather use. With a mid-length shaft at 6” and the composite toe cap, these are perfect for both warm and cool weather, as the toe area is non-metallic and lightweight.

    Apart from the leather build, a waterproof membrane and treatment ensure moisture stays out, whilst letting your skin breathe with antimicrobial odor control. To help you seamlessly transition onto slippery surfaces, the dual-density TPU outsole is equipped with rows of beefy lugs, enhancing traction significantly.

    Despite the rugged build including an external heel cup, fibreglass shank, and extra thick anti-fatigue cushioning system, each boot weighs no more than 1.01kg for a size 9. One of the standout features is the lace-up system, which is user-friendly and equipped dual-purpose hardware that allows quick lacing customisation.

    Key Features:

    • Lightweight 1.01kg Per Boot with Rigid Heel Cup & Fibreglass Shank for Enhanced Support
    • Double-Thick TPU Outsole with Deep Lugs for Slip-Resistant Use
    • High-Quality Reinforced Ever-Guard Leather with Non-Metallic Toe Protector


    2. Wolverine Women’s Floodhand WP Boot

    Wolverine Womens Floodhand Waterproof Work Boot

    Suitable For: Women

    Colour Options: Dark Brown

    Toe: Soft

    The Floorhand’s from Wolverine are one of their most popular models of women’s waterproof boots, on the slightly higher-end side in terms of price. Crafted from 100% full-grain leather, we particularly like the worn-in vintage look as it’s versatile enough to use on casual days with jeans as well as at the workplace.

    Underneath on the full-rubber outsole, there are lugs of different shapes to create a better grip on slippery terrains. A lightweight cement construction assists with reducing the risk of fatigue after long days on your feet. Along with the solid rubber outsole and midsole, an added nylon shank reinforces the construction for a long-lasting build.

    In warmer weather, sweat is wicked away to stop odours thanks to the moisture-wicking mesh lining. As well as reducing sweat, we enjoy how cool your feet feel inside.

    Key Features:

    • Waterproof 100% Leather Upper & Solid Slip-Resistant Rubber Outsole
    • Lightweight Construction Fights Foot Fatigue for Daily Use
    • Padded Collar Adds Comfort & Moisture-Wicking Lining Ventilates


    3. Carhartt Men’s 8” Rugged Flex Work Boots

    Carhartt Mens Rugged Flex Waterproof Work Boots

    Suitable For: Men

    Colour Options: Brown/Black

    Toe: Composite

    Built for severe conditions, these Carhartt boots are ultra-rugged. Suitable for everything from working in deep mud and sludge outdoors, to moving boxes in a warehouse, these have a tall 8” shaft for optimum protection – this makes them perfect for those who need plenty of coverage without being limited when moving.

    The rubber outsole is extra thick with deep lugs to give you a stable grip. A composite safety toe works with 400g of 3M Thinsulate, which means these are great for use in cold weather. This composite toe also keeps you safe against electrical hazards, as it can protect against contact with up to 18,000 volts of power.

    Besides the 100% leather build that is naturally waterproof, there is a waterproof membrane built inside. PU and foam cushioning decreases foot fatigue.

    Key Features:

    • 100% Leather Construction with Rugged Rubber Outsole & Waterproof Membrane
    • Breathable Interior Promotes Air Circulation
    • Non-Metallic Composite Toe Protects Against 18,000 Volts


    4. Timberland Men’s 8” Rigmaster Xt Waterproof Work Boots

    Timberland Mens 8 Rigmaster Xt Waterproof Work Boots

    Suitable For: Women

    Colour Options: Black, Navy, Grey, Light Grey

    Last on our list is the Rigmaster Xt model from Timberland. It’s one of our favourites in terms of design as it looks vintage with a contemporary twist, which you can see with the vibrant orange lining and unique leather paneling.

    Speaking of the leather, it’s an Ever-Guard premium leather that is waterproof and scratch-resistant for added longevity. In addition to the waterproof leather you’ve got further protection with the integrated membrane.

    Anti-fatigue technology ensures you can wear these all-day, with the majority of the comfort coming from cushioned top collar, antimicrobial mesh lining, and contoured PU footbed. Aside from the sturdy steel toe, a steel shank offers structural support for a more comfortable fit.

    Key Features:

    • High-Ankle Length with Contoured Footbed & Steel Shank for Optimum Support
    • Waterproof Premium Ever-Guard Leather & Waterproof Membrane
    • Interior Cushioned Footbed & Padded Collar & Tongue for Comfort


    5. Tiger Safety Women’s Slip-On Work Boots

    Tiger Safety Womens Slip On Work Boots

    Suitable For: Women

    Colour Options: Black, Light Brown, Brown

    Toe: Steel

    With a classic and traditional design, this pair from Tiger Safety is a huge best-seller in the women’s work boot scene. They feature a wide steel toe cap with a puncture-resistant composite LENZI fabric sole plate to shield you from falling objects or exposed nails. What stands out for us about this plate is how flexible it feels to wear, which makes it more comfortable for all-day use on wood floors, cement, and other hard surfaces.

    Premium full-grain leather works with the KINGPAD insole and PU/TPU outsole for a fully waterproof design. On the other hand, the entire boot is resistant against oil and salt/debris, so these will stand up against tough conditions. While these do look extra heavy-duty at first glance, there is a mesh lining that enhances breathability.

    Key Features:

    • Lightweight Yet Tough Full-Grain Leather Build with Mid-Ankle Cut
    • Comfortable KINGPAD Insole with Breathable Lining
    • Abrasive & Slip-Resistant PU/TPU Outsole


    6. SAFETOE Work Safety Waterproof Boots

    Safetoe Work Safety Waterproof Boots

    Suitable For: Unisex

    Colour Options: Black, Brown

    Toe: Composite

    Our next pick is this high-ankle cut model from SAFETOE featuring a composite toe and a Kevlar midsole for maximum protection against sharp objects, like stray nails or screws. That’s mainly what makes these ideal for construction or warehouse work.

    Water-resistant microfiber leather, breathable mesh air holes, and snug memory foam insoles make these ultra-comfortable for daily use, but what really makes these stand out is the EEE+ wide fitting toe and heel areas. You can really feel the difference with that added space, which in combination with the foam insole feels extra soft against the feet.

    As these are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, the rubber outsole gives you a solid grip on wet surfaces, including oils and chemicals.

    Key Features:

    • Water-Resistant Microfiber Leather with Breathable Mesh for Indoors & Outdoors
    • 3E Composite Toe Cap with Anti-Nail Kevlar Midsole
    • Oil & Chemical-Resistant PU Rubber Outsole & Memory Foam Insoles


    7. Acton All Terrain Men’s Work Boot

    Acton All Terrain Mens Waterproof Work Boots

    Suitable For: Men

    Colour Options: Black, Blue, Green, White

    Toe: Composite

    What may look like a simple rain boot at first quickly changes when you slip these puppies on, as you’ll instantly feel their heavy-duty, rugged build able to withstand all terrains. While these have many uses, we think they’re best suited to farm work where you need protection from heavy loads of manure, mud, puddles, and other intense conditions.

    While these are no doubt heavy-duty boots, it’s worth noting how impressively lightweight they feel. That’s thanks to the PU construction, which is just as waterproof as the thick rubber outsole. To prevent slipping, the lugs are rather deep, and there are a variety of shapes for multi-traction performance.

    Inside you’ve got a removable insole including a breathable lining with an antimicrobial treatment to prevent odours or mould build-up.

    Key Features:

    • Lightweight Yet Heavy-Duty PU Construction with Tough Rubber Outsole
    • Puncture-Resistant Plate with Oil & Animal-Fat Resistant Material
    • Removable PU Foam Insole Enhances Airflow & Comfort


    8. NAT’s S620 Waterproof Steel Toe Boots

    Nats S620 Waterproof Work Boots

    Suitable For: Men

    Colour Options: Black, Khaki

    Toe: Steel

    One of our top picks for construction sites, factories and transport workers, the S620 model weighs just under 1kg per boot. This lightweight nature means you can wear them for hours at a time without feeling foot fatigue.

    The outsole has ultra-deep lugs, with slight multi-directional patterns for anti-slip performance against everything from water to oils. Further reinforcement is found at the heel and cap with added TPU parts. Helcor leather parts are resilient against abrasions, not to mention the reinforced stitching for improved durability.

    Ankle support is provided with a high-cut collar, in addition to some mesh padding along the tongue and inner opening. This mesh also encourages evaporation throughout, reducing interior moisture build-up to help your feet breathe, even in thick socks.

    Key Features:

    • Double-Density Outsole with EVA Rubber for Added Flexibility & Anti-Slip Comfort
    • Ultra lightweight Under 1kg Per Boot with Robust Steel Toe Caps
    • Strong Helcor Leather Upper & Natex 2.0 Waterproof Membrane
    • Fully CSA Approved


    9. NAT’S 1595 Insulated Waterproof Steel Toe Boots

    Nats 1595 Insulated Waterproof Steel Toe Boots 789x1024

    Suitable For: Men

    Colour Options: Black

    Toe: Steel

    Built specifically for agriculture, construction, and fishery or other food industries, these aren’t as heavy as what they may first appear. We were surprised by how lightweight they are, coming in at just over 800g per shoe. One of the biggest highlights is the fact that you can use these in temperatures as low as -30°C – perfect for shovelling snow.

    The sole is constructed with an ethylene vinyl acetate material, which is more hard-wearing than PVC or classic rubber. This means that they perform exceptionally well in messy conditions, like when working around animal fats or manure.

    CSA Class 1 approved, there is an anti-penetration Kevlar midsole that can withstand impacts of up to 122kg worth of force. Removable liners are essential for easy-going cleaning, keeping your feet free of nasty smells.

    Key Features:

    • Extra Wide Construction Made From Tough EVA Material
    • Ultra lightweight 817g Per Boot with Robust Kevlar Plate & Thick Steel Toe
    • CSA Class 1 Approved Safety Boots


    10. Timberland Women’s PRO Soft Toe Boot

    Timberland Womens Pro Soft Toe Boot

    Suitable For: Women

    Colour Options: Wheat Nubuck Leather

    Toe: Soft

    These soft toe work boots are as classic as it gets for Timberland, as these are one of their best-selling models now made specifically for women. They feature a high 6” shaft for added ankle protection and support, plus a padded collar, antimicrobial treatment, and dual-density PE footbeds create a breathable and odourless fit.

    The leather upper is fully seam-sealed for added protection, while their timeless direct-inject construction boosts durability. Shock-diffusing plates contour to the feet to absorb more impact.

    High traction is achieved through slip and oil-resistant burly rubber outsoles (which are also heat resistant up to a staggering 537°C). At 564g we’re completed shocked at how lightweight and comfy they feel, despite the rugged build.

    Key Features:

    • 100% Leather & Sealed Seams for Waterproof Protection
    • Anti-Fatigue Technology & 200g of Thermolite Insulation
    • Slip-Resistant & Heat-Resistant Rubber Outsoles Protect in up to 537°C


    How to Choose the Right Waterproof Work Boots (Men & Women)

    How To Choose The Right Waterproof Work Boots Men Women

    Shaft Height/Ankle Cut – The best way to determine the type of ankle cut you need is to consider where you’ll be wearing your boots the most. If your job entails wading through mud, water, or other types of debris like animal waste, then a high-cut shaft is the way to go (i.e. Mid-calf length). Construction, industrial or transport jobs perform well with mid to high-length designs, but not as high as the calf as this can restrict movement.

    Traction – No matter what industry you work in, wearing shoes with high-performing traction is crucial. A strong grip helps prevent unnecessary slips or falls, which can lead to serious workplace injuries. High-traction boots enhance confidence while you work through helping you remain stable no matter what terrain you’re on.

    Materials – Some of the most common materials you’ll see when looking at waterproof shoes in this range include leather, synthetic textiles, rubber, mesh, and sometimes ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA). While these are waterproof by nature, it’s still important to look out for waterproof membranes or linings that offer even more protection against leaks. Leather is often used for the upper, and rubber for the outsole as it provides incredible traction. Mesh is very important for allowing your feet and ankles to breathe, improving comfort to allow you to wear them all day.

    Comfort Level – If you can’t wear your boots for a full-day’s work, then what’s the point in them at all? Comfort involves several aspects, including the fit, design, insole, weight, and moisture-wicking abilities. If you’re buying them online, make sure you take accurate measurements of your feet and find a reputable seller that includes a size-guide. When trying them on, wear the same socks you’d typically wear to make sure the overall fit isn’t too tight or too loose. There should be just enough space to wiggle your toes, but you shouldn’t be slipping out of them. Keep in mind: Heavier boots may cause foot fatigue after hours and hours of wear, so look out for lightweight pairs if that’s a particular concern.

    Type of Toe – Stubbing your toes is never fun, but it can be especially dangerous on worksites where there is the risk of falling objects and plenty of hard surfaces. Here are the three types of toe caps you’ll generally find:

    • Composite: These toes can be made using plastic, Kevlar or other materials. They are highly protective and don’t conduct electricity or temperature, so they’re a go-to for cold weather.
    • Steel: Probably the most common, these are extremely protective and last a long, long time. Steel does get rather cold in below-zero temps, so keep that in mind if you need to work in cold weather. However they have the best impact resistance and compression resistance.
    • Aluminum: These are pretty much steel but without the weight. They can feel a little bit bulkier, but will always weigh lighter than steel. Due to the lighter work and decent protection, they are often much more expensive than the traditional steel boot. As a negative, one should note they also have lesser resistance to impact than steel.


    Frequently Asked Questions

    Are Waterproof Work Boots Worth It?

    Yes, the definitely are. When you think about the types of conditions you can be met with in any industry, things can get unpredictable and it’s always better to be safe than sorry when it comes to your safety on the job.

    From liquid spills to sudden downpours, you never know when you’ll need that added protection to keep your feet dry and comfortable, as well as with a strong grip to prevent nasty falls.

    Another great thing about these kinds of boots is how large the range is – you can find everything from budget-friendly models to high-end designs – so you’ve always got options. Waterproof models give you all the benefits of regular work boots, with the bonus of watertight protection so that you’ll never get cold feet, wet socks, or broken seams.

    Should Work Boots Fit Tight or Loose?

    Much like hiking boots, work models should have a snug fit without feeling like you’re being constricted. This means you should be able to move your toes without them touching the tips of the boot, but you shouldn’t feel like you’re slipping out.

    The reason why you need a snug (but not overly tight) fit is because a slippery boot can slide off mid-movement, which can lead to falls or your bare foot landing in something sharp, like nails.

    Can Steel Toe Boots Cause Foot Problems?

    The key here is all about the fit, as steel toes aren’t actually the problem when they’re used correctly. A poor fit is going to do a lot of damage to your feet, no matter if there is a steel cap, composite, or aluminum.

    Before purchasing your pair, make sure to try them on at the end of the day when your feet are swollen and at their largest, make sure to wear the right socks, and ensure you have your foot measurements to get the perfect fit.

    How Do You Make Steel Toe Boots Not Hurt?

    Here are our tips for making the fit more comfortable:

    • Ensure you have a snug fit and the laces are tightened properly (not too constricted, but not too loose).
    • If there is an insert that can be removed, try cutting off the toe-end to let your toes breathe and wiggle around a bit more freely.
    • Thick socks can help, but be careful that they aren’t so thick as to cut off your circulation as they’ll take up quite a bit of volume inside.
    • Padding can go a long way to creating more comfort in the steel cap area. You could cut a tongue pad to shape or use cotton pads and stuff them down to the toe area. Again, though, make sure you still have a snug fit and can wiggle your toes.
    • If you’re yet to buy the boots and are worried about getting pain, choose a pair with an asymmetrical shaped toe area, rather than a pointed one.
    • Unsupported arches could be another reason behind pain at the toes – if the insole isn’t supporting properly try getting your hands on orthotics.


    Conclusion on Waterproof Work Boots

    A solid pair of waterproof work boots will pretty much make-or-break a day’s work, as the last thing you need is soaked socks, mouldy insoles, nasty smells, or on the more serious side, the risk of falls or injuries.

    Think of waterproof boots for work as your best friend on the job, giving you the protection, stability, and comfort you need to avoid safety hazards and get through each day seamlessly. With a proper pair of work boots, there are no risks of stinging blisters, flooded shoes, cold toes, or wounded feet.

    Along with sturdy toe caps, ankle protection, enhanced grip, and a cushioned fit, you’re getting the benefits of waterproof materials that will keep you dry no matter what the day has to throw your way.

    Our list included the best-of-the-best, so now it’s over to you to choose the right one for your job.


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