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10 Best Waterproof Camera Bags Backpacks Reviewed

10 Best Waterproof Camera Bags in Canada for 2024

    We’ve handpicked the top camera bags with a clear focus on waterproofing materials, to keep those valuables safe.

    Investing your time and money in a high-quality camera is no joke, which is why a waterproof camera bag is such an important first step for any photographer. Let’s be real here, who is going to take photos solely in bright, sunny weather? A photographer needs to be prepared for any climate that mother nature can throw at them.

    Standard camera bags simply won’t cut it when it comes to withstanding outdoor elements. A waterproof camera bag for Canon, Nikon, DSLR, and Sony (just to name a few) will allow you to broaden horizons and shoot photos at any location, during any weather.

    You won’t need to hold yourself back just for a rainy day, and can even go out photographing on boats, during kayaking and other water sports, and on ski trips. Using a waterproof camera bag backpack, for instance, is the difference between a damaged camera, and a functioning one.

    Imagine: you’re out taking photos by a lake, trekking from one location to the other. Suddenly, you slip and drop your camera bag straight into the water. If you’d bought the right bag with waterproof protection, you can simply scoop it out of the water, and be on your merry way.

    If you’ve been tossing up between a normal bag for cameras and a waterproof one, just remember, it’s always better to be safe than sorry. So, how do you find the right one based on your type of camera, number of accessories, and overall needs? We’re here to help with our list of the best waterproof camera bags for sale today. Let’s start with our buyers guide: (if you want to jump straight to our reviews, scroll down)

    10 Recommended Waterproof Backpacks to Buy in Canada

    10 Best Waterproof Camera Bags & Backpacks in Canada Reviewed

    1. PRVKE Travel Camera Backpack with Rain Cover

    Prvke Travel Camera Backpack With Rain Cover

    A top pick for travelling photographers, this model is simple, yet rugged, and is available with a good value bundle. This bundle includes a camera cube for organizing all your camera equipment, a removable waist strap, accessory straps, and a rainfly which has integrated storage.

    The design is highly versatile, with 3-point access. First is the quick side camera access, then the lay-flat clamshell opening, and lastly the roll top closure. In addition to the waterproof tarpaulin and nylon materials, the roll top gives a tight seal to prevent leaks.

    This top also doubles as a space-saver, as it expands the room inside to transform the amount of space from 21L to 25L. To carry with ease and comfort, a molded back panel conforms to your back, plus you’ve got padded shoulder straps. The back panel has a stash pouch for your passport, cash, and other things you want to conceal.

    For delicate valuables, you’ll find a fleece-lined pocket that also gives quick access to essentials like your phone and keys. To pack a water bottle or your tripod, there is an expandable exterior pocket.


    • Made from Waterproof Tarpaulin & 1680D Nylon
    • 3-Point Access Increases Convenience
    • Bundle Includes Customizable Camera Cube, Extra Straps & Rainfly


    2. TARION Pro Camera Backpack with Waterproof Rain Cover

    Tarion Pro Camera Backpack With Waterproof Rain Cover

    This model from TARION comes with a huge backpack, plus a smaller accessory shoulder bag that can hold 1 standard camera and 2 lenses. The first thing to note about this is that it’s only water resistant – it becomes waterproof when you use the included rainfly.

    Made from durable nylon, it protects your gear against moderate wet conditions, is tear-resistant, and anti-dust. EPE dividers are all shock-proof, so they cushion delicate items to absorb movement.

    These dividers also provide amazing storage, so you can keep everything highly organized. The flat top design allows extra loading, making it ideal for camping and hiking where you can strap a sleeping bag and tent on top.

    A 15.6” laptop compartment keeps your computer separated from the rest, plus there are 2 exterior side pockets that hold large tripods, water bottles, or tent poles. The main compartments are easily opened by full-length zips.

    The upper section can hold 1 camera and 5 lenses, while the lower part can house 1 camera, 4 lenses, or 6 prime lenses. In terms of portability, the back straps are completely padded, plus you’ve got a waist belt and ventilated back cushioning for maximum comfort.


    • Shock-Proof EPE Dividers & PVA Shell Provides Security
    • Bonus Shoulder Bag Fits 1 Camera & 2 Lenses
    • Water Resistant Durable Nylon with Waterproof Rain Cover


    3. Beschoi SLR Waterproof Camera Backpack

    Beschoi Slr Waterproof Camera Backpack

    Our second choice from Beschoi is this hi-tech looking backpack that can pack DSLR cameras, a tripod, laptop, lenses, and other accessories. I’m calling it hi-tech because it’s got a futuristic feel to it, so it’s certainly a great choice for those who love modern designs.

    Constructed with 840D nylon, it is waterproof, but exposed zippers call for the detachable rain cover which protects from leaks. Organization is fun with the double side doors, top camera compartment, and lower section that is the perfect size for lenses.

    With so many compartments, the versatility allows you to store lots of camera gear and other personal items, like earphones and chargers in the mesh pockets. What’s more, you’ve got an external tripod attachment, consisting of 2 heavy-duty straps.

    As well as its lightweight nature, the shoulder straps are widened and padded for max comfort. The straps and main part of the back are wide mesh, creating ventilation.


    • High-Density 840D Waterproof Nylon Material with Rain Cover
    • Convenient & Rapid Side-Body Access
    • Lightweight 2.07 lbs Easy to Carry


    4. Peak Design Everyday Backpack

    Peak Design Everyday Backpack

    First up on our list is this premium camera bag from Peak Design. This is quite a heavy-duty model that offers an expandable design for 20L of storage space. It can hold a full-frame DSLR camera and 3-4 lenses all in one.

    With a traditional backpack construction, there are a few updates in the form of axial shoulder straps that conform to your back, and integrated removable sternum and waist straps. With dual side-entry, simply swing the bag across your side and access anything inside.

    As well as allocated space for your camera and accessories, there is also a sleeve to keep your laptop, up to 16” long. For easy access to all your gear, we love the full-length dual zippers as they keep things hassle-free. 3 FlexFold Dividers help you keep things organized, in addition to protecting your tech equipment.

    The waterproof 400D nylon canvas hybrid material is DWR impregnated and poly-coated for ultimate protection. It also provides cushioning to avoid other kinds of damage. Weatherproof zippers are also a highlight, as they prevent moderate levels moisture from leaking through.

    Outer and interior sub-divided pouches let you securely carry smaller items, like batteries, pens, memory cards, filters, and more.


    • Waterproof & Durable 400D Nylon Canvas Shell
    • FlexFold Dividers Allow Clean Organization of Accessories
    • Integrated Sternum Strap & Hidden Waist Strap for Comfort


    5. DiCAPac WP-S10 Pro DSLR Series Waterproof Case

    Dicapac Wp S10 Pro Dslr Series Waterproof Case

    For using your camera underwater, this case from DiCaPac is compact and straight to the point. It’s specifically designed for underwater photography, allowing you to reach up to 16.4ft beneath the surface.

    Constructed from PVC vinyl with a polycarbonate lens, it’s suitable for SLR cameras. Since the PVC is soft and flexible, it’s effortless to use underwater as you can access everything with ease.

    A waterproof rating of IPX8 is the highest you can get, so it provides the best protection during submersion. It’s a hit with snorkellers and divers, but it’s also great for use at the beach, swimming, kayaking, skiing, and fishing.

    The built-in finger sleeve and rolling Velcro system lets you access all the controls whilst underwater. A UV coated polycarbonate lens provides clear pictures, which is always important when shooting in water as things can get muggy.

    This polycarbonate is abrasion resistant due to the hard coating, so you don’t need to worry about any damage to your camera.  As well as waterproof, this is snow proof, sand proof, and fog proof.  Weighing 5.8 ounces, it’s quite lightweight and easily portable.


    • Robust PVC Vinyl Housing Suitable for 16.4ft Depth
    • Fits 7.5” SLR Camera & 2.0” – 6” Lens
    • Integrated Finger Sleeve to Easily Use Camera


    6. Beschoi DSLR Waterproof Camera Backpack

    Beschoi Waterproof Camera Backpack

    Next up is this classically shaped backpack from Beschoi. It can fit 1-2 cameras and 4-6 lenses, which you can keep highly organized with movable dividers that let you modify the space. Bonus storage options consist of an inner mesh pouch for 14” laptops or documents and a front zippered pocket.

    Side tripod straps for a 50cm foiled light tripod, and a side zippered pocket for smaller accessories are also included. The laptop pocket has a nylon Velcro attachment to keep it snug and secure.

    Made of water repellent nylon, it won’t protect against downpours, but it will do very well in light to moderate levels of precipitation, or splashes of water. The nylon is also great for preventing scratches or holes.

    The backpack straps have a honeycomb wide mesh construction, which induces airflow so you can wear it for hours on end. In addition to the padded back straps, there is a handy cushioned top handle for grabbing it on the go.

    Due to the moderate water protection and dedicated camera space, we’ve chosen this as a top option for day trips or single-location photoshoots.


    • Water Repellent Nylon & Reinforced Stitching
    • Anti-Theft Interlocking Zippers
    • Lightweight 2.3 lbs for Easy Portability


    7. BAGSMART Water Resistant Camera Backpack

    Bagsmart Water Resistant Camera Backpack

    Sporting a rugged design, this bag from BAGSMART is a stylish storage option for travelers, or multi-day photoshoots. Even though it’s made from canvas, it’s rated as water resistant because it has exposed zippers, and a simple drawstring closure inside.

    This means it will withstand light to moderate rainfall. Organization has been well though-out here, with several different compartments to keep things separate and prepared.

    Starting outside, you’ve got 2 side open pouches. These allow for storage for a water bottle and tripod, keeping them out of the way and leaving more room in the main section. Next is the biggest section, which can be used for clothes, a small sleeping bag, maps, toiletries, and so on.

    Moving down is the camera zone. It has a full-length zipper, where the front part folds out like a flap. In this area, you’ve got fully removable dividers that let you customize everything to fit your camera and lenses.

    On the flap is an accessories pocket, which we love for storing smaller essentials like a torch, cables, or even your phone. A unique feature is the back-laptop pocket, which we especially like because it keeps the computer so well hidden and discreet.

    Once it’s completely closed, 2 of the zippers interlock with the side metal hook, creating a secure closure so that the zips can’t come apart. Carrying it around is comfortable with padded straps, and an adjustable chest buckle.


    • Naturally Waterproof Canvas Material
    • 7 Total Storage Options Including Dedicated Camera Compartment
    • Interlocking Zippers for Security


    8. S-ZONE Waterproof Canvas Camera Backpack

    S Zone Waterproof Canvas Camera Backpack

    Next on our list is a super vintage backpack, with naturally wrinkled waxed canvas, leather buckles, and all. At 2.7 lbs it’s quite lightweight and won’t add to the weight when you’re carrying a heavy load.

    Due to its breathable ShockProof foam and mesh construction at the back, it’s great for hikes and bushwalks as it’s more comfortable to wear. Comfort also comes from the cushioned shoulder straps that relieve pressure.

    In terms of storage, there is the main section, a bottom compartment for your camera and accessories, plus a side door and side mesh pocket. In the main part, you can store large belongings, plus there’s a laptop sleeve.

    The camera compartment has movable dividers and is designed for DSLR cameras, like Canon, Nikon, Sony, and Pentax. The side door is a highlight for use because it lets you put your camera in and out quickly and easily. On the very bottom, there are 2 hard-wearing straps that will firmly hold a tripod.

    The waxed canvas is naturally waterproof, plus the leather accessories are highly durable. Much like above though, we rate this is water resistant because of the exposed zippers.


    • Waterproof Waxed Canvas with Robust Horse Leather Accessories
    • Dedicated Front Camera Pocket Stores DSLR Cameras
    • 14” Inner Laptop Compartment


    9. Overboard Waterproof Camera Bag

    Overboard Waterproof Camera Bag

    With a very similar design to a waterproof dry bag, this is a roll top SLR bag that protects from the elements and can float on water. Constructed from 600D PVC tarpaulin, it’s sturdy and highly durable against scratches and punctures. Using their own waterproof rating system, it comes in at a rating of 3. This means that it floats, as well as being able to handle quick submersions under 30 seconds or so, and less than 3ft of depth.

    While there aren’t heaps of storage options here, you do have an interior pouch which you can use to store wet items and keep them separate. Also, you’ve got one other mesh pocket for smaller possessions.

    We think this is more of a bag that you’d use on day trips, like to the beach or on a boat, as there aren’t many organization options unless you bring your own camera cube.

    A removable shoulder strap lets you customize how you want to carry it. To quickly pick it up, the roll top closure converts into a large handle, made from the buckles. On either side, there are 4 heavy-duty D-rings for attaching it to a backpack or duffel bag, onto a kayak, or attaching more straps.


    • Tough Waterproof 600D PVC Tarpaulin
    • Convenient Roll Top Closure with Double Handle Options
    • Large Inner Wet Pocket to Separate Items


    10. Abonnyc Waterproof Camera Backpack

    Abonnyc Waterproof Camera Backpack

    Finally, our last option comes from Abonnyc. It’s another vintage style backpack, made from high-quality batik canvas that is waterproof and robust. We love the batik design, because it’s unique and adds a twist to regular canvas.

    It disguises itself well as a regular old backpack, but has a modern feel to it with the front flap pocket that has dedicated and customizable sections for camera gear.

    It holds a large capacity, with the ability to fit 1 camera, 3 lenses, a tripod, a 13.3” laptop, and clothes all in one. The main section also flips up like a lid, making it much easier to access essential valuables quickly, like your phone and wallet.

    Having a variety of pockets and compartments makes it much easier to store everyday items, as well as your camera and its accessories.

    In addition to protecting your camera from moisture exposure, the dedicated section has a shockproof sponge layer to prevent damage from bumps or scrapes. Thanks to the padded straps and great quality construction, this has a high bearing level of up to 110 lbs.


    • Tough & Waterproof Canvas Material with Leather Parts
    • Strong Bearing Capacity with Multiple Storage Sections
    • Fast & Effortless Side Access to Camera


    How to Choose a Waterproof Camera Bag

    Best Waterproof Camera Bags Buyers Guide


    Here is a summary of the main materials used in our top 10 list, and they were chosen for their high quality and great level of protection:

    • Nylon – this is a flexible and highly durable material that is often used on more modern designs. Sometimes you can find a nylon canvas blend, like the Peak Design model on our list, which is very resistant against abrasions, and obviously very waterproof.
    • Tarpaulin – this feels a bit like a very smooth plastic and is often used for its ruggedness. It’s completely waterproof and is usually paired with nylon to create a highly durable bag.
    • PVC – a very thick plastic that can float easily. Often used in combination with tarpaulin for increased protection.
    • Canvas or Waxed Canvas – naturally waterproof, but waxed canvas gives an extra layer of protection against moisture.


    This will determine how much you can fit inside the bag, so think about this wisely before purchasing. Of course, you’ll want to fit your camera, but perhaps you’ll need more lenses than you thought? One of the worst things is not being able to fit all your essentials into your bag.

    Remember to measure the dimensions of your camera and compare it to the bag you want. You want it to fit snug, but it’s always handy to have extra room left for other belongings and accessories.

    Type of Protection

    You may have noticed that some models on our list are water resistant, instead of fully waterproof. If the bag is water resistant, we recommend getting one with a rainfly cover for rain emergencies. Water resistance is still ideal, but it will only protect your contents from a light to moderate amount of rain.

    Another factor is the zippers. These will determine whether something is water repellent, resistant, or waterproof. Even though materials like canvas and nylon are waterproof, if the zippers are exposed (that is, if they aren’t designed as watertight) it can leave the bag compromised if it’s hit by a heavy downpour.

    As well as waterproofing, look out for padded dividers and pockets. These will provide shock-protection for your precious gear, so if you drop or hit your bag, nothing should get damaged. High-quality material will also protect from scratches easily occurring to your camera.

    Strap Type

    The strap will determine the comfort when carry the bag. Shoulder straps are common and should be padded to prevent soreness on the shoulders.

    Backpack straps should also be very well cushioned. Also look out for mesh, as this will increase breathability so that sweat won’t build-up onto your bag. These straps should be heavy-duty enough to carry heavy loads, as camera gear can get hefty quickly.

    Waist or chest straps are something else to consider, particularly if you’re travelling with a heavy load. They will help to take some pressure off your back.

    Closing System

    This refers to the type of closure of the bag. Most commonly, especially for backpacks, you’ll find zippers as the main closure mechanism. Look out for waterproof zippers, which create an airtight seal to stop leaks.

    Another commonly seen closure system is the roll top, which you will have seen with our Overboard pick. It’s a well-known technique for waterproof dry bags, as it creates a watertight seal. They can usually float on water, but always check with the manufacturer if it can be submerged, as not all of them can.


    Multiple pockets, pouches, and compartments will keep things nice and organized. This means you can easily access things, and electronics won’t get all tangled up. Look for bags with various storage options, like hidden pockets, side doors, mesh pouches, and straps for tripods.


    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is a Waterproof Camera Bag?

    It is a type of bag that protects your camera and all its accessories from water damage. They come in many different styles and designs, and backpacks are very common due to their large capacity and ease of use. These bags let you travel with your camera in different weather conditions, without compromising on the safety of camera equipment.

    How Waterproof is a Waterproof Camera Bag?

    Most are made to be highly waterproof, however it all depends on the brand, design, and materials. If the bag has unprotected zippers, it’s classified as water resistant which will protect your camera equipment from mild rainfall. Some bags can even float on water or submerge fully for diving and snorkelling purposes. But again, it all depends on the materials and construction.

    Will a Waterproof Camera Bag Fit My DSLR or SRL Camera?

    Pretty much all these bags are designed to fit DSLR and SLR cameras, including different sized lenses. However, it will greatly depend on the size of the bag, as well as the size of the compartments. Most bags come with dedicated compartments for camera accessories, so always check the dimensions beforehand to see if your camera gear will fit.


    Conclusion on Waterproof Camera Backpacks

    Regardless if you’re a pro photographer, or love taking beautiful photos on the weekends, every camera enthusiast can benefit from a great-quality waterproof camera bag. There’s no doubt that a professional camera is a big investment, so protecting it is crucial in order to maintain its longevity, quality, and functionality.

    Being able to take your camera with you in rain and shine is going to expand your photography, as you won’t be limited to just good-weather days.

    From the vast range of waterproof camera pouches on our list, we’re sure you’ve found one that is perfect for your beloved camera, one that complements your style, and of course, one that offers a high level of protection.


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