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10 Best Heated Bird Baths for Winter

10 Best Heated Bird Baths for Winter in Canada 2024

    If you really want to lure birds into your yard or garden on a consistent basis, then supplying something that is always in demand is of paramount importance.


    Why didn’t I think of that! Yes, its a no brainer, water will keep them coming all year round, trouble is, depending on where you live you might have cold enough temperatures to freeze over that water for 1-4 months of the year, if not more in some places. This is an issue, but not one without a solution.

    Heated Bird Baths and Bird Bath Heaters, were created to avoid this issue, and make it easy for wild birds of all species to drink 12 months of the year, without any hassle.

    But why else should you do this?

    Because water undoubtedly attracts more bird variety, than any bird feeder or seed, so if you’re looking to spot something special, especially during winter months, then outdoor heated water will be a treat. Not only do they provide a water source during times of scarcity, which aids in the survival of birds during extreme winter months.

    But they also are used as a place for birds to preen, prune and clean themselves. It is so important for birds to keep their feathers cleaned and healthy, removing dust and debris from their wings which can affect their flight and therefore survival.

    With this in mind, let’s check out some of these amazing models which can be used in a variety of settings.

    How Do Heated Baths Actually Work?

    Generally speaking, birdbaths come fully integrated with a heater already located inside. All that’s required to get it working is to plug it in and fill it with clean water as the heating system is built-in. Heated bird baths work exceptionally well in heating the water for birds even on the coldest of winter days.

    Another type of bird bath is one that utilizes a portable and removable heating unit, that just slides into the basin and heats the water that way. Removing it during the summer months as it’s not needed. This method may be easier, but the heating units are usually less powerful than the integrated ones, and its a little less subtle in appearance.


    The 10 Best Bird Baths with Heaters and Deicers Reviewed

    1. Farm Innovators 3-in-1 Heated Bird Bath

    Farm Innovators 3-in-1 Heated Bird Bath

    A particularly versatile heated bird bath here, due to the multiple mounting options it is capable of. Utilizing a clamp for mounts and legs, it is able to be used as a ground birdbath. But also capable of attaching itself to a deck, or a post as pictured above.

    The low wattage keeps the price low and the cables can be tucked away during the summer months, to keep it neat and tidy.

    It can be heated even in temperatures of up to minus 10 degrees Fahrenheit, operating well in cold winter weather. 

    Manufactured with a powder coating, it protects the bath from rust and corrosion, which can happen over time in harsh weather conditions, thankfully you are protected from this issue.

    Key Features

    • Economical Low Wattage Heating
    • Works in Minus Temperatures 
    • Multiple Mounting Options


    2. Songbird Essentials Heated Birdbath

    Songbird Essentials Heated Birdbath

    One of the most aesthetically pleasing birdbaths in our list today, this stained wood model contains a dense plastic pan that holds and heats the water.

    The 60-watt heating unit is enclosed internally and it heats the entire pan up to 32 degrees F, which is ample to brave winter weather and resist freezing.

    The cord, as well as the heating unit, is concealed, so all electrical parts are safely stored out of danger.  However, you will need your own extension cord to connect to your own power supply.

    Key Features

    • Heats up to 32 Degrees F
    • Heating Unit and Cords Concealed 
    • Sturdy Design and All Parts Included


    3. API 670 Heated Bird Bath

    API 670 Heated Bird Bath 

    The intuitive rim design encourages birds to land and feed, which is also easily held by the birds when feeding.

    The deep basin sits on top and is held in place well, it can hold around 3 gallons of water in total which can last for quite a while even with larger birds drinking from it.

    A good tip here is to fill the base with sand to hold it in place better and stop any movement in strong winds.

    The power cord runs through the pedestal attachment and is concealed from any risks, and an entry hole is located at the base of the pedestal to attach your extension cord.

    Heating with a power of 150 watts, this can push water temperatures up to 40 degrees and above, topping out at around 50 degrees Fahrenheit, perfect for winter months.

    Key Features

    • Heats up to 40/50 Degrees F
    • Beautiful Pedestal Design
    • Lowkey Cord Entry Hole


    4. Allied Precision Heated Bird Bath

    Allied Precision Heated Bird Bath

    A heated birdbath with stand here from Allied Precision Industries, which we will refer to from here on out as API for convenience. API has a long list of heated baths in their catalog and the 970 is one of the best selling models for various reasons.

    The heating unit included in this model is incredibly powerful, heating at 150 watts of power and is controlled via a thermostat on the bath itself. The bowls’ dimensions are 20 x 2 inches, which is plenty of nourishment for thirsty wild birds.

    The design is also convenient for birds as the rim can be grasped by their talons, allowing them to drink comfortably from a stable position. The stand is metal also so it won’t be waving in light winds like cheaper plastic versions.

    Key Features

    • Heats up to 50 Degrees F
    • Natural Perch Design
    • Strong Metal Stand


    5. Farm Innovators Model HBC-120C

    Farm Innovators Model HBC-120C 

    A beautifully molded design here on this heated bird bath with pedestal, that will fit well in any garden or backyard, creating an air of elegance in any location.

    With a 120 watts in power, the heating has a bit more kick than the 70 watt models, and can heat the water faster and at higher temperatures.

    The top basin can be disconnected simply, allowing you to clean the basin when needed, which you should do every now an then.

    A stable bird bath that can heat water all year round, a true 4 season model and one that replicates the expensive concrete bird baths of old.

    Key Features

    • 120 Watt Heating Unit
    • Easy Basin Removal 
    • Concrete Like Molded Design


    6. Allied Precision Industries 600 Heated Bird Bath Bowl

    Allied Precision Industries 600 Heated Bird Bath Bowl

    Although this heated bird bowl comes without a stand it does come with a hardware kit, that you can use to attach a variety of things like 4 x 4 posts, pedestals, feeder poles and even wooden/metal fencing or railings.

    The hardware kit consists of a metal disk that has been pre-drilled already so you don’t need to do it, and is compatible size-wise with 4 x 4 posts and wooden rails that are smaller than 3.5 inches in width.

    What a 120-watt power system, the heating unit can heat up to 38 degrees Fahrenheit and includes a built-in thermostat for temperature control.

    Key Features

    • Heats up to 38 Degrees F
    • Free Hardware Kit
    • Deep Basin 


    7. Farm Innovators Heated Ground Bird Bath

    Farm Innovators Heated Ground Bird Bath

    Not all species of birds will perch up high to drink, some wild birds and larger birds prefer to drink from the ground level, making this ground bird bath ideal for those situations.

    The design also is fantastic as it blends in well with natural surroundings, inviting some species of birds more so than a metal or plastic model would.

    One of our favorite features is the money-saving aspect of the 70-watt heating system, with such a low wattage it costs literally pennies to keep it running, allowing you to heat the water all winter long without breaking the bank.

    The cord is hidden away nicely internally and a thermostat is evident, allowing control over the temperatures.

    All in all a nice little oasis bird bath that can be used economically, all year round. 

    Key Features

    • Economical Heating System
    • Unique Oasis Design
    • Both Ground Level and Mounting Options


    8. Farm Innovators All Seasons Heated Bird Bath

    Farm Innovators All Seasons Heated Bird Bath

    An all season bird bath that can operate al year round, even in winter months with its internal heating unit.

    The electrical ports are hidden and out of the way, so it doesn’t create an eyesore of cords and cables in your garden.

    With a large basin of 1.5 gallons you won’t need to fill it so often, this is a good size and will feed dozens of birds for days. The assembly is also simple, with an easy twist on mount, it’s a breeze to put together, take apart and clean.

    Although this heated bird basin comes without a stand, the company does have a matching Pedestal with the same design and color theme, it is a separate purchase, but the only accessory that truly matches the design.

    Key Features

    • 1.5 Gallon Basin
    • 4 Season Bird Bath
    • Matching Pedestal Set


    9. Allied Precision Bird Bath Deicer

    Allied Precision Bird Bath Deicer

    This submersible de-icer is ideal for your bird bath, capable of keeping the water heated even during temperatures of 20 below freezing. Thermostats automation is designed to prevent the water from freezing over at any point, so you can leave the deicer to its own devices, it will do the work itself.

    The heating unit is light, made of aluminum, this deicer can be also used in plastic bird baths, and won’t cause any reaction or heat marks. Up to 250 watts of power, giving it quite the kick and can get work melting the ice faster than low powered models.


    10. K&H Pet Products Bird Bath Deicer

    K&H Pet Products Bird Bath Deicer

    With an enamel coating, it’s convenient to keep clean and like the API deicer can also operate in extreme weather conditions, heating the water to a drinkable temperature.

    Due to the finish applied, you can actually spray paint it if necessary without any repercussions. Perhaps you would like a brown, green or tan custom color to blend in with your bath basin color or garden theme.

    An 18-inch cord comes with this model, so you can submerge it deep into the larger basins without any restrictions.

    Utilizing only a 50-watt power unit, its low wattage provides a cheap running cost. All electrical parts and units have passed the USA/CA safety standards test.


    Are Heated Bird Baths Really Safe for Birds?

    In many situations, heated baths are a lifesaver for birds and are a great water source during times of scarcity. With that being said, neglecting your bird bath can have some effect on the health of your birds. So let’s keep in mind a few things.

    Watch the Heating Unit

    A malfunctioning heating unit is something to look out for, you can check that it’s heating to the correct temperatures daily or weekly, with your own thermometer. Inconsistencies in the temperature are a telltale sign that something has run amuck.

    Stagnant Water Risk

    Stagnation is another major way in which bird baths can be problematic, but easy to rectify. Water left sitting for several days becomes a breeding ground for bacteria that is harmful to birds and can easily lead to issues. The best possible solution is cleaning the basin on a regular basis. Drying them and then refilling them up with clean water which can prevent a lot of harm all the while providing birds with a safe place

    Be Aware of the Depth

    Also, the depth should also be kept in mind. As the majority of birds that may be attracted are small in size and birdbath basins deeper than 4 inches could potentially lead to accidents if they were to fall in. A quick solution is to fill your bird bath with gravel or marbles to lessen the depth and make a shallower pool. Secondly, some products come with a ‘perch rim’ which is designed for birds to grip strongly on while feeding.


    Frequently Asked Questions

    How Do You Heat A Bird Bath in Winter? 

    To heat a birdbath for use in winter is a simple process involving just a few basic steps.

    These steps are essential to effective heating and functioning of a birdbath in winter. 

    1. Select a suitable location. A place where there is direct sunlight present is apt as it will stay unfrozen and warm on chilly days.
    2. Clean and clear it thoroughly with a mild cleaning solution, a clean bird bath is the right way to set up a basin for optimal heating.
    3. Use an immersion heater is another option of heating. Ensuring you have a long enough cable to reach the bottom of the basin is important for obscurity.
    4. Additionally checking temperatures to avoid any over-heating or electrical faults. Add twigs, stones, or gravel to the bottom of the basin to keep the birds from dropping inside the actual bird bath, only an issue for smaller birds in particularly deep basins.

    How To Decorate my Heated Bird Bath? 

    The first step to create an appealing bath is to clean it regularly.

    Additionally, decorating the basin by adding rocks, pebbles, gravel to make the bottom appear shallow, and creates an attractive effect that has more chance of luring birds than a bare plastic bowl.

    You can also try using a bird bath dripper, birds are attracted to the sounds of flowing water. Simulating raindrops or stream sounds are a sure-fire way to lure them in for a good drink.

    Lastly, choose a scenic location even if it’s your backyard, someplace that has a lot of greenery, as we try to create a scenic spot for birds to happily land at.

    How to Maintain a Heated Bird Bath

    Maintenance is the next and last area that needs to be covered to ensure the longevity of your bird bath.

    A regular check on the heating system is required to examine if it’s functioning correctly or not. Inconsistencies in the heating temperatures are a good sign of electrical faults or disconnections.

    Cleaning is the major aspect that can be easily handled by using a pair of gloves and a cleaning solution (mild and preferably harsh chemical-free) or a natural one to rinse out the basin once in a while.

    Simple yet important tasks to keep a well-functioning heated bird bath, with this in mind you hold your best possible chance to attracting birds of all kinds, at all times.


    Emma Severin

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