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 How to Use an Electric Shaver and How to Choose One

How to Use and Choose an Electric Shaver in 2024

    While electric shavers are not a new thing, plenty of people have never dared to use them, due to lack of ‘know-how’. If you’re among the people who never shaved with an electric shaver before, you probably have some issues regarding its use. Don’t panic – we’re here to explain to all beginners how to use an electric shaver.

    Shaving with an electric shaver is much faster compared to the traditional one, but it does require some getting used to. Fortunately, after reading our guide (and some practice!), you’ll quickly learn how to use an electric shaver like a pro!

    How to Use an Electric Shaver

    Although commonly connected with removing facial hairs, an electric shaver can be used on various body parts. When switching from a manual razor to an electric shaver, it can take some time to get used to this new way of shaving.

    The shaving method can depend on the location you want hair removed from, so this is something you need to pay close attention to.

    Without further ado, here’s how to use an electric shaver:

    Face Shaving

    man shaving his beard with electric shaver

    The face is one of the places people use razors the most. Probably all men have used razors on this place at least once – some have probably used it more. Even some women like to have their faces shaved!

    Here’s how to use an electric shaver on your face:

    • Step one: Charge your shaver if it works on batteries.
    • Step two: Don’t wash your face before shaving. If you do wash, your face might get swollen, which can affect the close shave you probably want to get.
    • Step three: If your beard is quite long, consider trimming it a bit to avoid hairs getting stuck inside the razor.
    • Step four: You should hold the shaver at the 90o angle throughout the shaving process. Also, you should shave against the direction of the beard growth. Try to avoid going over the same areas more than twice, as this might cause irritations.
    • Step five: If you need to shave sensitive areas or if you want to get a really close shave, stretch the skin a little bit with your hands to ensure a smooth glide.
    • Step six: Don’t put as much pressure on the shaver as you would with a manual razor. Your hand movements should be very light.
    • Step seven: Once you are done, clean your shaver and put your favorite aftershave on your face.


    Leg Shaving

    Leg Shaving with electric shaver

    While waxing is still the most popular leg hair removal method, not all women like enduring this painful procedure. Not to mention how expensive it can be! Because of this, learning how to use an electric shaver on legs is becoming a more and more searched term on Google.

    While some electric shavers are specially designed to be used on legs, you can also use a regular face shaver for this. If you opt for a specialized one, you should know that there are dry shavers and wet shavers. The only true difference between the two is that the wet one should be used after you’ve applied gel, while you can use the dry shaver at any time.

    Dry Shaver

    • Step one: For this area of the body, feel free to wash your legs using hot water and soap. However, don’t forget to dry them before you start shaving them. This will ensure they are flexible and slick enough for a shaver to glide over them.
    • Step two: Hover the shaver from your leg ankles to the thighs. If you go downwards, the razor might not work. Do this motion all over your legs, until you are certain all the hairs are removed.
    • Step three: Remove all the remaining hairs using a clean towel. Don’t use any harsh brushes, as these can damage your skin.
    • Step four: The final step is to moisturize. Moisturizing will keep your legs from becoming itchy or dried out.

    Wet Shaver

    • Step one: Wash your legs using warm water, then place the gel on your legs. Use it to gently lift the hairs a bit.
    • Step two: Instead of moving upward, shave in the circular motion. This works better when you’re shaving with gel.
    • Step three: rinse your legs and don’t put any clothes on until they are dried. Don’t towel dry them unless absolutely necessary. This way, you’ll avoid irritations.


    Head Shaving

    Head Shaving electric shaver

    Another common shaving area, especially during the summer, is the head. Going bald can be a great way to cool yourself during hot weather. Not to mention how shaving only a part of your head can give you a modern haircut.

    While this, too, can be done with both the wet and the dry shaver, the shaving methods aren’t that different. There is only so much you can experiment with when shaving a part of your body you can’t actually see!

    If you want to know how to use an electric shaver, here are the steps you need to take:

    • Step one: Similar to legs, you should wash your head to ensure it is free of any dirt. Also, if your hair is longer than a few millimeters, trim it with scissors. Otherwise, no matter how powerful your trimmer might be, it might get clogged with hairs.
    • Step two: To shave this part of your body, you’ll need a room with a large mirror. If you happen to have two mirrors, that would be the best. Also, adequate lightning is key to doing everything right.
    • Step three: You should begin by shaving in a circular motion, especially if you’re using a rotary shaver. After you’ve dealt with one area, you can go over it again in a linear motion. This will help you get rid of even the most persistent patch of hair. Keep in mind that you shouldn’t use too much force. The tool should do all the work for you.
    • Step four: Once you’re done shaving, look at the mirror to ensure everything is done smoothly. If you don’t have two mirrors, use the front camera on your smartphone. Fix any missed spots.
    • Step five: Wash your entire head with cold water. Don’t use warm water, as it can increase the chances of infection or irritations. Apply aftershave right after. Also, clean your electric shaver. If you leave any gel, hair, or lather, it might clog everything up.


    How to Choose an Electric Shaver?

    selection of electric shavers

    You shouldn’t just go and buy the first affordable electric shaver you run across. Instead, you should carefully pick the device that works best for you. Read forums or consult a specialist, someone who is experienced in grooming. Hear the opinions of as many people as possible before you make a decision. Of course, you need to have your own grooming needs in mind. Think about your hair type. How fast does it grow? Are you considered to be a ‘hairy’ person, or do you simply have a few hairs here and there? What area of the body do you plan on shaving the most?

    Overall, you should know that models used for wet shaving are considered to be better ones, as the chances of cutting yourself are next to non-existent. Still, these devices tend to be pricey, and there is usually a bit more work involved.

    Also, before you opt for a certain model, try reading some of our reviews first, as many devices have extra features you don’t really need.

    Here are some things you need to consider:


    You have to consider how much the replacement blades, heads, or battery packs will cost, depending on the model. You can factor this by calculating roughly how much you may need to spend per year on repurchasing extras.

    Not just that, but think about the time you’d spend cleaning the shaver. If maintaining it takes longer than the time you’d spend shaving, it might not be worth the money.


    How the shaver charges is also important. One that connects directly to the power supply and is used on a cable will probably be a bit more robust, in terms of cutting power. However, a cordless, rechargeable one will undoubtedly be better for travel and on the go. Additionally, you want to check out the recharge times and cordless shaving times. If you require a longer, detailed shave, you want one with a longer life without charging.


    We all need to clean out the shaver and it’s of the utmost importance. It prevents hairs or lack of oil, creating issues after a month of use. However, the products give us a choice, some newer models come complete with a ‘station’ that is self-cleaning. You just pop it in and it does the work for you. Most of the others are just manual cleaning, which you will need to take a few minutes, quite frequently to maintain it properly.

    Once again, it’s important to think about the time you’ll spend cleaning the device. If this process is too complicated or if it takes too much time, it may not be worth it.

    Wet or Dry or Both

    Wet shaves are for those who prefer to use shaving foam. They’re safe to use and the chances of cuts are low to none. This is because the shaving foam or gel make your skin surface slicker, and they serve as a protective layer.

    Dry shavers actually offer a much quicker shave, more simplistic, and can be done at any time. Some models do both and pretty well too, so you can also consider this factor when choosing.


    Foil Vs. Rotary Shavers

    Foil Vs. Rotary Shavers

    Many people are confused about the differences between these 2 electric shavers. First of all, there is a significant difference and one that should be used to guide your purchase.

    Rotary Shavers

    • If your skin is sensitive, avoid this one. These are for veteran shavers with experienced skin, as you rack up more years of shaving you can move onto a rotary. (if you cover the other points below)
    • For the more blasé shaver who doesn’t plan to shave daily, perhaps every few days or just before the weekend to look fresh on Friday and Saturday nights.
    • For the male with thicker hair growth, who has coarse, dense hairs on the body and face.
    • Best for use on longer hairs, therefore someone who lets the hair ride out a bit before going in for a close, fresh-up shave.
    • Great for contour shaves, so this is suitable for beard growth along the jawline and neck, as hairs tend to grow in varying directions here, a rotary can deal with these angles better than a foil shaver or trimmer.

    Foil Shaver

    • You are someone who likes to shave every day and is fully part of your routine.
    • You like the bald look, completely shaven, and prefer a thorough cut around the cheek areas.
    • If you normally shave in a direct line or angle, foil shavers will work best with this method, as opposed to moving in any direction freely. Usually a habit of old-school cartridge shavers. You will be more at home with a foil shaver as opposed to a rotary or trimmer.
    • Your hairs are pretty light, grow thinly, and aren’t too dense.
    • You need some form of detail, alignment, or precision during your shave. Perhaps you like to shape a goatee, mustache, or sideburns, a rotary would be insanely difficult to manage that.


    The first thing I would consider is whether or not you have a history of skin sensitivity, razor burns or if you are a fairly new shaver. In this case, go with a foil shaver. Rotary is a bit rougher and ready, capable of shaving more aggressively, cutting longer/thicker hairs, and dealing with contours on the face.


    How to Clean an Electric Shaver?

    How to Clean an Electric Shaver

    Cleaning is a very important process in knowing how to use an electric shaver properly. As mentioned before, if you don’t clean it properly right after use, you’re risking clogs or even breaking the device altogether.

    Fortunately, with a few tips, it will take you no more than a minute to clean it!

    • First off, remove the shaving head and gently tap the frame on the countertop or a sink. Of course, make sure the shaver is turned off!
    • If you feel like this isn’t enough, try using a can of compressed air.
    • If there are still hairs remaining on the head, give it a quick rinse. This can be really helpful if you’ve wet shaved.
    • Return the head onto the razor, then apply a bit of liquid soap over the combs.
    • Turn the razor on. As it rotates, it will help the soap get deep inside the combs, cleaning them. Don’t place it under the running faucet. Instead, if you feel like it could use more water, sprinkle a few drops with your hand. Let it run for around ten seconds.
    • Some electric shavers even have a special cleaning mode. If they do, use them for the previous step.
    • Rinse the razor by placing the head underneath the tap water. As long as the water doesn’t get near the electric cord or batteries, it shouldn’t damage the device. Rinse for approximately ten seconds.
    • Turn the shaver off, remove the head once again, then rinse it.
    • Shake off any excess water. Gently clean with a cloth, and leave the parts on the countertop to air dry. Don’t put everything back together until it’s entirely cleaned. Otherwise, you may end up with a severe mold problem.

    This should be enough to keep your electric shaver squeaky clean!


    How to Maintain an Electric Shaver?

    How to Maintain an Electric Shaver

    Many people underestimate the importance of maintaining an electric shaver. However, this is likely the most important part when it comes to using this device.

    Electric shavers are much more expensive than regular razors. Despite this, if you use them regularly and take good care of them, this is an investment that will quickly pay off.

    While there are no rules to the lifespan of an electric shaver, most will last you for at least a few years. Throughout this time, you won’t have to make any additional purchases. Later on, you might need to replace the blades or the heads, but this will still end up costing you less than if you were to purchase new classic razors every few weeks.

    To get the most out of your electric shaver, here are a few things you should do:

    • Clean your razor regularly. This will keep the foil and the blades from becoming dull.
    • Lubricate your shaver with a drop of lubricating oils before every use.
    • Additionally, you might want to use a bit of cleaning spray at least after every second shave.
    • Handle them with care. While most electric shavers are durable and sturdy, you’d still want to take good care of them.
    • Try to keep their batteries in the good health. The method depends on the battery type.
    • Replace the blades and foils whenever you notice them wearing out. While the original ones can sometimes last up to a few years, it’s recommended you replace them once every 12 months.


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