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Best Window Bird Feeders in Canada [Suction Cup]

10 Best Window Bird Feeders in Canada [Suction Cup]

    Window bird feeders are such a unique type of feeder that offer a very intimate experience with birds. It takes “up-close-and-personal” to a whole new level, where you can watch these beautiful creatures at the forefront of your window.

    One of our favorite reasons for using this type of bird feeder is that it’s the perfect solution to a small garden or yard. You don’t even need one – simply adhere the feeder right to the window and watch the magic happen. Getting one with reliable suction means you don’t need to worry about anything falling off.

    Another big reason relates to safety. Birds can often bump into glass, causing irreversible injury in some cases. With a window feeder, birds will take the time to slow down and rest to eat.

    Just another huge benefit to add to the list is the natural squirrel-proof nature of these feeders. Unless you put it inside a windowsill, squirrels will not be able to easily access something stuck onto some slippery glass.

    With all this in mind, we’ve decided to scour the internet for the best bird feeders on the market. While all able to stick to glass, we’ve chosen a wide variety of different shapes and designs to suit different styles and needs.

    How to Make a Window Bird Feeder Stay on the Window

    • Quality is Key – Getting a great quality feeder is going to give it the best chance to stick to glass and stay there. Cheapy suction cups won’t hold on for long periods, which can lead to the feeder falling off and feed going everywhere. While you don’t necessarily need to break the bank, it’s important to choose a feeder with solid materials and construction.
    • Clean Windows – Wash your windows thoroughly and let them dry before attempting to install it. This ensures that the cups have a strong suction to keep it stable.
    • Warmth – Utilizing a warm window is a great top tip for ultimate suction. If you must set it up during winter, try doing so at the warmest time of the day. Or, you can always use a hairdryer to warm it up in a pinch.
    • Helping Hand – Seasoning the cups creates a tighter suction for better adherence. While you can use a touch of saliva on the inside of the cups, you can also use your own facial oils as a little helping hand. Press your finger on the crease of your chin, the corners of your nose, or on your forehead. Oil doesn’t dissolve as quickly as water, so it creates a better surface.
    • Maintenance – Each time you top-up the feed, try and get rid of any air bubbles in the cups. You can do this by wiggling the feeder slightly up and down.

    Reviews – Best Window Bird Feeders

    1. Wild Birds of Joy Window Bird Feeder

    Wild Birds of Joy Window Bird Feeder

    First, we have this fairly compact model from Wild Birds of Joy. Despite its square shape, the birds have plenty of room to reach inside and feed. The transparent construction is made from acrylic, which provides a completely clean view from the other side of the glass.

    Another promising feature of the acrylic comes from its durability. It’s made to withstand harsh weather conditions, without getting scratched or cracked. The suction cups are large and well placed. This ensures that it stays put, no matter the weather.

    To protect from light rain, we appreciate the top roof that covers the lower feed section. It also helps the birds to feel a little more secure. We also like that they can perch comfortably with the rubbery ledge. Just some of the birds you can expect to see using this feeder include cardinals, blue jays, finches, and woodpeckers.

    Key Features:

    • Deep Tray with High Seed Capacity
    • Heavy-Duty Clean Acrylic
    • Rubberized Ledge for Easy Gripping


    2. Nature’s Hangout Bird Feeder

    Nature’s Hangout Bird Feeder

    Sporting a more rectangular shape, this model is quite long to accommodate more birds at any one time. Made from highly durable, yet lightweight acrylic, is has a completely see-through design for a lovely clear view.

    Three large suction cups are located at the back. They are extra strength to prevent any unexpected falls.  For less feed changes and to keep birds feeding for longer periods, the tray section is very deep.

    It can fit around 4 cups worth of seed. Since it’s so deep and wide, it’s also effortless to clean and replenish. For added comfort while feeding, there is a thicker rubber part across the perching ledge. Even though the main opening is quite exposed, there is a roof to protect from light rainfall.

    One of the highlight features for us are the drainage holes. They ensure that if the feed gets wet, water can drain out to prevent bacteria from forming.

    Key Features:

    • Removable Tray Easy to Clean & Refill
    • Robust & Lightweight Acrylic is Weather Resistant
    • 3 Heavy-Duty Suction Cups Plus Bonus 3 Included


    3. Droll Yankees, Inc OWF Observer Window Bird Feeder

    Droll Yankees, Inc OWF Observer Window Bird Feeder

    Next we have this model from Droll Yankees, Inc. It has such a unique design, with the suction cups strategically placed. We love the placement because you can so clearly and easily bird watch without anything in the way. It makes it look like it has its own viewing window, as the birds perch between the lower food tray and the upper roof.

    A plastic construction makes it hold up well against harsh weather conditions. Since it’s clear, you can see in a cinch when it’s time to refill. To make it easier for the birds, the front section has been extended slightly to act as a perching spot.

    Although this model does have less coverage in terms of the entire construction, the amount of roof coverage is similar to other models. In fact, the roof even overhangs a little, so it’s giving slightly more protection from harsh rain.

    Key Features:

    • Holds 2 Cups of Seeds
    • Tripod Suction Cups Provide a Clearer View
    • Overhanging Roof Shields from Rain


    4. Perky-Pet 348 Window Bird Feeder

    Perky-Pet 348 Window Bird Feeder

    Shaped like a mini house, this model has multiple places for birds to perch and relax. They can land on the top with ease and cling to the roof ridge, or rest on the main roost for comfortable feeding. It’s very well protected thanks to its rounded design, where the roof hangs right over the feed.

    Despite this vast layer of shielding, the main opening is large and inviting. Birds don’t need to struggle to fit their head inside to feast. Made from a clear plastic, you have a great view through the window. We like that the plastic doesn’t fully cover the area that sits on the glass, so you can watch literally straight through your window.

    The plastic is thick, yet very lightweight, to ensure it sticks well with the pads. These suction pads are high-strength and located near the top to help balance the weight.

    Key Features:

    • Solid Plastic Construction & Overhanging Hood
    • Refill With 1 Cup of Seeds
    • Wide Opening with Perching Ledge


    5. PetFusion Tranquillity Window Bird Feeder

    PetFusion Tranquillity Window Bird Feeder

    Experience remarkable clarity with this feeder from PetFusion. With super clean and sharp angles, you get a wonderful view of birds positioned in any area on the perch. We love the overall look that this has, as it looks sleek and can fit in with any type of décor.

    The primary feeding section has drainage holes in the tray, and beneath it. This means that water will channel from any section, preventing mold or bacteria accumulation. When the time comes to change and refill the feed, the tray slips right out for effortless access.

    For comfortable meals, the birds have a smooth perch to land on. Although unspecified, it looks like some sort of metal, which gives them a good grip.  A UV coating not only prevents the feeder from yellowing, but it also makes it easier for birds to safely locate and perch.

    Key Features:

    • 4 Drainage Holes Prevent Moisture Build-Up
    • UV Coating Stops Yellowing & Assists Birds with Locating
    • Sleek Transparent Design for Crystal-Clear Viewing


    6. TODAYTOP Window Bird Feeder

    TODAYTOP Window Bird Feeder

    Packed with multi-functionality, this has three separate feeding sections which creates an enhanced experience for the birds. Our favorite part is the center container, where you can create a mini bird bath. This will encourage them to rest for longer, as they are able to drink and eat all at once.

    Three suction cups line the back for a balanced and firm placement. The inner trays are removable to fill and wash out with ease. To ensure the feed is able to dry if it gets wet, there are heaps of drainage holes at the bottom that allow plenty of moisture to seep out.

    We love that there are double perching options at the top and bottom. Birds can land in different areas, so they aren’t cramped into one little section. Another great aspect of these landings is that they are a dark green color, making them more attractive and welcoming.  Made from ABS, which is a thermoplastic polymer, it’s weatherproof and made to last long-term.

    Key Features:

    • 3 Separated Trays Including Middle Water Tray
    • Lower Drainage Holes
    • High-Quality Transparent ABS Acrylic


    7. SunshineFace Window Bird Feeder

    SunshineFace Window Bird Feeder

    This next model manages to combine premium materials and craftsmanship with an adorably charming design. It’s shaped like a tradition bird house, with a peaked roof. With its sharp and clean construction, it has such a modern feel to it, while still feeling welcoming and homey for birds to enjoy.

    The feeding tray is separated into two compartments, allowing you to provide two different types of feed at one time. A gorgeous rounded glass perch stand stretches across the top of the tray, blending right in with the rest of the feeder.

    For simple refills and cleaning, the tray slides right out in one swift movement. Protective strips can be found on the roof and tray area to shield the birds and feed from rain.

    Again, we love the placement of the suction cups. They are spaced out on the sides so that you have the best view of the birds from the center area. As well as this smart placement, there is a hole cut in the middle so that you can look straight through your own window, instead of through double layers of glass.

    Key Features:

    • Dual Tray Design Allows More Feed
    • Removable Tray for Easy Cleaning
    • Moisture Prevention System on Roof & Feed Areas


    8. Pleasay Window Bird Feeder

    Pleasay Window Bird Feeder


    Perfect for feeding a large amount of birds at the same time, this model is quite long measuring 11.8” in length. It has three compartments in total, two on the end for different feed, and one in the middle for water. This means that birds will perch for longer, as they have more options for eating and drinking.

    Double ledges mean double the birds, as there is more space for them to land. The ledges are an attractive forest green color, which helps them feel more comfortable when they land. For replenishing the feed and water, the tray detaches from the body hassle-free. It also helps with the cleaning process.

    Multiple seepage holes can be found below the tray. This prevents water from soaking or remaining inside, stopping a build-up of bacteria. The acrylic plastic form is not only weather-resistant, but it is highly transparent to watch with clarity. For added stability, three suction cups are spaced across the length of the feeder.

    Key Features:

    • Removable Tray with 3 Sections for Feed & Water
    • Dual Perch Ledges with Alluring Green Color
    • Several Drain Holes Prevent Mold


    9. CAROSE Window Bird Feeder

    CAROSE Window Bird Feeder

    Although similar in design to the previous model with its wide length, the compartments of this feeder are sectioned differently with a little more room for feed. The water container is still in the middle, but it is slightly smaller. You can add more of a variety of feed to encourage birds to rest for an extended time.

    60 small holes are located underneath the main tray unit, plus there are 78 holes in the lower part. This allows maximum water drainage from both areas, keeping seeds or other feed dry and fresh.

    It also encourages ventilation. To wash everything out on a regular basis, you can completely remove the serving tray. You don’t need to loosen the suction cups each time.

    Entirely built from solid acrylic, there is a sturdy roof that shields from light precipitation and also helps the birds feel more protected. Comfort is a focus with a soft rubber perch, which creates a stable grip.

    Key Features:

    • Solid Acrylic Form & Comfortable Rubber Perch
    • 138 Drainage Holes Preserve Freshness
    • Removable Feeding Tray for Effortless Cleaning


    10. Perky-Pet Window Mount Hummingbird Feeder

    Perky-Pet Window Mount Hummingbird Feeder

    Last on our list comes from Perky-Pet again, but this time it’s a hummingbird-specific feeder. Suctioning to glass with a single cup at the top, the bottom area is vibrantly colored to attract hummingbirds. It features a rich red color with bright yellow feeding ports shaped like hollyhock flowers. They are flexible with a soft feel for a more natural experience.

    You can hang it either from the included suction cup, or by a nail. With a large capacity of over 200g, the reservoir can be removed effortlessly to clean or top-up. It is completely shatterproof, making it resistant to rough weather conditions.

    Beside the feeding ports are some detachable perches, which allow the hummingbirds to rest comfortably. Since the base is wider than the rest of the structure, you can clearly see the birds as they feed. Although there aren’t bee or ant guards included, the ports are tapered which means that insects can’t enter to retrieve the nectar.

    Key Features:

    • Shatterproof Plastic Reservoir Removes with Ease
    • Bright Colors & Flexible Ports Present a Natural Feel
    • Holds 226g of Nectar


    5 Top Tips to Attract Birds to Your Window Feeder

    1. Use nutritious feed, like sunflower seeds or a high-quality seed mix, to attract birds and keep them coming back for more.
    2. Bird baths or water containers will entice more birds, as they won’t be limited to just food. They also love running water, like a fountain.
    3. Place it higher up on the window. This helps them feel safer as they’re further away from predators like cats.
    4. If you have other feeders already installed, try removing them for the first few weeks if you’ve purchased a new feeder.
    5. If it has a roof, try placing some feed on top as well as inside the tray to signal that your feeder is available. Also, ensure it is always filled with enough feed and clean it regularly.


    Frequently Asked Questions

    Are Window Feeders Safe?

    They are safer than you might think. Not only are they more difficult for cats or squirrels to access, but they also decrease the chances of birds flying into the glass because they have a safer spot to land. They will slow down and perch, instead of bumping into the window.

    How do Window Feeders Stay On?

    Typically, with suction cups. Depending on the size and style, you might get two to four cups on one feeder.

    Where on the Window Should I Place my Feeder?

    There is no rule for where exactly you should position it, but we do suggest keeping it well away from windowsills. This reduces the risk of prowling cats or other predators from being able to jump and access it.


    Conclusion on Window Bird Feeders

    Whether you’re looking to bird watch in the comforts of your home, at the office, or in a classroom, a window bird feeder is an ideal option for enjoying nature without the need for a large backyard.

    Not only do these types of feeders allow you to closely view these beautiful winged creatures, but it also means that you won’t disturb them while they feed. We’ve included a variety of designs and styles, with different shapes and compartments.

    We chose models that are easy to maintain in terms of installing, filling, and cleaning, as well as robust quality materials to withstand the elements. Keep reading to discover some tips and tricks.


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