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a squirrel sitting inside a tree trunk

10 Best Squirrel Feeders in Canada for 2024

    Whether alone or in a group, squirrels can be highly entertaining as you watch them climb, jump, and solve nature’s obstacles to get whatever tasty food you left in the feeder.

    From nuts and corn to peanuts and acorns, squirrels aren’t picky eaters.

    (to find out what squirrels really eat you can scroll down to the bottom now)

    You can expect them to flock to your feeder for squirrels. Keeping them properly fed and giving them a stage to perform is for anyone with a soft spot for these acrobatic little fellas.

    Should I really feed squirrels, what about my birds?

    The strategically minded will also see this as an opportunity to save their bird feeders from Squirrel related theft, which carries a heavy penalty! Squirrels don’t seek a challenge. They want “low-hanging fruit,” so they’ll usually choose feeders specific to them rather than bird feeders that are high on hooks or in trees.

    Positioning them far away from your bird feeders all but guarantees their safety. Also, interestingly, many people have found they save money by appeasing squirrels rather than fighting them.

    That’s because you can choose more affordable food, like corn and peanuts, as opposed to the expensive black oil sunflower seeds you feed your favorite birds.

    We’ll now go over the best feeders here so that you know what the market has to offer.

    Reviews – Best Bird Proof Feeders for Squirrels

    1. Songbird Essentials Squirrel Feeder Table and Chair

    Songbird Essentials Squirrel Feeder Table and Chair

    This feeder just looks funny and you’ll get hours of laughs from it. The structure is simple enough, it’s a small chair and table with a back plate for mounting. It looks like a small, mini, cute version of human furniture. The only difference is that it’s squirrel-sized and will give them a spot to rest and enjoy the tasty meal you provided.

    Made from recycled poly and with a cedar color, this feeder will last a long time and it fits perfectly with any trees or fence posts. You can stick larger foods to the table, like a corn cob, apple, or other large food pieces. It’s an entertaining piece your squirrels will love.


    • You’ll laugh every time you see a squirrel sitting here* 
    • Made from durable poly
    • Easy to attach to trees or fence posts


    2. Era Tool & Die Durable Bird-Proof Squirrel Feeder

    Era Tool & Die Durable Bird-Proof Squirrel Feeder

    Made from solid 18-gauge steel and with a swinging roof lid to keep food clean and dry, this is a fantastic squirrel feeder that is indestructible and bird proof. It might seem strange to want a bird-proof feeder, but this ensures the squirrels and birds don’t steal each other’s food. You want to minimize their contact so everyone is safe.

    All squirrels have to do is approach the house-shaped feeder, open the roof, and then feast on whatever food you put inside. While it’s built to best accommodate peanuts, you can also load this with corn, other nuts, seeds, and any other food you’d like. There are also screws and a back plate for mounting on fence posts or trees.


    • Made from 18-gauge steel
    • Resists birds, ensures the squirrels and birds won’t bother each other
    • Fill with a variety of foods, almost any dry food will do
    • For peanuts, we chose the best peanut bird feeders on the market, see our results
    • Want to view birds feeding from the comfort of your own home? Try these window bird feeders that stick onto the windows via suction cups


    3. Birds Choice Squirrel Jar Feeder

    Birds Choice Squirrel Jar Feeder

    This feeder for squirrels’ functions both as a safe place for food while also providing some entertainment. Made from recycled plastic and including a glass jar, squirrels will be able to access food by crawling through the side holes or lifting the roof. The heavy-duty plastic is made to last for years without cracking or fading.

    The large glass jar can hold a variety of foods. From whole corn cobs to acorns, nuts, and anything else you can think of. The frame makes it simple to attach this feeder to any tree, fence post, or other flat surface.

    It’s a great place for squirrels to congregate, plus it’ll be fun guessing which entrance they’ll use to get the food.


    • Made from durable recycled plastic
    • Comes with a glass jar to hold food like corn cobs or acorns
    • Several entrances for squirrels


    4. Horse Head Squirrel Feeder

    Horse Head Squirrel Feeder

    You always knew squirrels were a little nuts and this feeder proves it. Observing is already fun, so why not push the hilarity and make them wear a horse, unicorn, or Trump mask while desperately searching for the food inside?

    They can’t help making fools of themselves for food. Just hang it up and watch them stand and reach into the mask. The pictures are hilarious, but seeing this in real life is easily worth the price of admission. Whether you want to humiliate them because they’re annoying your favorite birds (and you know they are) or you love them and just want some entertainment, this is the perfect feeder to get some laughs.

    Be sure to check the various heads if you enjoy these funny squirrel feeders, each one is better than the last.


    • Let those nutty Sciuridae show you how crazy they can be
    • Dead eyed horse? Flashy unicorn? Trump? Many masks to choose from
    • The perfect morning routine starts with a great laugh


    5. Picnic Table Squirrel Feeder

    Picnic Table Squirrel Feeder

    There’s something cute and funny about seeing squirrel-sized furniture, and this picnic table is the perfect example. Made from cedar, which looks great and resists decay, this gives them a place to rest and relax while they enjoy a corn cob or any other food you place on the table.

    There is a screw in the middle of the table that allows you to place corn cobs or other large pieces of food. Pre-drilled holes in the back plate make this simple to mount on any flat surface. Acting as a deterrence from your bird feeders and you’ll get enjoyment from seeing them sit at the mini table.

    For a cute piece that will keep both you and the squirrels entertained, this feeder is a fantastic choice.


    • Made from real cedar
    • Constructed like a mini picnic table
    • Screw for attaching corn cobs or other large food pieces


    6. Woodlink Squirrel Munch Box Feeder

    Woodlink Squirrel Munch Box Feeder

    Also called the Squirrel Lunch Box, this feeder is made from kiln-dried, red cedar with a top lid and a clear window that shows food level. Able to hold 3lbs of dried food, like corn or peanuts, they can stand on the platform, raise the hinged lid, and get as much food as they’d like.

    Pre-drilled holes allow you to easily attach this to trees and other surfaces. Filling the feeder takes seconds. Simply lift the lid, add more food, and you’re done. The lid keeps out birds and other animals while also ensuring the food stays dry.

    You’ll love watching as they stand on the platform and reach for the food. It’s a cute sight, plus it keeps them away from your bird feeders.


    • Made from cedar for durability and rot resistance
    • Hinged lid that they can lift
    • Clear window to check food level


    7. Natures Feast Wild Bird, Squirrel and Critter Feeder

    Natures Feast Wild Bird, Squirrel and Critter Feeder

    Here’s a unique feeder that looks just like a real wood stump. The center’s been hollowed out so that you can fit a massive 20lbs of food in the center. While we’re discussing squirrels here and this will certainly attract them, this is also a good feeder for birds (finches, woodpeckers, chickadees, and more) and other critters. Consider it the communal feeder where all sorts of creatures can come together.

    Made from resin, the log-shaped feeder is sturdy, lightweight, and looks exactly like real wood. On top of that, it can cover well pumps and pipes up to 2ft tall and 10 inches wide. This feeder is weatherproof and prepared for the elements. Whether it’s full or not, this feeder will stand up to harsh conditions.

    No matter what you’re trying to attract, this feeder has a massive food capacity and it’s a fantastic lawn ornament.


    • Made from resin, looks like real wood
    • Holds an impressive 20lbs of food
    • Attracts birds, squirrels, and more


    8. Woodlink Squirrel Diner Feeder

    Woodlink Squirrel Diner Feeder

    This feeder is like a mini diner that squirrels can visit whenever they’re feeling hungry. Made from steel with a green powder-coated finish, this feeder is made to last. Not only is it resistant to weathering, but it resists chewing and other wear marks. All they have to do is lift the lid and reach inside for the tasty food.

    You’ll keep them happy with the 4lbs capacity for peanuts, corn, or other food sources. Mounting hardware is included for trees and posts. Simply screw it in and the feeder will be securely attached. There’s even a little platform for them to stand on to make it easier.


    • Made from steel with a green powder-coated finish
    • Resistant to weathering and chewing
    • Holds 4lbs of food like corn and peanuts


    9. Woodlink Squirrel-Go-Round Feeder

    Woodlink Squirrel-Go-Round Feeder

    Here’s another fun piece for your squirrels to enjoy. The merry-go-round design might make it look like you’re trying to taunt them by making it difficult to eat, but this provides a natural feeding angle which they are accustomed to. The Squirrel-Go-Round allows you to attach five corn cobs (or other similarly sized food) on the spokes.

    Made from aluminum for strength, but also light in weight. So mounting to decks, trees, or posts, will be no problem allowing you to find a perfect spot for this feeder. Another benefit is that the feeder will rotate, attracting their attention and thus keeping them away from birds.

    For hours of entertainment, ample video and photo opportunities of squirrels spinning, this feeder is ideal.


    • Merry-go-round design that they will flock to
    • Holds five corn cobs
    • Made from aluminum, lightweight and durable


    10. Laprima Shops Eco-Friendly Recycled Feeder

    Laprima Shops Eco-Friendly Recycled Feeder

    You’re already trying to be friendly to the environment by feeding local wildlife, so why not go the extra step and buy a feeder for squirrels made from recycled plastic? The post-consumer plastic feeder is worked by Amish Craftsmen for quality construction and the feeder is completely weatherproof.

    The stainless-steel screws allow you to attach four corn cobs simultaneously. Not only will they love the corn, but this feeder will pinwheel and move to keep them busy. The feeder is simple to clean and requires no painting or staining.

    This feeder keeps squirrels happy and entertained, plus it’ll be fun to watch them as they work hard to get the corn.


    • Made from post-consumer recycled plastic and stainless steel
    • Requires no painting, weatherproofing, or staining
    • Attach up to four corn cobs at once


    What do Squirrels Eat?

    what do squirrels eat

    Anyone with experience knows they aren’t picky eaters.

    While there are some foods they go after less often (usually animal-based foods), they’ll try almost anything once. They love corn, fruit, nuts, seeds, vegetables, cereal, fungi, insects, and so much more.

    It’s almost impossible to write everything they eat. We’d be here all day listing nearly every edible substance on the planet. However, most people find that whole kernel corn and peanuts are affordable food sources they love, Squirrel Mix which is recommended to put in your feeders.

    You can also try Apple Sticks if you don’t want to put fresh apples out, as they can attract bugs.

    Corn Cobs for squirrels work well for the spinning feeders and picnic table feeders.

    Do Squirrels Eat Meat?

    Yes. Although they don’t commonly eat meat, but as opportunistic scavengers they aren’t opposed to meat either. Some species are known to eat from carcasses while others will eat meat scraps from the garbage.

    Do Squirrels Eat Birds?

    Squirrels will eat nearly anything that’s available. They don’t actively hunt birds, however they are known to invade nests and can indeed eat baby birds and eggs. What’s more commonly observed, especially among gray squirrels and chipmunks is scavenging.

    Where they would eat birds and related prey, if it’s already dead, like roadkill for example. They are not the seed loving herbivores you may have first thought, Rodentia is definitely within the realms of omnivores.

    Can Squirrels Eat Chocolate?

    Chocolate has theobromine, a substance that’s harmless to people but toxic to many animals. Squirrels are in danger of theobromine toxicity and can die from it. However, there are two things to keep in mind.

    They can tolerate a small amount of theobromine without any negative effects. Also, as scavengers, they are innately knowledgeable of toxic substances. Most won’t overeat chocolate, it happens, but it’s very rare. So a small amount is fine, but too much will hurt or even kill them.

    Do Squirrels Eat Bird Eggs?

    Yes, they are known to climb up trees and steal eggs from nests when mothers are away. This is done more commonly than squirrels going after baby birds because eggs are easy pickings for them.

    Do Squirrels Eat Carrots?

    Yes. They eat almost anything, but they love brightly colored produce. Carrots are one of their favorite foods, so expect them to go nuts over carrots.

    Do Squirrels Eat Mealworms?

    Many people use mealworms to attract certain birds, but they’ll also attract squirrels. You can expect them to steal some of your mealworms unless you use a squirrel-proof bird feeder.

    Do Squirrels Eat Apples?

    Apples are nature’s brightly colored, sugary snack. Squirrels will go out of their way to eat any available apples.

    Can Squirrels Eat Almonds?

    While they are best known for eating peanuts (and their cheeks puff out adorably when doing so), almonds are also one of their favorite foods. You can expect them to eat any Almonds they can find.


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