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Best Wooden Bird Feeders to Buy in Canada

10 Best Wooden Bird Feeders to Buy in Canada

    Wooden bird feeders are similar to classic bird houses, yet they offer so much more. As well as a comfortable and secure resting spot, wooden feeders act as an added food source for birds to help them survive.

    The wooden element emotes a natural feel, helping the feeder to blend in with any yard and attract many species of birds. Not only are they beautiful to look at, but wood is breathable and durable against harsh weather conditions, especially when treated.

    You can find them in so many different styles and designs, from hanging feeders to platform or tray feeders. While DIY bird feeder plans are popular as a fun project, purchasing a feeder ready-made with high-quality wood and construction is convenient and reliable.

    Reviews – Best Wooden Bird Feeders

    Today we’re showing you the best bird feeders made purely of wood, on the current market. We’ve made our choices based on quality, design, craftsmanship, and overall aesthetic, so you’re bound to find one to suit your taste.

    Keep in mind that some of them can attract different kinds of birds, so you can make your choice based on the type you want to attract.

    1. Pennington Cedar Gazebo Bird Feeder

    Pennington Cedar Gazebo Bird Feeder

    Amish made in the USA, this feeder has a gorgeous structure that looks just like a human-sized gazebo. It’s a hit with cardinals, chickadees, titmice, and goldfinches, plus you can use it with various seed mixes. In order to deter squirrels or other vermin, the hanging cable is resistant to chewing.

    Made from rich Eastern Red Cedar wood, it’s naturally weatherproof to withstand various conditions. Fill it quickly with a hassle-free top lid that pops right off to pour in the feed. It holds a large capacity of over 1kg, allowing longer feeding times.

    With the gazebo design, there are six open ports to feed from. This means you can watch six birds at any one time. We like how the ports are well spaced out, so they won’t feel or look cramped. At the bottom, a slight ledge protrudes from the gazebo that acts as a perching spot.

    Key Features:

    • Naturally Weather-Resistant Eastern Red Cedar
    • Holds 1.36kg of Feed
    • Chew-Proof Hanging Cable


    2. BCH Woodcrafters Bird Feeder

    BCH Woodcrafters Cedar Bird Feeder

    Also shaped like a charming gazebo, this is made from Western Red Cedar. It’s been treated with Cetol to help preserve the wood, plus the cedar contains natural oils that in turn help to preserve the treatment. This adds longevity as it will hold up against rough weather.

    If you’d like to feed larger birds in a platform-type feeder, you can remove the inner plastic tube and simply spread out the feed on the bottom. Otherwise, the inner tube helps keep seeds contained and is easy to reach from the windows.

    Not only is the hanging cable chew resistant, but it is very thin and short. This makes it more subtle, so the main focus lies with the attractive gazebo construction. The main feeding ports allow eight birds to feed at the same time, making it a large capacity feeder.

    Key Features:

    • Handcrafted Western Red Cedar
    • Treated with Cetol to Preserve Wood
    • Easy to Refill & Clean
    • For peanuts, we chose the best peanut bird feeders on the market, see our results
    • Want to view birds feeding from the comfort of your own home? Try these window bird feeders that stick onto the windows via suction cups


    3. Woodlink Deluxe Cedar Feeder

    Woodlink Deluxe Cedar Suet Feeder

    Constructed from inland red cedar, which has been reforested and kiln dried, this model features premium craftsmanship and materials. In addition to the cedar wood are the polycarbonate windows, and anodized aluminium hinges. These elements combine to make a long-lasting feeder that can withstand the elements.

    Multiple installment options include the ability to mount it to a pole in addition to hanging. For effortless filling, both roof pieces flip up to expose a wide hole to pour in feed.

    This has a massive capacity for seeds at 2.27kg. As well as seeds in the center within the transparent windows, you can place two suet cakes on either side in the provided cages. This encourages more birds to feed at once and for a longer time.

    Key Features:

    • Includes Side Suet Cake Cages
    • Handcrafted Inland Red Cedar & Aluminium Hinges
    • Pole Mounting Option


    4. Woodlink 3 in 1 Platform Wooden Bird Feeder

    Woodlink 3 in 1 Platform Wooden Bird Feeder

    Next is this lovely vast tray feeder, stretching 16.5” in length and 13.25” wide. Plenty of birds can perch and feed at once. You could also convert it into a nesting place, as long as it’s hung high within the trees. With such a large open tray, it’s incredibly simple to fill and clean.

    Cleaning is a breeze thanks to the removable metal screen bottom. It has been powder coated to maintain quality overtime, plus it allows moisture to drain. This prevents any molding and keeps the feed fresh. You can pull it out smoothly from the bottom through lifting a couple of latches.

    The 3-in-1 element comes in when you’re choosing how to install it. You can either hang it, mount it to a pole, or set it on the ground in a safe area. Its versatile structure attracts small and large birds alike.

    Key Features:

    • Durable & Robust Red Cedar
    • Easy to Fill with 1.36kg Capacity
    • Bottom Drainage Metal Screen


    5. Woodlink Going Green Wooden Bird Feeder

    Woodlink Going Green Wooden Bird Feeder

    This model is a standout for us because it’s built from recycled wood and 90% recycled post-consumer plastic. It’s better for the environment, reducing your carbon footprint, plus it’s just as durable with a tough construction that prevents chipping or fading.

    Shaped like a ranch feeder, the overhanging ceiling provides shelter for the birds and feed. It also has a lower trough, which allows multiple birds to perch at once. For hassle-free cleaning, the bottom area has a wire mesh covering. This also helps drain any moisture from the feed to prevent a build-up of bacteria.

    You can either mount it or hang it with the provided sturdy wire cable. The hinged roof lets you lift the flaps with ease, making replenishing the feed a simple and quick process.

    Key Features:

    • Big 2.49kg Capacity
    • Hanging Roof Shields Birds & Seeds
    • Powder-Coated Metal Floor Drains Moisture


    6. Woodlink Audubon Ranch Wooden Bird Feeder

    Woodlink Audubon Ranch Wooden Bird Feeder

    Next is another one from Woodlink, with a ranch-style holder that’s been updated with added features. Aside from the center feeding area, there are dual suet block cages located on either side. More feed means more birds, so you can enjoy longer viewing sessions, plus provide increases sustenance for them.

    As well as longer stays with more amounts of feed, you’ll also attract more of a variety of species with different types of feed. Handcrafted from natural cedar wood, it’s alluring for birds as they comfortably perch on the wide ledges.

    At the base is a wire mesh mat. This creates a drainage system which keeps feed dry and fresh. The peaked roof not only looks pleasing, but it shelters the birds and feed, plus it has a full-length hinge for an uncomplicated refill process.

    Key Features:

    • Large Size Feeder Holds 2.27kg
    • Center Seed Compartment Plus Dual Suet Cake Cages
    • Premium Cedar Wood is Weather Resistant


    7. Perky-Pet ‘The Architect’ Wooden Bird Feeder

    Perky-Pet 'The Architect' Wooden Bird Feeder

    This choice is for those who love a modern twist. It has one of the most unique designs on the market, with an architectural inspired structure. It’s an ideal outdoor décor piece that doesn’t immediately appear like a feeder for birds. Instead it acts as a focal point to compliment any backyard.

    Able to fit up to a ¼ cup of seeds, mealworms, or other feed, it acts like a tray where you lay the food out flat. While all wood on the bottom, the metal roof provides a protective shield over the feed and the birds. Birds can fly right through thanks to the spacious center hole, accommodating perching birds or those that like to feed on the ground.

    Since it’s black, it also absorbs heat to keep things cool underneath. Built-in holes can be found at the base to drain any water and maintain freshness.

    Key Features:

    • Unique Geometric Design
    • Fly-Through Element Allows Multiple-Angle Feeding
    • Integrated Drainage Holes


    8. Nature’s Way Bird Products Platform Wooden Bird Feeder

    Nature’s Way Bird Products Platform Wooden Bird Feeder

    This wide-open platform acts as a roomy tray for plenty of feed in one go. It can be used for many varieties of seeds, including peanuts. Created with rot resistant premium cedar, it has a water-based protective treatment that increases its longevity.

    On the bottom is a removable wire mesh sheet that allows you to remove feed and clean with ease. It’s also used for circulating air, promoting freshness and reducing moisture. As well as the durable wooden body, the hanging cables are made from robust vinyl-coated steel. The entire feeder is resistant against discoloration, mold, and water damage.

    The flat edges on all four sides create a comfortable space for perching. Birds can even grasp to the hanging wires. Overall there is an increased amount of space, meaning more birds can sit and feed.

    Key Features:

    • Rot & Mold Resistant Cedar Wood
    • Wide Platform Design Fits a Large Seed Capacity
    • Sturdy Vinyl-Coated Steel Hanging Wires


    9. Perky-Pet 50129 Birdscapes Wooden Gazebo Feeder

    Perky-Pet 50129 Birdscapes Wooden Gazebo Feeder

    This model steps away from traditional gazebo designs and instead has such a unique and enchanting shape to it. We love how the roof isn’t perfect in its placements of the wood pieces, which gives an overall quirky feel. Since it’s got such a natural appearance, it makes it more appealing for birds as they’ll feel safer landing on it.

    To further enhance its organic feel, the roof of the gazebo is help up by multiple posts that are shaped like small branches. They connect to a lower rounded perching ledge that circulates around the whole form.

    Intended for use all-year round, it can hold just under 1kg of feed within the larger middle plastic tube. This tube has several lower ports that encourage seeds to spill out as birds continue feeding. A Sure-Lock cap ensures the lid stays on securely, stopping squirrels from removing and easily accessing the contents.

    Key Features:

    • Sure-Lock Cap Ensures Feed is Secure
    • 360° Perching Area
    • Strong Wire Cable for Hanging


    10. Perky-Pet 50179 Mountain Lodge Wooden Bird Feeder

    Perky-Pet 50179 Mountain Lodge Wooden Bird Feeder

    This adorable model is completely handmade, adding to its charming look and feel. To discourage squirrels from feeding, the lid contains twist-to-lock technology. This means the lid is screwed on tightly and securely, making it increasingly difficult for squirrels to manoeuvre.

    We love the versatility, where you can either set it down like a tray or hang it with the included wire cable. Wide clear side panels let you monitor the feed level to easily know when to refill. It also helps the birds clearly see the feed to know it’s available to eat.

    The cute lodge design also doubles as protection, with a deep overhang coming from the roof. This makes the birds feel secure, plus it also shields them from light rain. Birds can feed from either side, with enough room for about six simultaneously. Multiple others can also land and perch on the roof and sides.

    Key Features:

    • Mini Mountain Lodge with Protective Overhanging Roof
    • Secure Tight Locking Lid Deters Squirrels
    • Holds 907g of Feed


    Best Places for Your Wooden Bird Feeder

    • Above Ground – While you can certainly use one to attract ground feeders, if you mount it or hang it to raise it from the ground, you’ll be able to watch the birds at an easier angle. You could consider getting two or more feeders, placing some on the ground and others up higher.
    • Safe & Secure – Install it somewhere safe where predators can’t easily reach it. Since wood models don’t typically have squirrel-proof cages, try and hang or mount it at least 15 feet away from any trees or structures where squirrels can easily jump from.
    • Close to Bushes – Set it up close to some small bushes that birds can use as a lookout before deciding whether to use the feeder.
    • No Disturbances – Put it in a quiet area where you or others won’t usually go, so that birds can feel safe to feed in peace. Remember not to place it too far away, because you still want to be able to see them.


    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is the Best Wood for a Bird Feeder?

    Cedar is the most reliable and popular choice due to its long-lasting properties. Birds are actually naturally enticed by cedar wood, making it the perfect spot to feed and relax.

    How to Clean a Wooden Bird Feeder?

    Check with the manufacturer before using any type of chemical or detergent, as it may affect the strength of the wood. For most of them though, you can use a bleach dilution of 1-part bleach to 9-parts water. Make sure to reach any cracks or splits in the wood and thoroughly clean them out – these can be hotspots for bacteria to grow. Let it completely dry before putting it back out with feed.

    How Often Should I Clean my Wooden Bird Feeder?

    It shoulder be washed each time you refill, or at least rinsed out with hot water. This all depends on several factors including the weather conditions and the frequency of the bird visits. You should always clean it out if the feed has become wet, and keep a fresh, dry supply at all times.


    Conclusion on Wooden Bird Feeders

    Supplement the natural food sources of birds with their own wooden feeder in your backyard. You can enjoy hours of entertainment, watching these gorgeous creatures land on a charming wooden feeder, all while knowing you’re providing them with nourishment.

    Using the correct seed based on the shape of the feeder helps to attract different kinds of birds. Lighten up your yard with a charming wood feeder that creates a natural feel to entice more birds.


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