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6 Best Gazebo Bird Feeders to Buy in Canada

    We’ve tried and tested over 20 models of Gazebo Bird Feeders to filter the quality from the non-quality. Discovering which feeders are really worth our money, which performed best while feeding and which stood their ground in the elements.

    Gazebo bird feeders have long been admired by bird enthusiasts for their beautiful natural designs and bird feeding performance.

    Handmade and crafted with quality materials such as Red Cedar wood and reinforced with Copper rooftops for longevity and weather resistance, make some of the best models of gazebo bird feeders on the market.

    Durability and strength are key features of these Bird Feeders, capable of supporting excessive weight holding up to 20 lbs. of bird food in some cases. There are many reasons for their popularity and today we will give you an ultimate guide for the best gazebo bird feeders available on the market.

    We will also include some additional key information in our buyers’ guide and maintenance guides. Often handmade and stunningly aesthetic they fit well in any themed garden and can bring your empty garden or baron lawn some life.

    Efficient at attracting a variety of birds into a safe feeding environment with their sanctuary like inner feeding platform, which also protects them from prey. Let’s get started with our list and find out what are the best bird feeders in a gazebo shape, on today’s market and find the perfect new home for our feathered friends.

    Why use a Gazebo Bird Feeder?

    Firstly Gazebo Bird Feeders have a stunning aesthetic and can go well in a themed garden.

    They also offer safe sanctuary to the birds while feeding, which can entice them to feed longer and frequent this feeding spot more often. Secondly, because of the sturdy structure they have a high weight capacity for birds and also bird feed, often being able to hold up to 4-20 lbs. of bird feed in there large inner chambers.

    Not only this, but the actual act of feeding birds has many benefits.

    Feeding the birds that visit or call your backyard home is more than a joyful hobby. It is an activity that can actually help reduce depression. Bird feeding gets you out of the house and into fresh air, good for anyone who is feeling down or sad. Birds sing happy little songs and are sometimes brightly colored.

    This can all help to make you feel happier.

    Or maybe the simple act of caring for a living creature is what makes you feel better. Regardless of the reason, bird feeding makes you feel good. Having many birds frequent in your garden also helps control the insect and snail population that can adversely affect your garden if left to go wild.

    With cities growing all the time birds regularly have their natural habitats destroyed to make way for yet another office building or shopping mall. By feeding birds, you can save a few birds from starvation and maybe even help them from becoming a threatened species.

    Involving kids in the bird feeding can be a great way to teach them responsibility and the value of conservation. They will enjoy seeing the little visitors approach the bird feeder when it’s been filled. You can attract a great many different kinds of birds to your backyard. Simply find out what kind of seeds the birds prefer and fill the bird feeder.

    Whatever the motivation for bird feeding, you need the perfect bird feeder. There are many kinds of feeders to choose from with a lot of designs to fit any taste. A bird feeder doesn’t have to be an annoying block of wood, and it can become the centerpiece of your backyard.

    Reviews – Best Gazebo Bird Feeders for the Backyard

    1. Red Cedar Gazebo Bird Feeder

    Red Cedar Gazebo Bird Feeder

    Our last addition is this very stylish bird feeder with a beautiful aesthetic design from BCH Woodcrafters. It has been handcrafted from Western Red Cedar wood which gives it that stunning autumn color tone. Also being one of the more economically priced Gazebo Bird Feeders on the market, has been received well by the community with positive reviews. Let’s have a look at some of the finer details for this Cedar bird feeder.

    Bird Protection

    It has been designed in such a way that it also offers protection to feeding or perched birds. This is by way of enclosure within the gazebo house structure, blocking point of view from preying eyes. The birds and you can rest at ease while they are feeding. However, it’s still possible to catch a great camera shot if the feeder is pivoted towards your waiting point, with one of the gazebos windows in line with you, enabling a level view inside.


    As mentioned it has been handmade with Western Red Cedar wood which is strong and resilient in outdoor weather, it manages to hold its color all year round. It also gives it that autumnal aesthetic which looks glorious in the garden, alongside trees and shrubbery.


    It has a decent capacity as well, being able to hold roughly 4 lbs. of bird feeder seed, this is a fair amount and has a greater capacity than some other similar priced models. The birdfeed pours into a chamber in the center of the gazebo structure, where it’s stored for hungry birds to arrive and feed.


    The Cedar Bird Feeder is a truly unique item with an old-school craft quality that will look amazing in even the barest garden. It is a true bird sanctuary and has been bird approved. Set this in your backyard by hanging it or mounting it on a pole and enjoy watching the birds eat from what could easily be a bird palace for feather royalty.

    Key Features:

    • 4lbs Capacity
    • Handmade Design
    • Western Red Cedar
    • Beautiful Design
    • For peanuts, we chose the best peanut bird feeders on the market, see our results
    • Want to view birds feeding from the comfort of your own home? Try these window bird feeders that stick onto the windows via suction cups


    2. Heath MFG Le Grande Gazebo Feeder

    Heath MFG Le Grande Gazebo Feeder

    A sturdy, durable and robust bird feeder here from Heath Outdoor Products. With a very spacious interior structure, a massive capacity for seed and access from 6 different sides. It’s no wonder this became one of the top-selling gazebo bird feeders. The design is rustic in appearance and feel due to the material and styling of the carvings. Let’s find out more as to why this became so popular.


    It’s one of the bigger gazebo feeders by all means, with measurements of 19 x 16 x 19 in inches for width, depth and height it’s larger than most models on this list. Except for the 30 inch Amish of course. It’s around 9 lbs. in weight and can store up to 20 lbs. of birdseed which is probably the biggest storage you will see on this list, this reduces the need to refill as often as 4-6 pound feeders.


    A Cedar wood construction is the reason for the beautiful rustic appearance and it’s also been coated with resistant protection. This comes in the form of a painted finish that is resistant to decay and weather and will last for years and years to come. They have designed this mode in a gazebo shape to provide huge space for feeding birds and is compatible with your standard bird feeder poles.


    Being a gazebo bird feeder it benefits from having multiple wide openings. In this case, 6 large entrances surround the feeder allowing birds to land and feed from multiple directions, enticing more numbers. The top is also removable, you just pop it off then you can refill the large chamber inside with seed and then pop it back on.

    Key Features:

    • Rustic Design
    • Easy Refilling 
    • 20lbs Capacity
    • 6 Sided Feeding


    3. Woodlink Copper Top Bird Feeder

    Woodlink Copper Top Bird Feeder

    Our next pick is another Copper roofed gazebo bird feeder, this time from Woodlink. One of the larger sized feeders that has been handcrafted in the USA, additionally with a seed feeding method that can entice numerous different species of birds. A natural design with a reinforced, beautiful coppertop roof with excellent customer reviews thus far. Let’s check out more.


    Made by hand with the ever-popular gazebo feeder material, the Red Cedar wood. This provides a beautiful aesthetic that takes precedence in any backyard. Covered with a shining real copper rooftop to keep the structure safe from the elements, while providing additional protection to the birds. The real copper roof has serious longevity and will last longer and in time it will gain a stunning green patina. The inner tube that holds the bird feed is made of polycarbonate which is pretty standard as far as feeders go, it’s lightweight and safe for birds to feed on.


    One of the biggest on our list so far, capable of holing up to 10 lbs. of bird feed. It can hold a variety of feed types such as bits of fruit, mealworms or more traditionally a mixed seed feed. So you can have fun and play with different types and see what works best for attracting your desired species of bird.


    The frame is structurally sound and has been crafted with a solid base, keeping it stable and steady even in winds. The chromate screws that are used to hold the frame together are rust-resistant zinc, so the strength will never deviate even while being overexposed to the elements, day after day.

    The coppertop roof is also designed to overhang the inner gazebo structure, this is to shelter the food and birds that lay beneath from any winds and rain. For this you may see birds hanging around longer than expected, allowing you to take that perfect photo. As usual, it mounts onto 4×4 inched posts with a useful integrated bracket, preferably a wooden for the best effect and blend with the Red Cedar wood.

    Key Features:

    • Quality Materials
    • Handcrafted
    • Overhanging Copper Top Roof
    • 10lbs Feeding Capacity

    4. Amish Made Bird Feeder 21″

    Amish Made Bird Feeder 21

    Another addition from Dress the Yard is their slightly smaller Amish gazebo bird feeder, coming in at around 21 inches as opposed to their 30-inch model. However, there are some other differences, not only the size. It has a different aesthetic, a more economical price and uses some slightly different material with an interesting extra feature. Let’s find out more about this model.


    Fitted with a hand crafted copper roof the structure is well protected from weathering and other such detrimental occurrences. Also made with a lathe-turned poly finial to give an expert finish and longevity to this beautiful handcrafted bird feeder. Made by skilled craftsmen from the Amish community, this is a special piece and holds some stunning design work and finishes.


    The gazebo in general, excluding the roof, is made from MDF. This differs from its PVC counterparts, they are both good solid materials, and however the MDF bird feeders usually need some kind of additional coating given the material. Protective coatings differ, but this one has an excellent quality finish in the form of a rot and decay-resistant coating, that is painted onto the MDF after crafting. The measurements are 14 x 14 x 21 in inches for width, depth and height respectively.


    The finial can be detached allowing you to refill the feed reservoir when the seed, or whatever you are using as feed, is depleted. The inner chamber can hold up to 6 lbs. of birdseed and is stored in the center of the gazebo structure. As standard, the bird feeder fits onto a post that measures around 4×4 in inches, by way of a mounting bracket. A wooden post will have the best effect and blend with the gazebo bird feeder, you can paint it also to match the color theme.

    Key Features:

    • Hand Formed Copper Roof
    • Rot and Decay Resistant
    • 6lbs Seed Capacity 
    • Lathe Turned Poly Finial 

    5. Octagon Wild Bird Feeder

    Octagon Wild Bird Feeder

    Our next choice is an elegant gazebo bird feeder from NC Birdguy. NC has a variety of bird feeders and bird houses on the market and has been received well with great reviews, catching our eye and a great review from us too. A compact bird feeder in an octagon shaped design and a beautiful color theme. Let’s check out its details in a closer inspection.

    Roof and Body

    The roof again is indeed real copper, which as we know offers some of the best protection from the elements and also compliments the white frame beautifully. The body and frame of this bird feeder are vinyl and cellular PVC which is a very durable type of PVC. With this it won’t rot, bend, split or splinter and conveniently it doesn’t ever require painting.


    The finial is removable which allows for easy refilling of the birdseed after depletion. There is also a copper band that has been fitted around the feeder, the function of this is to prevent any spillages of seeds. The band can be lifted up and down confidently for cleaning purposes.


    The measurements are approx. 13 x 13 x 14 in inches for width, depth and height and the item weights around 5 lbs. in total. The feeder can be attached to a mounted pole that measures 4×4 and fixed into the ground in your garden ready for use.

    Key Features:

    • Real Copper Roof
    • Removable Finial 
    • Spillage Stopping Feature
    • Durable PVC Body


    6. Amish Bird Feeder 30″

    Amish Bird Feeder 30

    This stunning Amish bird feeder in gazebo design is handmade in the USA, courtesy of Dress The Yard. DTY has a number of products available on the market that have been handcrafted personally by the Amish. These are charming and you can tell the depth and detail that has been put into crafting these gazebo feeders. Let’s look specifically at this 30 inch feeder more closely.


    The measurements of this gazebo bird feeder are 18 x 18 x 30 in inches for diameter and height respectively. Height is an important factor for a bird feeder, the right height can entice the birds to come and feed and 30 inches is a decent height that will work well. It’s also capable of holding up to 6 lbs. of bird seed which is larger than the Red Cedar option below, allowing for longer feeds by a larger volume of birds.


    The frame has been crafted with a finish of protection which helps to fight the natural elements such as heavy rain, mold and mildew and also over exposure to UV rays, it can take it all. Its robust nature is due to the frame and lathe-turned finial being coated with a ZAR rain stain coating, which is prolific in wood protection.


    With an integrated double copper roof it is very well protected, which we have already discussed. It also adds a beautiful color to the piece and compliments the white frame very well, adding a colorful shine to the gazebo feeder. The structure itself is made from 5/8 inch wood and the gazebo bird feeder is meant to be mounted on a 4×4 inch post, preferably wooden of course.

    Key Features:

    • 4lbs Capacity
    • Handmade Design
    • Western Red Cedar
    • Beautiful Design

    How to Choose a Gazebo Bird Feeder


    When attracting feathered friends to your backyard, keep their safety in mind. Choose feeders that do not have any sharp edges or points and try to get a design that will allow the birds to perch away from the food so that it won’t get dirty and soiled. Try to put the bird feeder in a location that won’t attract the attention of the neighborhood’s cats and dogs. If you feel the need, you could corner off an area for the birds where they can eat in peace.


    You can start by placing it where you desire. However, if you don’t notice any visitors within a few days, the birds may be a bit wary of the new installation and not confident to take the dive in. This can also happen if the feed is damp or too exposed, they can see it as a risk. What you can do is spread some seed around the gazebo bird feeder, to clearly convey what it is there for initially. If that fails after a few days, you may need to reposition your feeder to a quieter area of the garden. Also planting some plants and flowers that are attractive to birds can also help to build a calm environment.


    Invest in a good quality bird feeder that won’t need to be replaced within the first few months. If you are confident your bird feeder is sturdy enough to endure natural elements like wind, rain, snow and sun, it should also stay standing against weighty backyard pests like raccoons and squirrels too.


    Birds poop where they eat, so it will be up to you to keep the surrounding area clean. Also, choose a bird feeder that can easily be filled and cleaned. Neglecting to clean a bird feeder will allow bacteria and fungus to grow which will be harmful to the birds eating from the feeder. Check out our cleaning and maintenance guide above for tips on how to keep your gazebo bird feeder spotless.


    Birds eat about half their weight in seeds a day. Try getting a feeder that can hold at least 2lb of seed at a minimum. That way you can enjoy a constant flurry of feathers and birdsong. The more food you offer, the more birds of different varieties your backyard or garden will be able to provide for. Regarding gazebo bird feeders they generally hold much more than other smaller hanging feeders, you shouldn’t have any difficulty finding 4 lb. capacity even in the lower end models.


    Make sure the height is appropriate, if the feeder is too low to the ground it can be seen as dangerous to feeding birds. Likewise, if the feeder is too high, it can provide a bad line of sight for you and let’s be honest one of the reasons you may be buying one is too admire these beautiful creatures while they feed. So try to aim for one with a reasonable height to fulfill both requirements.


    Make sure that the gazebo bird feeder has the right dimensions to fit your mounted pole. The majority of these bird feeders are designed to fit 4×4 inch wooden pole mounts. It is unusual for them to creep outside this normality, but it does happen from time to time so keep an eye out for this to avoid set up issues.


    Mounting a Gazebo Bird Feeder

    Regarding feed and what kind of birds you want to acquire is totally your choice.

    However, we do recommend 3 things that you should use, if you don’t already have them.

    4×4 Mounted Pole

    As you may have noticed, literally all of these gazebo bird feeders have been handcrafted to be compatible with a 4×4 wooden mounted pole.

    This is industry standard and you can see an example of a painted, coated and protected version here. Of course, you can pick these up from your local hardware store as they are commonly used, however if you fancy free delivery and a quick option feel free to click the picture above.

    It’s imperative you have a strong pole mount to support the gazebo, especially the heavier ones that can also hold 10-20 lbs. of feed, you’re already looking at around 30lbs in weight without any birds on top.

    Color is also important, having one that also matches the color theme of the gazebo feeder is beneficial, helping it to blend into surroundings, naturally. A white colored gazebo bird feeder would suit a white mounted pole like shown above, a Red Cedar feeder may work better with a similar colored wooden pole.

    There are also some cheaper metal options that you can use to attach your feeders to, if budget is tight and you just want something to mount it on you can choose this option, although it’s not the most aesthetically pleasing of options.

    4×4 Mounted Pole Brackets

    Of course now you have the mounted pole itself, you will need something to secure it tightly and effectively to the ground. The mounted pole brackets work perfectly for this situation, an expensive one is not needed.

    A bracket usually comes with the gazebo bird feeders to attach it to the pole mount, however the pole mount doesn’t come with the feeder generally. This leaves you without a pole mount and a bracket, you will need both to secure the feeder effectively.


    Protecting your Gazebo Birds Feeder from Squirrels

    The last recommendation is a simple yet very effective add-on, the squirrel baffle. A baffle serves as a protecting feature for your birds and are widely used by bird lovers.

    The squirrel baffle fits around the 4×4 mounted pole and acts as a barrier between feeding birds and approaching predators. It stops them from climbing up the pole and can deter them from ever returning. It also can deter many other types of rodents and even snakes, if they are common in your area.

    Squirrel-proof bird feeders are also available and you can see our reviews about those.

    They come in a few color options and designs, this one above is a best seller and comes in bronze and green color styles. We thought the bronze model would fit well with Red Cedar and copper-roofed feeders so we highlighted this model especially.

    How to Clean and Maintain your Gazebo Bird Feeder

    It is usually an easy matter to clean a bird feeder – just hose off with warm water, let it dry and refill with bird feed. If you do notice sick birds near the bird feeder or mold has started to grow in the feeder, use diluted bleach water to clean it thoroughly. One part bleach to ten parts water should be a safe dilution.

    Redwood or Cedar feeders are easy to maintain, but their color can fade with age.

    Treat it with a coat of wood sealer every few years to prevent this. Remember only to apply wood sealer to the OUTSIDE of the feeder and never to the feeding area. The same treatment will work for pine feeders.

    Copper feeders have the advantage of not rusting as easily as metal feeders do.

    However, it will discolor to an unpleasant green if left untreated. To prevent or treat this, simply polish the copper with a varnish or cleaner and seal it with a clear lacquer to keep the feeder looking beautiful.

    To maintain healthy hygiene in your bird feeder will take time and dedication.

    • Sweep the seed hulls from the bird feeder every second day or so to prevent it from building up and rotting. Rake away bird dropping regularly, especially around ground feeders. Leaving droppings to accumulate will attract rodents and can spread harmful diseases in your yard.
    • Feeders should be cleaned every two weeks. If the weather has been wet, your feeder should be cleaned even more often. Use warm soapy water but steer clear of dish washing liquid.

    Be sure to get rid of old seeds that might get stuck. A steel spatula will work well for this.

    Stale water will become a mosquito breeding nest, so make sure to check your bird feeder after every rainfall.

    Bird feeders should have drainage holes, but if they get clogged up a stick found in the yard will help clear it.

    Cleaning and maintenance can seem like a boring chore, but it is essential to keep your bird feeder hygienic, so let’s do it properly.


    All in all gazebo bird feeders are a great choice for people wanting a larger bird feeder that can store more birdseed and try to entice more birds of different varieties simultaneously.

    Additionally, they come in the most beautiful handcrafted designs that look absolutely stunning in any garden.

    They also have serious longevity which gives you fantastic value for money, with their intricately handcrafted designs, powerful protective coatings and genuine copper roofs that withstand the elements for years on end.

    We hope you enjoyed our article and reviews on gazebo bird feeders and we will have many more to come on other things made for us bird enthusiasts.

    Drop a comment below, we would love to hear from you the readers.

    See you next time!


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